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The alarm Clock went off at 7:00 AM. An arm flies up to hit the snooze b.u.t.ton. The arm Retreats back under the blanket and the Alarm is disregarded. 7 minutes later it goes off again. A guy looks up at the Clock. he frowns at the time and decides to get out of bed. He throws open his blanket and an Item falls on to the floor. He puts his feet on the ground and picks up the book he fell asleep Reading last night. He puts the book t.i.tled "KonoSuba: G.o.d's Blessing on this wonderful world" Back on his pillow. He stands up and walks up to his dresser. He Grabs his cellphone that has been charging all night and takes it into the bathroom with him.

He turns on the hot water and undresses. He turns on the song "Something's Gotta Give" from All Time Low and gets in.

He starts singing the song while he lathers up. He's trying to suppress his feelings from the night before. He Can't hold back any of the feelings. They shoot out of him like a faucet. He Starts crying.

Why the h.e.l.l would he be crying you may ask? The Simple Answer is: Stress

If you wanted to know WHY he is Stressed, we are going to have to dig deep into this current year. Well I'll explain you the story of his life right now.

You see Ryan has been trying hard this year to Graduate. He was held back a year during his freshmen Year of high school and has worked his a.s.s off this first half of his senior year to get back on track and to be able graduate with his friends. His Girlfriend just broke up with him and this has Partial devastated him. Not just that, but another reason he's taking up so much extra work to get back on track is his Grandmother's Health is failing. She wants to see him Graduate. Before her time on this world is up. She has helped him out with so many things these past 2 years of school. He wants to make her proud.

You would think with so much dedication to a goal this guy would be perfect to have as a friend, right? Well Yes and no. It depends who you ask.

Ryan is not perfect by any means. In fact, the guy is a "Monster Energy drinking, ADHD having, Socially awkward Closeted emo kid Gamer". (Say that 5 times fast)

He's Impulsive and goes with the first thing that pops into his head without hardly ever giving it a second though. These stats can be both a Curse, and a Buff Depending on the situation. But everyone who meets him general likes him. The Man knows how to get results.

This Generally isn't good for relationships, however. He has been slowly messing up and a lot of girls just only want to be friends with him. Not so much as to date him. This is Kind of the reason he is currently crying in the shower. He has just lost His girlfriend who has been secretly been cheating on him these past 3 weeks.

In the Shower He Tries to stay strong and continues singing to the song. He stays in the shower for 1 more minute and He gets out and dries off his Short hair Auburn hair. Ryan was Skinny, Clean shaven 5' 11'' white male with a Crew cut that grew out a little bit and had a Widow Peak. His Hair cut was for that way for his Military role Cosplays he does in his spare time. His last hair cut was 3 months ago. He looks in the mirror and Screams. "f.u.c.k it! We are doing it!" he said while screaming over the music. He Dry's his chest and walks into the hallway naked into his room.

He Goes into his closet and pulls out a special box.

Today was the first day back to high school of the new year. Christmas just came and winter break was over. It being January in Florida winter is almost just a myth here. he puts on black shorts and a Lime green Digital Camo shirt. He bends over and dumps the box onto his bed. That box contained his Halloween costume earlier this year. In front of him was a Halo 4 Master Chief costume. He puts on his socks Then starts putting pieces of the armor set on his body he leaves the chest plate off for a little bit and puts on his Black Work boots. he then puts his gloves on.

he then bends over his bed and puts on his chest plate completing the Halo outfit. He grabs his Halo motorcycle helmet out of his closet and grabs his keys. He Closes his labtop that had an Episode of Star Vs the Forces of evil paused on it, and He Salutes his Konosuba Novel on his bed. he walks outside and starts up his Yamaha R6 and lets it warm up. He can't believe he's actually going to show up to school like this. If He gets Arrested, he's just going to end up a Florida Man meme.

(Remember Earlier when I said he was Socially Awkward? Well this should be an example of some of the crazy things he is known to do out of impulse), But he really doesn't care he needs some sort of Drama or excitement to distract him from his breakup last night. He puts headphones in his ears and slides his helmet on. His father comes out and sees him before he leaves.

