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A beautiful maid slowly pushed the door of the study room open. Although she already saw it countless time, she still inevitably get amazed.

From her perspective, she could see a young man dressed luxuriously in a royal robe, looking toward the rain outside through the window. He was looked so melancholic and majestic at the same time.

"Your majesty, the dinner is ready." The maid said softly.

The young man immediately withdrew from his daydreaming state.

"Oh, is it? Thank you for the reminder, Sophia, I will be there soon." The young man said as he waved his hand.

The beautiful maid named Sophia nodded silently and went out of the room quickly.

The young man stretched his body, released the tension acc.u.mulated in it.

"d.a.m.n, after 18 years, this system will finally get started tomorrow." The young man cursing in his heart.

The young man name was Andrew Lewis, or he should rather be called Albert Frederick Andrew Lewis. Well, his full name was quite long, so he simply used his old name to call himself, Andrew.

Andrew was the youngest son of the current crown prince of the British Empire, Edward VII. Yes, Andrew was the member of the British royal family, the grandson of the current reigning Queen Victoria. He was 4th in line to inherited the throne. But, he was giving up that right, even giving up his t.i.tle as prince.


Well, it was because Andrew wasn't from this world at all. To be precise, he was from the future. Before coming to this time-s.p.a.ce, Andrew was a historian and archaeologist. One day, he was digging up some ancient ruins.

He found some weird pocket clock there. The moment he touched it, everything around him immediately went dark. After that, he suddenly became a baby, which was exactly how he came to this time-s.p.a.ce.

5 years ago, when Andrew was 13 years old, he met with his grandma, Queen Victoria. It was at that time he revealed his intention of giving up the right to inherit the throne. Although puzzled, she didn't care why Andrew doing that.

After all, although he was 4th in line, there were his father and brother in front of him. If nothing went wrong with three of them, Andrew shouldn't inherit the throne in his lifetime. Andrew also understands that fact because he was a historian before.

Unless Andrew killed his father and brother, which he absolutely abstain to even think about it. He wasn't that cold blood, after all, they were his blood relative even if he didn't have much kinship with them.

So although the prince t.i.tle would give him much right and wealth, Andrew still gave up the t.i.tle. There was the main reason, he got a system! The Strongest Empire System, it had always been there since his birth, but for some reason, only a progress bar appeared.

But, there were two prerequisites stated. One, he must be 18 years old. Two, he must own territory and be the King by himself! It was because of this system Andrew begged Queen Victoria to give him some territory. He was her grandson after all, so she asked him which area did he want.

After careful consideration, Andrew chose a 'small' area in Africa named Nyasaland. It was one of the many British Protectorate areas. It was located in the south part of Africa, near the Cape Colony of British.

Nyasaland 'only' had a size of 114,375 sq km. It was small compared to the nearby colony, but Andrew already satisfied with it. The reason why he chose Nyasaland was because of many reasons.

One, it was FAR from the 'centre of the world' which was Europe at this time. This was the most important reason. If everything went the same as history told, then the WW1 should happen in 1914. Andrew wanted to grow strong enough before he could partic.i.p.ate in the famous meat grinder.

Two, no strong neighbour. This was also important. There was only a Belgium and Portuguese colony that directly border with Nyasaland. Neither of them was strong enough in Andrew opinion to pose a threat toward his plan.

Three, n.o.body even interested in this piece of small land. 99% of n.o.ble figure was only interested in the t.i.tle and land of their motherland. A figure like Andrew that interested in backward Africa was very odd among the n.o.ble. Most n.o.ble would rather be a small European Baron rather than be an Africa King.

Fourth, although small, it had everything that a Kingdom need to grow. Africa was very rich in resources, especially Nyasaland. Iron, Bronze, Cobalt,... Giant freshwater lake, fertile land for farming,...


Well, after that, Andrew severed his ties with the British Royal Family and getting the Nyasaland sovereignty right from Queen Victoria, and yes, it was sovereignty right, not just owner right.

By the time everything was done, Andrew declared the Nyasaland Kingdom was formally established. In just one day, the British Empire, France, Germany,... Basically, most of the European power acknowledged the existence of Nyasaland Kingdom.

Well, it was thanks to Queen Victoria who was known as the 'European Grandmother' that the Nyasaland Kingdom was acknowledged. From that moment on, the Nyasaland Kingdom was a proper sovereign country and Andrew ascend the throne as the first king with the t.i.tle of Lewis I.

Although the kingdom was already established, Andrew wasn't 18 years old yet. So he could only waiting for the opening of the system...

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