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With "Déjà vu" From Sleeping with Sirens Playing, he Starts feeling her cold body. Her pale white skin was such a turn on to him. His run in with death, him feeling alone, and bad luck has final has made him not give 2 cares in the world right now. He had a Cold hard b.i.t.c.h he could explode on, and he knew she could take it.

He puts his hands up her chest and feels her, while he keeps making out with her. When Ryan starts bringing his hands down her body, she randomly rolls on top of him.

"You really are just as broken as Lindsay. But good thing you're a male. You have something she doesn't!" She told him in a seducing tone while she gently blows in his ear.

"Don't care, you know I am going to take out all my anger and stress on you right now. I hope you like it rough, because I might break you after I am done with you" He told her as he starts kissing her chest.

"Oh, are now?" She said while leaning her head back.

"Yes!... I…. Am!" He told her as he grabbed her by her chest and charged her toward the wall. He slams he head against the wall and kisses her on the lips again.

"Oh, we are going to have so much fun this Afternoon!" She said while pushing him back onto the floor. With her glowing red eyes, she grabs his arm and drags him into her bedroom. She pushes him on her bed and takes off his shirt.

She feels his warm chest and leans over him.

She looks into his eyes and slowly starts kissing the side of his neck.

She sticks one hand down his pants and then bites his neck with her fangs.

She way shes doing it feel amazing to him. She takes a bite and slowly starts drinking some of his blood.

This bite hurts just a little bit, but at the same time also feels exciting to him. He reaches his hands back up her shirt and grabs onto her b.o.o.bs and squeezes.

She stops drinking and then starts taking off his pants.

"Oh my G.o.d your Blood tastes so much better than hers! Oh my G.o.d you have the good stuff!" She said while Ryan reaches his hands up on her and grabs her hair and starts pulling her harder on top of him.

"I Didn't tell you to stop drinking!" he demanded

"Oh, you really are a rough one. You better Rock my world, or I am going to punish you" She told him in a naughty tone.

"When I am done with you, you're not going to Walk Straight for a few days" he whispered in her ear.

Ryan pulls out his phone and changes the song. He puts on the song "Touching on My" By 3OH!3

This song of course was a global song, but he didn't care. It just gave him a Tempo he can match his body to her while He bangs her.

The vibration of the Island and the building weirdly Excites Vedra as well. She Likes this song as well.

They pull the rest of their cloths and get to work.

Meanwhile on mainland Zephyr was sitting on seawall with her legs dangling off the edge reading a book on how to defeat ancient vampires. She feels a disturbance in the air and can hear the music blasting from the island a mile away.

"My baby is in trouble! That has to be a Distress beacon! Ugh Please stay alive for me baby! I'm coming for you tonight!" She said as she flips the page of the book she was reading.

She reads a chapter on something about phoenix's and how they used to be a Vampires worst enemy.

She reads the book and looks for something at all that will help her rescue Ryan. She can still feel the disturbance coming from the island and reads faster.

Meanwhile Back on the island the two just went at it hard for 15 minutes.

After Ryan's Stress relief season was over with her, he laid on his back and was covered in marks and hickeys. Obviously Vedra had some demons of her own she wanted to get off her mind as well.

"I normally don't do one-night stands or do this on the first date" Ryan told her while catching his breath.

"I hope I didn't hurt you" He told her while rolling over on her and giving her another kiss.

"Oh, you can't hurt me. That was quite nice. Haven't had s.e.x with a man a while. Its been like what? 330 years? I forget. Men generally fear me and have heard about the things I have done to them when I was p.i.s.sed off and angry. So, they don't even risk trying to kill me. Its always stupid b.i.t.c.hes that want extra money for their families that dare to go for the task. I know my head is worth a s.h.i.t ton of money out there for Atrocities I have committed in the past when I was Young and Reckless, but That Treaty in Staug has only been in effect for only 20 years. The pattern of "Peace Offerings" is Always some dumb b.i.t.c.h that wants to kill me or annoy the c.r.a.p out of me" She told him while rubbing his leg.

"Wait what things have you done to guys in the past?" He asked seeming a little curious.

"3 words. "Public Weenie Roast" I will leave the rest to your own Imagination." She said while patting his leg.

Ryan thought immediately of what that sounded like to him and cringed.

"I struck fear into people who tried to oppose me. I used to be a very nasty b.i.t.c.h. I used to go on Brutal killing rampages for blood, and all that too. The town ended up getting together and begging me for mercy. They found a Diplomatic solution for me to leave the town alone in the form of a Peace treaty. I was given this island, and also if I needed blood, I got the towns Prisoner's or if there weren't any, they would vote on giving me the laziest person in town to give to me to snack on. But for the past 10 years I been Acquiring "Servants" from the town to keep me company, and been learning how to take just enough blood to live off of and let them regenerate while I teach them something about life" She told Explained to Ryan.