"I heard you screaming earlier. What's wrong? Also why are you wearing that?" His father asked out of concern,

"Shes been cheating on me, and just Broke up with me last night. I am so upset right now that's one year thrown out the window. I'm going to school dressed just like this to cheer me up. Who knows I might become a hero or become a meme either way I need something to take my mind off this pain I'm feeling dad." he Replied with a Depressed tone.

"I love you son, don't get too upset on this failed Relationship buddy, there are plenty more you are going to experience in this lifetime. Anyway, I need go to work. Take care and don't get in trouble at school please. I love you Ryan. I'll see when I get back home tonight. "His father said while walking too his truck.

Ryan tightens down the strap on his motorcycle helmet and pulls out his cell Phone.

He puts on a Random song and puts his Phone in his pocket. He kicks up his kick stand and pushes his bike back. He Revs the bike a few times and puts it in first gear. He adjusts his mirror and sees his Master Chief helmet in the reflection. He looks Bada.s.s.

He feels a little bit better and sets the Mirror back in its default position.

He takes off out of his driveway and drives 20 mph down a dirt road full of potholes. He Makes a game swerving around them. He then gets on the main Road and takes off he gets up to 50 miles an hour in a 30 mile an hour zone.

He modified this armor to be specifically ridden on a motorcycle he's not worried about it falling apart. He slows down to 20 miles an hour at the end of the road. He meets a whole bunch of his friends who are waiting for the bus.

He pulls up and shuts off his bike 10 kids come over and talk to him. He lifts up his visor and they realize that it's him.

"So, you're really going through with this Ryan?" one of the kids asked.

Another kid took out his cellphone and took a picture of him on the bike.

"Let this be known as Ryan's craziest stunt ever!" The kid screamed While patting the back of his armor.

"Oh, I'm bound to turn some heads at school Brandon" Ryan replied.

"You're probably going to become a meme buddy!" One of the girls shouted with laughter

Three other kids took a picture of him. Brandon pulls something out of his pocket and hands it to Ryan. It was a necklace that he originally gave his girlfriend. He retrieved it for him. He takes the necklace and opens up the ends of the cord and puts it around his neck. With his helmet still on he clips the other end of the court back together and conceals it under his shirt. The necklace said "Carry Me! "and had a picture of a knight carrying a Princess in his arms.

Brandon doesn't say anything else. He taps him on the back and walks toward his own Girlfriend.

Ryan pulls down his visor and pulls out his cellphone and puts on the song "Game Over" From Falling in Reverse.

He takes off doing a wheelie and the kids cheer and laughed their a.s.ses off. It's not every day you see Master Chief doing a wheelie. He comes around the corner and stops at the next stop sign. School is only 4 miles away. He waits for his turn and takes off the main Road. He gets the bike going up to 55 and stays in his Lane. He starts to turn the volume up on the song with his free clutch hand. He Rides in peace all the way to school.

When he comes up at a stoplight a few cars next to him roll down their window and try to confirm what they are seeing. Ryan is jamming out to the song on his bike it doesn't care what people see right now. He's just waiting for the red light to change. When the light changes, he's accelerates normally and gets ready to turn into his School.

He turns left and heads straight to the student parking area. He parks his bike and takes his keys and undoes his helmet strap. he pulls off his Halo helmet and walks straight into the main building with no f.u.c.ks given. Upon entering there are tons of kids laughing. The distraction is working he feels slightly better now. Kids want to get a picture of him in the hallway. He poses with the helmet off. and teachers don't quite know what they are seeing at this point. He walks to the other side of the building where his locker is, and tons of people are gasping and laughing. With school starting back up after winter break, he left his backpack in the locker on the last day before the holiday. He Grabs his backpack and loads up his books. He Slings the bag over his shoulder and walks straight to his first cla.s.s with his helmet by the chin strap in his left hand. A lot of girls strongly Insisted that he stop and take a Selfie with them. This ends up almost making him late to his first cla.s.s. Upon entering the teacher laughs and shakes her head. She knows seniors are going to start pulling pranks soon, so she doesn't even ask about what he is doing.

