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His master hated people who were late the most! He did not know how his master was going to punish him this time. He was worried! He did not want to go back to the Fantian Palace with plenty of Rakshasa woman.

"My Lord, I know I have made a big mistake. After the mission is complete, I am willing to go to the Fire Palace to receive my punishment…"

The Fire Palace was a place which was entirely engulfed in fire. It was h.e.l.l to people like him who practiced water element spiritual power.

Di Fuyi looked at him, "Fire Palace… Well, I think that it would be too severe a punishment if I were to send you there."

Mu Yun quickly said, "No, it is not! I almost delayed your mission, so I deserve to be sent there." Although the fire in the Fire Palace was so intense that it could melt an entire person's body, he had the wizardry barrier to protect him from injury. As long as he could protect himself with it, it was considered as a form of practice to him too.

Di Fuyi sighed, "I am always kind-hearted. My heart feels heavy to need to send you there. Why don't we do it like this? I will a.s.sign a task to you. As long as you can complete it perfectly, I will not punish you anymore."

Mu Yun was surprised, "My Lord, please give me the order!"

Di Fuyi pointed his small finger to the swamp, "There are more than 3,000 zombies inside there. You just need to ignite a fire to burn them. Once they have all been burned, your mission is complete. I will drive my carriage away from here, so make sure that I am a safe distance away before you ignite the fire. Rest a.s.sured, you don't have to prepare any burning material. You just need to throw a few fireb.a.l.l.s into the swamp. The water in the swamp is flammable."

Mu Yun was shocked, and he blurted "Is that all?"

Di Fuyi chuckled, "Don't you like it? Should I a.s.sign something more difficult to you?"

Mu Yun quickly answered, "Thanks, My Lord! I will complete the task perfectly!" His master had become so kind-hearted ever since he had shrunk. He was so touched!

Di Fuyi nodded and jumped up onto the carriage. Before he entered the cabin, he reminded Mu Yun, "The water inside the swamp is a bit strange. It is something called petroleum. The fire that is fueled by it will be very fierce. Just be careful and stay away from it when you ignite it with fire.

Mu Yun quickly answered, "Thank you for your kind advice, My Lord! I understand!"

Di Fuyi nodded with satisfaction, "Come and find me after you have ignited the fire." Then he drove the carriage away from the swamp.

Once the carriage had cleared the area, Mu Yun circled the swamp. He found that the smell of the swamp was indeed different. However, it was still a swamp after all. Petrol? What was that? It was a rather strange name.

However, it did not matter to him how big the fire would become.

Mu Yun was confident that he could prevent himself from any injury as he was unharmed even when the fierce fire in the Fire Palace surrounded him. It should be an easy task to ignite a fire in this swamp. Once he had ignited the fire, he needed to make sure that all the zombies were killed so that they would not escape and harm other people anymore…

Since he had planned to watch all the zombies get burnt to death, he did not retreat too far away from the swamp when he had ignited the fire. He flew about four to five meters away from the swamp before he threw a fireball into it…


Deep inside the cloud, the unicorn was gently flapping its wings. Di Fuyi was sitting in the cabin as he looked down from the carriage. He heard the exploding sound underneath the car and saw that the mountain had been entirely engulfed in flames. Multiple b.a.l.l.s of fire were unleashed into the sky coupled with sounds of explosion...

His fingers gently tapped against the cabin. He frowned slightly. He never expected that the fire effect would be so powerful. Poor Mu Yun. It seemed like he was in big trouble this time. He wondered how long Mu Yun would take to come out from the fire…

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