She smiles at him and rolls over back on top of him. Still completely naked kiss's his neck again.

Ryan was still exhausted from going full force on her and closed his eyes. She was like Zephyr; she was kissing the right spots on his neck and he was getting pleasure from it.

"Brace yourself" She told him.

She opens her mouth and bites in the same spot she did earlier.

Ryan gasps for air, and squirms.

"If you taking blood is going to feel this good all the time, PIease don't warn me. This feels so amazing!" He told her while enjoying the mild amount of pain and stimulation on his neck.

"You taste so good" she whispered in his ear.

Ryan just enjoys the licking sensation he is receiving from her.

"What is the difference between me and let's say Liz" He asks her.

"Your hormones are different from hers. Its been over 400 years since I last ate something, but its like yours is Sweeter, and woman's have more of a b.u.t.tery taste" she explained while rolling off of her.

Ryan throws his arms around her and yawns.

I been holding that in for a while. Should I be Worried about accidently getting you pregnant? He said awkwardly.

"I'm Pretty much a Cursed undead Creature forced to suffer and live an Immortal life. I can't have kids so don't worry" She told him.

"Ok" He replied.

She wipes off some blood from her lips and rolls back on top of him.

She looks into his eyes again.

"Even If I wasn't Sterile, and If I could get pregnant you aren't running away. Your mine for a while buddy" She told him while kissing his chest.

"Like I said earlier, I don't do one-night stands. I pretty much commit to things for the long term" He told her while enjoying her kiss.

"Hha!" She said while she lifts herself. She smiles at him and sits on his chest.

"I'm sorry but That's funny. When I read your mind, you only wanted a Friends with Benefits situation your Cat-Human friend. You also told that Chick in the Inn you don't need a relationship right now, and That was hilarious when Citra told you don't need s.e.x right now, you need to time to heal" She told him in a Sarcastic tone.

She then pokes him in the chest.

"The best part was when Citra said you may have a weird Attraction with things that can kill you" She said while poking his nose.

"Then you threw yourself at me" She said while laughing extreamly loud.

Ryan thinks about this and Shes right. He's like an indecisive, hopeless romantic Hypocrite, that judges Zephyr for being not completely human, but yet threw himself at a deadly Vampire chick due to l.u.s.t.

Ryan shakes his head shes right.

"Look Hun, I know we just had great s.e.x, but just like Liz, I'm going to make you a better person before I am done with you. Even if I have to break you down and build you up. You Don't know what you want in this life. You are just like her when I first met her" She told him while standing up and getting dressed.

"Your absolutely right, I am an a.s.shole" He admitted. To her.

She slides a dress over her and hops back in her bed with him.

"Heres the deal. I killed myself over a Girl, and a bad day. It seems like ever since I came here all I have been challenged with are Relationships and bad days. I feel like you really are what I need the most right now in my new life. Let's do this. Let's go on a Date today" This way I won't feel like I just had a one-night stand with you" He told her while wrapping some of her hair around his figure.

"Well that's a good start. But not Today. I can't go out during the day. I won't explode or anything, but it just feels extreamly uncomfortable. That's why I came to your town this morning while it was still overcast after the storm. That's why you saw me wearing that thick jacket and shirt. Sunshine and me Just don't get along" She told him while leaning on her side with her arm holding her head up,

"We could always try for tonight. I mean I kind of like the dark, we could Kill Shades and Ghouls if you wanted" He told her.

"Hang on, that reminds me! You mother f.u.c.ker!" She screamed as she Grabs and starts squeezing his crotch.

"You killed my Pet Phoenix with that Cat-Girl!" She said in a Fit of rage.

The firmness of her grip was extreamly tight and was incredibly Painful.

"You're lucky I like you and am stuck with you for a while. If not, all this in my hand would be fish food. Do You understand me? She told him in an angry p.i.s.sed off tone.

"Yes, Mam I am sorry! I didn't know! We were just trying to survive that night" He cried out in pain.

"Well thanks to you and her my Beloved Phoenix is too small for me to ride her between the mainland and back for the next 3 years. So really, we can't do a Date tonight either until I find an alternative form of Transportation. She said while letting go of his crotch

Ryan was in pain for that, but at the same time felt bad. This woman is isolated by herself, and the only thing she had to get back and forth they ended up killing. It was pretty f.u.c.ked up and the guilty hit him harder than the grab to his crotch.