The Bell rings and she starts teaching her history lesson. Coincidentally shes doing a history Lesson on the ancient Spartans. Everybody immediately turns their heads and looks at Ryan. He just shrugs his shoulders and awkwardly gives 2 thumbs up.

The whole cla.s.s erupts into laughter and He just smiles. He then starts to pay attention to the Lesson, but He slowly starts to Fall asleep. This armor was hugging him in a way it felt a little bit too relaxing. He falls asleep during the lesson and suddenly the Bell rings and cla.s.s was over.

Alerted and panicking he immediately Grabs his stuff. But He has this weird dizzy feeling in his head. He has this Extreme Déjà vu like feeling but ignores it. He puts his books away and heads straight to his next cla.s.s. He pa.s.ses his Schools Resource officer who is slightly shocked and doesn't know whats going on. Ryan Just gives him a Thumbs up and says nothing and pa.s.ses him.

He doesn't really want to know. This is his 6th costume he has randomly worn to school outside of Halloween. Last year he Came to school Dressed as Bender, from Futurama, and earlier that year, As a Pirate.

His Freshman and Soph.o.m.ore year Costumes were a blur to him, but he remembers 1 of them being a Panda suit. The Resource Officer wasn't too concerned about Ryan's Costume choice. However, with all the school shootings going on in the country, he's going to Put on all the teachers Radar today. But with him knowing Ryan all the way back from middle school he wasn't at all worried about Ryan doing something stupid. He won't worry about him, unless someone says something to Make him worry.

Not long after pa.s.sing him he is Surrounded by more girls and they are more aggressive then the last batch. He quickly gets the Selfies done with them and Bursts through to the other side of the wall of people. He enters his math cla.s.s not a second too soon before the bell rings.

The attention he is getting feels great. If only everyone wasn't so aggressive about getting a selfie. He doesn't want to be late to any of his cla.s.ses.

Upon entering his Math Cla.s.s, The Teacher Sees him and can't hold a serous face.

"Master chief, can you Explain to me what you are doing on this Ship?" The Teacher asks in a Jokingly manner.

"Sir Finishing this Square". The Whole math Cla.s.s erupts in laughter.

The Teacher almost dies with the laughter and tells him to take a seat. One of the Quirky Metal head girls 2 rows over waits for a quiet moment and asks Ryan a Question.

"Hey Ryan, do you know what the Ladies Like?" She shouts.

Ryan Smiles and Responds back: "Ladies like Armor Plating" He said while flexing his arms.

The Cla.s.s Then bursts into laughter for another time.

This math teacher was cool as h.e.l.l. He Too knew too that Seniors are about to start pulling pranks. He Rolls with this gag Ryan is pulling.

"Okay, do me a favor Ryan, put the helmet on and keep it on" The teacher asked.

This cheers Ryan up a little bit more, this teacher was awesome.

One of the kids from the bus stop is sitting right next to him. He leans over and whispers "congratulations you just became a meme". The kid said while showing him his Snapchat. He Sees Stories From other people in the school posting pictures of him and videos.

Ryan now knows people are going to have a bounty on his head for the next cla.s.s change. He thinks of a plan to not be late to gym.

The teacher starts a Lesson plan with some algebra problems. He looks at Ryan with the helmet on and asks him "If a plasma rifle Hits you and we know it does 12% damage to your overall shield, and we know your shield can take 4000 points of damage how much more times do they have to hit you if your Shields were 80% stronger. Again, the cla.s.s erupts into laughter. Ryan tries to process the question but doesn't quite understand. He just gets up and walks to the board he writes down 4000 over 12% plus 80% and tries to solve the problem. He gets the answer wrong. But everybody can't resist the urge to pull their Phone out and record him doing this.

