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The Devil World was divided into seven layers. The deeper the layer was, the mightier the creature inside it was.

When Lucifer befell on the Devil World as the Fallen Angel long time ago, he conquered all the beasts except for the Black h.e.l.l Dragon in the seventh layer. He could do nothing with it. When he dispatched someone to slay it, the dispatcher couldn't defeat it; when he dealt with it in person, it would always get its way to escape. However, the dragon liked disturbing him, making him feel extremely vexed.

Now, since he coerced me to become his underling, he would definitely not let me idle my days here. Therefore, he half-threatened and half-seduced me to accept the dragon-slaying mission.

Riding on the flying dragons of the Air Force of the Dark Dragoon, we shortly arrived at the the seventh layer. Almost at the same time, the soldiers of the Land Force arrived here while riding on the Dragons of Wind (as one of the dragons, it was unable to fly but run like lightning). They quickly built up a large-scale camp on the ground, which made me astounded by their speed.

As the flying dragons landed on the ground, I jumped off its back and made a stretch. Aya obediently ma.s.saged me on my back gently. How comfortable I was!

Appealing but aloof, Shannon, the Air General, came to me and said, "Captain, I want to reconnoiter where the Black h.e.l.l dragon is. Please give me your permission."

Her voice was indifferent and cold but sounded clear and melodious like a plum blossom in the cold winter.

I said after a glance at her, "OK, go ahead, but please be careful."

A strange splendor flashed past her eyes and disappeared instantly. With a bow, she flew to a flying dragon. The latter unfolded its wings and skyrocketed to the sky.

Aya whispered with her lips close to my ears, "Master, this ice beauty has fallen into your spell. She is my father's favorite general and also a piece of born ice, but her eyes betrayed her just now. You're s.e.xually luck."

I gently lifted her mellow lower jaw and said with a chuckle, "What's up, Little Ye? Are you jealous?"

She said with her pink face blushed, "I don't care about how many women you will have. As long as you're kind to me, I'll be yours forever."

She fell into my arms and said in a tender voice, "Master, I suggest you winning her heart. Though she's cold, I can sure you that as long as she loves you, she'll be as enthusiastic as the fire."

Aya loved me so much that she planned everything for me. I felt so touched that I hold her like holding everything.

Without my command, the dragoons behaved well, and everything was well-organized. Lahart and Rove calmly commanded the troop, leaving me nothing to do.

I quite enjoyed my ease and freedom. With Aya in my arms, I entered the tent specifically built for me and said while unfolding my left five fingers, "Yuyi, come out."

Against the dazzling white light, Yuyi flew out of the Fire-extinguishing Ring and stood upright in front of me. Attired in the silvery white armor (of course, it was made of the energy), she was like a beautiful G.o.ddess of War, arousing my l.u.s.t. Then, I abruptly let go of Aya and held her into my arms.

With a shout, she took the initiative to remove her hard armor without any resistance and nestled into my arms.

Since I kissed her in the warehouse last time, Yuyi, who had never experienced love and had kept her l.u.s.t for tens of thousands of years, was ignited by me and was out of control. Although she hid in the dimensional s.p.a.ce as a spiritual soul, she couldn't help linking her heart with mine. In that case, my intimacy with Aya was mapped into her pure heart, making her more and more long for my love.

With her hands around my neck, she responded to my kiss pa.s.sionately with a pair of blank eyes. Her snow-white skin was glittering the attractive red. Such a n.o.ble and pure angel overwhelmed with l.u.s.t looked extremely appealing and tempting.

Generally speaking, something bad would always happen to spoil the fun at the critical moment. The moment I fondled her plump b.r.e.a.s.t.s and was ready to enjoy this holy angel, a gush of cold and strange energy suddenly flowed into the tent and directly rushed at Yuyi who fell into the l.u.s.t in my arms.

However, Yuyi had already lost her mind, and I couldn't make a timely reaction. Thanks to Aya, she stood in front of us with a flash and conjured up a black shield to resist the cold mighty energy flow.

The tent was then torn into countless pieces, revealing a young man clothed in the armor with a spear in his hand. It was Lahart, the Land General of the Dark Dragoon.

Yuyi instantly woke up from her l.u.s.t, unfolded her six white wings without the time to freshen herself up, and stood in front of me with the holy light shining. Now, she tried to protect me regardless of everything, which made her a totally different person from just now.

As I looked around, I saw we were surrounded by the dragoons who unsheathed their swords and sabers, releasing a murderous breath. Lahart and Rove were staring at Yuyi with their spear and sword respectively unsheathed and were ready to fight.

I shouted in a m.u.f.fled voice, "Lahart and Rove, what's up?"

Lahart said while still vigilantly looking at Yuyi, "Captain, I sensed a breath uniquely belonging to an angel in the tent, so I launched an attack for fear of she hurting you and princess. There is really an angel, who is also a 'Blazing Angel'. Captain, are you all right?"

I relaxed with relief and said while patting Yuyi's shoulder, "You misunderstood. Yuyi, the 'Blazing Angel' has abandoned her ident.i.ty and become my woman, so she won't hurt me."

The dragoons gasped with shock upon hearing the name of Yuyi, for they all heard the fight happening tens of thousands of years ago. It surprised them the most that their cranky captain owned the legendary "Morning Angel" who was a matched rival for the King of the Devil World.

After all, the angel was the devil's born enemy.

Having taken her wings back, Yuyi stood with her hand holding Aya's and said gently, "Guys, I'm not an angel anymore. Now, I'm your princess' sister and your captain's servant girl."

Two exceedingly beautiful girls stood together with different miens: one was as inviting as a peony; the other one was as pure as a white lotus. The well-experienced dragoons were also attracted by the scene and subconsciously envied their captain's tremendous luck in love.

With the dark light shining, Lahart and Rove turned their armor into the ornament-like metals that were then a.s.sembled into their spear and sword respectively and said while kneeling down, "We didn't mean to offend you just now. Please punish us."

I said with a smile, "Well, forget it. If only you guys won't spoil my fun in the future. I was about to please myself but was stopped by you."

Knowing the meaning behind what I said, Lahart and Rove couldn't help but feel blushed and stood with embarra.s.sment.

A deafening explosive sound abruptly arose from afar, and we all could feel the energy fluctuation. Rove said with shock, "It's Shannon? She must have met the enemy."

I thought to myself with my eyebrows furrowed that Shannon definitely met the enemy. No matter how powerful she was, she was just a tender girl.

I said, "Yuyi and Little Ye, follow me."

After that, I soared into the sky by use of the "Extreme Wind", the highest rank magic skill of the Wind-element Magic and disappeared into the thin air after a flash. No one present saw my action except for Yuyi.

Unfolding the six wings, Yuyi turned into a ray of white light and skyrocketed into the sky, too. "'Teleportation Spell'", chanted Aya, and then followed us.

The dragoons were good at the hand-to-hand battle and only used the attacking magic. Plus they were bad at the high-speed mobile magic, they had to hurriedly ride on their flying dragons and flew into the sky.

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