"Look I have a sailboat I got from that Mage chick. Its on the mainland, but I can always body drag there with my kite" He explained to her.

"Body drag what is that?" She asked him out of curiosity.

"Its hard to explain. Look I sailed over to this island in a sailboat to go Landboarding. That was the stuff I had in my hand. There is this Big giant Sail that flies in the sky and can pull me. I can use that to get over to mainland. It will be safer than Swimming and quicker if I did that way" He explained.

"Well Okay, but I wouldn't do it today. Its supposed to Rain again for the next 5 hours and there will be Thunderstorms coming our way too." She told him.

"How do you know That?" He asked.

"I can Mildly Predict the future of some things. I used to be a Sorceress Before I was turned into a vampire. I Still retain that bit of magical talent after all these years" She told him while rubbing his arm.

"Oh ok. That's okay I guess?" Ryan replied seeming confused.

"Look we can do something tonight. I mean if we are going to have a toxic relationship, we need to at least go on dates time to time" Ryan said while laughing.
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"Toxic Relationship? I don't understand. Explain what you mean" She asked him while rubbing his chest again.

"The way I see it, I'm pretty much your Boytoy, your going to turn me into a better person, but in the process, I'm going to have to support you, and your going to have to leech off of me. That's what I mean about a Toxic Relationship" He said while laughing.

"Oh, you're being Sarcastic. I see now". She said while smiling at him again.

She crawls on top of him and takes another bite on his neck.

"I promise you; this feels amazing! I will never get tired of this!" He said with a turned-on tone.

"What are you, Some sort of m.a.s.o.c.h.i.s.t?" She said while teasing him.

"I don't know. I never really tested my pain tolerance before. I know that I can take a lot of it. Sometimes certain pain thresholds feel good to me to be honest" He told her while cuddling with her.

"Hmm hang on." She told him while getting up with a Devilish Grin. She leans over the side of her bed and pulls out some Rope and a paddle and a Small Flog.

"Want too?" She said while smiling at him.

"Maybe after our date tonight. Look. I am tired, I know it's only like 10am but the amount of blood you took from me already, and the amazing s.e.x we just had, I need to recharge" Want to cuddle and take a nap with me?" He asked her.

She frowns at him. "Liz loved this It sucks I won't be able to see her again for a while'.

She gets up out of the bed and walks over to a picture in front of her.

"Liz used to love to Draw in her spare time. That's where most of these paintings and drawings in my house came from" She said as she looked touched a painting of Cliff that was hanging over something that looked like a black void below it.

She Then walked over to a picture of baby deer and a duck in a small pond and smiled.

"Shes going to be okay, Like I said I knew the day came when she would have to be a Strong independent woman. You Ryan are her savior today" She said with a fake smile.

She then walks over to the bed and picks up the paddle and hops on top of Ryan. She then starts spanking him.

"This…. Is….. For…. Hurting…. Day...Tona!!!!" She screamed while she Spanked him with the paddle.

Ryan was not expecting this, and it was painful. He screamed into the pillow he was laying on and when she dropped the paddle, he took a deep breath.

"So… whats your pain tolerance? Did that Feel good? She asked him with an evil smile.

"No, it did not!" It hurts!" He told her while feeling the sting of the after math.

"Well then, I guess this isn't your cup of tea isn't it? She said while she puts the paddle the flog and the rope under her bed.

"Listen I am going to bed. Let's cuddle" He asked her.

"Oh, aren't you sweet. Any other guy would have been on his way out the door by now" She said with Dark Sarcasm"

"Vedra Get your cold a.s.s over here. I want my s.e.xy cooling pillow to Lay on" He said with a Flirtatious tone.

She walks over to him and lays on here bed with him.

She pulls him close to her lays him across her chest. She Pushes him hard into her left breast. And slowly rubs her hand over his short Auburn hair.

Ryan turns his body to get more comfortable and lays his ears on her left breast. He doesn't hear a heartbeat.

"I can Read your mind buddy, just because my heart doesn't beat doesn't mean I am heartless. You will learn more about me tonight when we walk on the beach. Till then, I'm going to enjoy my cuddly blanket!" She said in a cute way. Ryan hugs her and kind of feels in love with her as he closes his eye.

"See you in the evening honey" Ryan told her while kissing her cool chest.

Vedra was reading Ryan's mind and current emotions. She digs deep into his memories while he sleeps on her. She "Watches" the memory of his last day on earth before his suicide, while she sleeps with him in her arms.

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