The teacher shakes his head. "I am sorry, but that answer is wrong" He said with a Proud tone to his voice

Ryan replies back: "I left Cortana at home today. I have to do all this math, and Navigation by myself. But honestly, I wouldn't even let them hit me that many times. I would already Have Obliterated them all and would be t-bagging them as we speak" He said out loud. Suddenly He just realized what he said. He took off his helmet and covered his mouth in shame. It's too late the whole cla.s.s is laughing. The teacher shakes his head and ignores his accidently "Poor Choice" of words. The teacher pulls him back up to the board and shows him how to do this complex problem.

The Teacher then gives him another question. "If it takes 4 UNSC Marines to 8 hours to service a Pelican how long will it take 8 men to service a pelican?" Ryan Sighs, and puts on his helmet. He takes the Expo marker and Solves the problem. The Cla.s.s cheers when he gets it right. The answer was 4.

He sits down and he pulls another cla.s.smate up front for another problem. He pays attention for the rest of the Lesson and doesn't fall asleep. He then does the a.s.signment the teacher gives everybody. Later, the Bell rings and now it's time for Gym. He takes off his helmet.

He knows he should Dart straight to his next cla.s.s. His friend already showed him snapchat. It's a fact that everybody IS going to be looking for him. Ryan packs up his books and darts out the door. He goes a different way he normally would go to try to avoid going through the North hallway corridor. He slips outside and takes the long way to the back of the gym. He walks into the locker room and puts down his backpack. The guys in the locker room are getting a crack out of this joke. One of the kids ask what the deal is with the Halo armor.

This being the first kid to actually confront him about it, Ryan doesnt really doesn't have an easily explainable answer to as WHY he's really doing it. Sure, he could say "Because my Girlfriend broke up with me" But that wouldn't be laughable anymore, actually that will make him a target of bullying. He comes up with an open response.

"I made a bet with somone. That's all I'm going to say" Ryan replied to the kid.

The guys burst into laughter and one of the short fat kids falls over laughing so hard and hits his head on the edge of the locker. That guy immediately covers his mouth. Blood is coming out. He just knocked out a tooth. The other guys shift their attention to him. He freaks out. The tooth is in his mouth. He pulls it out and runs out of the gym. The coach then comes in and sees everyone ready. He does attendance, and when he calls the other guy's name who just ran out, they tell him he just knocked out a tooth. The couch brushes this off as something that's not his problem and ignores it.

He sees Ryan in his suit and asks" Whats the occasion?".

"Trying to win a bet sir. Can I keep on this suit? He asked Sincerely.

The Couch throws Up his hands and says: "Fine I'll Allow it, just don't pa.s.s out in it" He said while putting up his clip board. He then orders everyone outside to run laps.

Ryan grabs his helmet and puts it on. He Just wants to conceal the fact he's going to be wearing headphones. He walks outside with the rest of the cla.s.s and they all meet up at the field. The others were cheering "Master CHIEEEEEEEEEF!" He then puts on the song "Raised by The Wolfs" From Falling in Reverse. He then Starts jogging around the Track.

The Armor was warm, but with it being winter, the incoming cool air kept him comfortable. He wasn't going to pa.s.s out. 2 miles of jogging he gets pulled off the track by one of the coaches.

He takes off his helmet carefully and tries to conceal his headphones back underneath his shirt

"You need to go to the Deans office". The couch told him.

He sighs with A sign of relief, and with a hint of caution obviously he's going to get in trouble for wearing this. "Oh well I didn't expect to go the whole entire day with this on" he thought to himself

Ryan walks back to the main building and to the Deans office. Inside the office was the dean, and the kid that just knocked his tooth out with laughter.

"Mr. Gla.s.ser, please take a seat" The Dean asked.

Ryan takes a seat next to the other kid. He doesn't know what's going on. He a.s.sumes this is going to be something about Halo suit he's wearing.

Suddenly in Walks a Lady. She walks over to the kid and Checks out her son.

"Ryan, He said you knocked out his tooth in the locker room." The Dean Explained calmly.

Ryan's mood suddenly changed.

"Wait I did no such thing" He Replied.

"Bro you pushed me into the locker door and you head b.u.t.ted me with your helmet. You knocked my tooth out."

Ryan takes a deep breath.

"Bro did you hit the locker harder than it looked? Because that's not how it happened. You laughed so d.a.m.n hard after the guys asked "why I am wearing this suit?" and I replied with "I'm Trying to win a Bet" You fell over laughing and hit your mouth on the edge of the locker." Ryan said calmly.

"No, you shoved me and hit me with your helmet" He said in angry victim tone

"Want me to Shove you into that desk and head b.u.t.t you with my helmet right now? I'll make that lie you made up, come true you f.u.c.king Idiot!"

The Boy Stands up to Ryan and looks like he's ready to fight. The dean then stands up and gets ready to intervene. Ryan Quickly a.n.a.lyzes the situation. He Puts on his helmet and accidently hits the play b.u.t.ton on his headphones. He can hear the song "I'm Back" From Dope. playing through his headphones. and gets right into the short fat kids face and unplugs his headphone jack. The song is now playing at full volume on speaker.

The other Kid can see his Reflection in the golden Tint of the helmet and with Ryan's "Boss Fight" music playing the other kid who is now looks terrified of Ryan

"Look at how much of a big boy you are. You Want to go right here? I'm All Armored up! I'll take you out like the Prophet of Regret! Come at Me Bro!" Ryan shouted behind his over the music helmet while Throwing his hands up. The kid gets ready to throw a punch, but Ryan then Jerks his head forward and scares the kid. The kids mother then comes and pulls her son away.

Ryan then backs up and lets the dean get in between them.

"Take your son and get him out of here I'll deal with Gla.s.ser." He ordered her.

Ryan then sits back down in his chair, throws his feet on top of the dean's desk, and says "G.F.G." to the kid while flicking him off behind his helmet. This kid was terrified of how crazy Ryan was. Ryan had Zero f.u.c.ks given today.

The Dean then gives Ryan a Serious look. Ryan takes off his helmet and places it on his desk. The song was still playing max volume. With the stare the dean was giving him due to the lyrics of the song, Ryan digs into his pocket and pauses the song. The dean reaches over and takes his phone from him.

"Are you kidding me!?" He asked him.

Ryan takes another deep breath. And removes his feet from his desk.

"Look, I'm sorry for how I blew up on that kid, he lied about that complete situation and I snapped. I did not have a good Winter vacation. Let's settle this now, but please Give my cellphone back to me at the end of day before I have to go to work Please." He said while looking into his eyes.

The dean walks over to his chair Sits down and tries to figure out what he needs to do.

"Before you say anything else did you see me physically touch him while I was in his face?" Ryan asked firmly.

"No, I you didn't" The dean Replied.

"Good I'm safe then" Ryan Shot back

"No, you are not, I need to write you up for Intimidating a student, cursing, and also violating the dress code. sadly, I also heard you say you're armored up. Now I have to get the resource officer in here to check you for weapons."

Ryan laughed. I'm not hiding anything you can do what you need to as a precaution but let's cut to the chase did, I actually hit him in the Locker room?" Ryan asked while taking off his Chest plate.

The Dean dials the resource officer and asks him to come down here.

"No. 2 other kids said he fell over laughing. I was trying to get both sides of the story from you two, but you kind of messed that Up by pulling a "Leeroy", I was going to explain to his mother he was caught in a lie. Now I have to take action for you intimidating him. Plus, one of your teachers ended up sending me an email how you accidentally said something inappropriate this morning in cla.s.s. Look you pretty much brought this on yourself. Look you're a nice kid, Ryan and everyone likes you, but I have to uphold school policy." He explained while the school Resource officer walks in.

"Mr. Gla.s.ser had a Confrontation with another student. I need you to check him for weapons. He also mentioned he is "Armored up" before the confrontation, so I need you to check that too."

The Resource Officer looks at him and rolls his eyes.

"Stand up". He said while instructing Ryan to face the wall. He picks up his chest plate and feels it. It was a Combination of Plastic, Fibergla.s.s, and Neoprene. It was Freshly Reinforced with fibergla.s.s recently. "It's just plastic, it's not bullet proof armor at all. But this thing is Ridged". He responds while inspecting the chest plate.

"May I ask what he did?" He asks.

"He was getting ready to get in a fight with a student" The dean responds.

"This thing sure would block a punch" The officer said while setting the chest plate down.

The Officer does a check of his pockets and doesn't feel anything. With all the Pieces coving his body he just pulls out a metal detector wand and scans him.

"He's clear" The Resource officer Said.

The dean breathed out with a sigh of relief. He secretly thought this crazy kid was ready for war.

"Where is your locker and your backpack? The Resource asked him.

"My backpack is in the gym. My Locker is next door." Ryan Replies back.

"Come with me and show me" The Resource Officer ordered him nicely.

The resource officer walks with him to his locker. Ryan opens it up for him and he goes through it. It turns out to be clear and he shuts the door.

"All right now take me to your backpack" He asked nicely with a "Why are we here" tone to his voice.

The two walked down to the locker rooms. Ryan was not wearing his plate chest, His black under skin of the suit was just showing with the other pieces still attached. They walk into the locker room and grab his backpack. The resource officer quickly goes through it and everything is clear. He Then escorts Ryan back to the Deans office. Ryan quickly summarizes to him what just happened as they walk back.

Upon entering the Deans office, he tells Ryan to sit down.

"All right I got the paperwork all settled out here I'm suspending you. But that's the least of your problems. Because of the fact this is a Suspension this means you cannot walk during graduation in a few months, also, I have to pull your parking permit. I'm sorry I have to do this, but I can't make any exceptions."

Hearing the news that he can't walk during Graduation was a Critical blow to Ryan. He thought he was just going to get Detention for this. Suddenly he Feels a Violent burning Rage from within, but whats to keep his feelings hidden.

"Please hand me my cellphone I need to make a call home", Ryan asked in an angry tone.

The Dean hands him his cellphone, and Ryan puts it in his pocket. He bends down and picks up his chest plate and slides it on and locks it into place. Ryan is now secretly dead inside. He is trying to be calm, but all" Rise, Fall, Rinse and Repeat" of a Week is too much for him.

He's crying on the inside. He Just lost the right to walk during graduation, His Girlfriend Just broke up with him after 1 year, He can't ride his motorcycle to school anymore, and this whole situation stemmed from the kid that lied about how he knocked out his tooth.. Ryan Doesn't say anything, but he just signs the paperwork. While Signing his Punishment forms there is a war inside him brewing. He takes partial responsibly for him wearing this suit to school, what was a harmless prank, attracted a Total a.s.shole that has turned this whole day into a total Nightmare.

"This can't get any worse" He thought to himself, but the tears started coming out.

Ryan thought hard to himself. His dad is going to kick him out of the house if he can't see him walk the stage during graduation. His father has been talking about how his dying grandmother wants to see it before she dies. This is news is going to devastate her, along with his father. Suddenly the Tears start Crashing down on the Table. He can't hold in this rage anymore.

Ryan starts Shacking. The Dean and the Resource officer pick up on the change of his body language.
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"Are you okay?" The Resource officer asked. He was now worried with how silent he got.

"Ryan are you okay? Please talk to us." The dean asked. He too was worried about the change in his behavior.

"Lets just go get my parking sticker off my bike. I will be fine" He said as he whimpered through the tears.

They both knew he was upset.

"Ryan, I dealt with you in middle school when you were in your emo stage. Look I'm willing to lend you Support if there is something going on. To be honest your scaring me" The Resource officer said Sounding really Concerned.

"No just come with me and let's get my sticker off my bike" He said while picking up his backpack."

"No leave your bag here" The dean said.

Ryan takes his keys out of his bag and puts them in his pocket.

"Let's go" Ryan said with a Hint of anger.

The Other two follow him outside and to his bike. When he gets into the parking lot, he pulls out his cellphone. He calls his work. His boss is answers. The other two listen to his Conversation.

"Hey its Ryan. Can I come into work early today? I am having a very bad at school and I need to let off some steam. I'll move things in the rear and Hit the shelfs that Sarah didn't want to do last night" He asked him in a Distressed tone.

The boss takes a deep breath and tries to figure out what to say next.

"Listen Ryan. I just got a very interesting call from my wife. She said my son had been beat up at school, and he lost a tooth, also the person who did it Tried to fight him in the Dean's office, wearing some sort of combat suit. It's even more interesting when I found out the name of that certain person" He said with Angry tone.

There was an awkward moment of silence just then. Ryan just realized this now got even more personal

"Look, yes he laughed so hard in the locker room, and fell over and hit his mouth on the edge of the lockers. But I never touched him. He made up a story, and a lie on what really happened. I been having such a good day and he ruined it. I just had a breakup last night and I wasn't in a good mood when he made up that story". Ryan tried to explain without letting the tears out.

"Even if You didn't hit him in the locker room, you still threatened to smash his head against the Deans desk, and also got face to face with him and threatened to headb.u.t.t him" His boss said with extreme concern.

"Look, I Lost my Girlfriend of 1 year, I just got suspended from school, I just lost the right Walk during Graduation, Something I'm going to probably be kicked out of my house and or get disowned or because my grandmother is dying and her biggest wish is to see me walk that stage, and also Now I can't ride my motorcycle to school anymore. Currently I am filled with Emotions and thoughts that would scare the living s.h.i.t out of You, if you could see and feel them from my perspective. I'm Not Okay right now! This all stemmed from your son lying! If He could just admit he was a klutz this could have been prevented. instead of Setting me off with that bogus story. Ryan Said while now letting his true emotions be seen and felt.

The Resource officer heart is now racing. There are so many red flags everywhere from the conversation he's having with his boss.

"Look The answer is no; I don't think I want you on my team anymore. If you went off on my son under pressure, imagine what would happen if that happened in front of Customers, I don't need you punching a Customer because they get annoying. Look your s.h.i.t list now I don't need you anymore. Just come grab your stuff later today, and My best advice honestly, I suggest going for a run it'll help clear your head. I will have your papers ready to sign when you get here." Suddenly the line hangs up.

Ryan freezes. He shows no emotion, he just blanks out. He then leans over the back of his bike and places his face on the rear seat. The black seat was warm sitting in the sun, He starts He starts screaming at the top of his lungs into the seat cushion. He takes his Left arm and Slides it underneath the seat. There Was a Sharp rail there. He Feels a Sharp edge and applies ma.s.sive amounts of on that edge on his wrist. He Then Pulls his arm back With a Hard Jerk. He just felt that edge slice open his skin, and with the pain he feels now it was a pretty big cut. He can't see it, but he keeps his hand under the seat area while he continues to scream. He can't take this anymore. He hates his life.

"Why does my life always have to f.u.c.king fall apart! Everything is going to s.h.i.t! I am going to lose everything now!" He said while letting the tears flow. The Dean walks away. This scene of Ryan's Discord is too much for him to bare. Hopefully the Resource officer can fix this. Besides he and Ryan are good friends.

Ryan Stops Screaming his heart out and starts crying heavier. The Resource officer Calls on the radio for the Guidance counselor to get out here immediately. Ryan is about to lose his mind. But at the same time, He is unaware what Ryan has just done.

Even being trained in conflict de-escalation, he wants him to talk to her because he knows she's less intimidating. He also knows Ryan will not ask for help until it's too late. He knows How unstable Ryan got in Middle school 6 years ago. He Knows that he isn't a violent person, h.e.l.l he even knows that Ryan can't even fight, but he's seen what he can do to himself.

He forces himself to stop crying slowly pulls his hand out. He slides one of his armor gauntlets over the cut and starts Pacing around his bike. He's starts chanting "I wont Give in". As he paces himself and tries to calm down

"Ryan, Whats wrong, bud I really want to help you. What just happened?"

"I just lost my job! That motherf.u.c.ker who just lost a tooth just added even more torture to me now! I should have knocked another tooth out for him lying about me. Not just that my homelife is not royally f.u.c.ked. You don't understand how much pressure I am at home to graduate. I'm going to lose it all now. I just hit 18 over the break! I not legally ent.i.tled to live with my dad anymore!! He could kick me out now if he heard about how I lost the ability to walk on stage during my Graduation!" Ryan said while picking up his helmet. Suddenly the guidance counselor comes out. The Resource officer walks away to go brief him on his situation. Ryan then looks across the Field and sees a Familiar face. He sees his ex-girlfriend making out with somebody else from the locker room earlier.

Suddenly Ryan's suicidal switch was flipped.

He digs into his pocket. He Plugs in his headphones and puts them in his ears. He Puts on the song "Chasing Ghosts" from The Amity Affliction and grabs his helmet.

He puts it on grabs his keys. With a super quick motion, He Puts the key in the ignition and Starts the bike. He Immediately Hops on and kicks up his kick stand. He lifts up his visor and shouts. "I'm f.u.c.king done with this Miserable life Nothing is going right for me, and I'm ready to see if there is a G.o.d or not. f.u.c.k this world!" He screamed.

He then pops down his visor and doesn't even secure his strap. He Rides up over the curb onto the gra.s.s, and Hauls a.s.s down the fence line away from the resource officer. The Resource officer takes off running after him. But too late. Ryan already got back on the concrete. He makes it to Stop sign and turns onto the main road. He Dumps his clutch and guns it. He feels the Pure power of the bike in its power band. He's never opened the bike up like this before.

"Go for a Run he said! it will clear your head he said! Sounds like a f.u.c.king plan!" Ryan said as he blows through a red light at 55 mph. He then Turns the song on full blast and shifts gears. Now going 80mph and Blowing by another red light He comes out the other side unharmed. He then Shifts gears again. He is now at 120 and this ride is now getting scary. He Shifts into 6th gear and brings the bike up to 150. The world is now a blur at this speed, something he has not experienced before. But he's has only one Goal right now: Suicide.

Between his mom leaving him, His Socially Awkwardness, just hitting 18, and a ton of other issues the fuse has been lit, He's not going back now. He wants to know How fast can he get this machine before he Crashes. "Highest score wins" He said under his breath.

He pa.s.s's a Cop going the opposite way, but he is not worried. This is a one-way trip. His mind is focused on the tempo of the song. Dodging Cars ahead of him and wondering why the bike is wobbling Mildly. This is Surprisingly thrilling to him. He gets the bike up to 165 and that's all the machine has to give him. He holds this speed on the stretch of straight Road for about 20 seconds Satisfied at his adrenaline rush and reaching top speed on his bike he Suddenly He doesn't feel suicidal anymore. He feels at peace with himself now and Laughs at the fact his Armor he modified himself is able to hold up at this speed. He smiles and lets off the gas. Suddenly The chain of the bike snaps. And the rear tire locks up on the bike, and He loses control. The bike tail slides out and he gets tossed off his bike and bounces the soft median. He starts sliding on the ground, but his momentum throws him into the path of a No U turn sign. His body slams into the sign and the bike goes off into the woods. The whole world goes Dark to him.

However, to people who just witnessed him crashing, the world didn't go dark to them. They run over to him and discover his motionless body with blood everywhere. The Chest plate stayed partially intact but was for the most part shattered. But the rest of his costume was in pieces. and all b.l.o.o.d.y. His helmet was still attached to him somehow, but severely Damaged.

Paramedics arrived shortly after, but there was no reviving him. This was not a good way to die. But Then again, no matter how you look at it, there is no good way to die.

Some people would think this is the end of Ryan's story, but oh no. Hold on tight, the Story of Ryan Gla.s.ser only has just begun. What lies ahead of him is his Afterlife. Life may have been a b.i.t.c.h but, He's about to learn a lesson on the value of life and how Precious it really is.

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