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926 Chapter 926: Flame Dragon Emperor

Ren Long and Chi Yu were immediately attracted by the words ‘Nine Ancestral Dragons’. Their ears perked up and they started listening carefully.

They have known Fu Ming for a very long time and understand him well. They know that Fu Ming is a very reserved person and would not speak words that have no meaning. And since he is telling them about Nine Ancestral Dragons, it means he has enough proof to back up his words.

Moreover, they found the topic interesting.

Fu Ming continued: “After the birth of first-generation dragons, a great calamity befall the Heavens and nine Ancestral Dragons disappeared. But those first-generation dragons couldn’t forget about the might of nine Ancestral Dragons. Thus, they thought of creating a dragon that is equally powerful to any one of those nine Ancestral Dragons.”

“They started using the newborn dragons to do some experiments. They also wanted to create a dragon from flesh and blood just like how Nine Ancestral Dragons created them. However, how could they be compared to the nine Ancestral Dragons? They failed.”

“Nevertheless, they kept trying and kept experimenting. To achieve their goal, they sacrificed more than a million newborn dragons. Because of this, the first-generation dragons are also called Demon Dragons. They were no less than demons, and would do anything to achieve their goal.”

“Very soon, the end of another era came. An Ancient G.o.d called Ancient Samsara G.o.d appeared and started slaughtering many races to comprehend 100% Profound Meaning of Life and Death. During that time, the first-generation dragons were also slaughtered by the Ancient Samsara G.o.d.”

“However, before the first-generation dragons were slaughtered, they had succeeded. They didn’t want their lifetime worth of creation to be slaughtered along with them, thus, they hide their creation.”

“In the new era after that, an ordinary Immortal found their creation. Their creation was an egg that was sealed so that the creature inside could not hatch. That Immortal found the egg very eye-catching and thought the egg might be of a very powerful creature, thus he tried his best to break the seal and hatch the egg.”

“From that egg, a nine-headed dragon was born. When the nine-headed dragon was just born, it was already a Divine Lord-levelled dragon. You can imagine how terrifying that dragon must be. With the support of that nine-headed dragon, that Immortal rose in power and became an Ancient G.o.d in ten million years. Later, he was called Flame Dragon Emperor, and the nine-headed dragon was known as Nine-headed Flame Dragon.”

“It was a pity that the end of the era once again arrived just a few million years later which caused the fall of both Flame Dragon Emperor and Nine-headed Flame Dragon.”

Ren Long and Chi Yu took deep breaths. They couldn’t help but marvel at the strength of the Nine-headed Flame Dragon that caused an ordinary Immortal to become an Ancient G.o.d. Its strength might really not be lower than any one of those nine Ancestral Dragons.

It really was a pity for both the dragon and owner to fall. They were also shocked to know that the Nine-headed Flame Dragon was actually a dragon that could be traced back to the two eras before it was hatched.

How marvellous!

Although those first-generation dragons were very cruel and really deserve the name Demon Dragons, they were still worth praising. After all, they wanted to create a dragon equally powerful to any one of the nine Ancestral Dragons, and they finally managed to create it.

They looked at the drawing of the Nine-headed Flame Dragon in front of them and sighed. They smiled with a bitter expression. How good it would have been if the Nine-headed Dragon was still alive and they could have tamed the dragon?

Fu Ming looked at their expression and continued after stopping for a few seconds: “Every end of an era is due to a great catastrophe that befalls the Heavens. That’s why, when the great catastrophe is about to befall the Heavens, it is said that World Epoch is coming.”

“Although Flame Dragon Emperor died, before his death, he used all his strength to save the lifetimes of a friend, the Nine-headed Dragon and caused it to return to its origin. It means, the Nine-headed Dragon once again turned into an Egg. Flame Dragon Emperor then hide the egg somewhere and created two puppets to guard the egg.”

As Fu Ming said this, he looked at Ren Long and Chi Yu whose eyes were shining. It is evident that the two of them understood the reason why Fu Ming came here. Furthermore, to confirm their guess, a drawing of the Nine-headed Dragon was carved in front of them.

How could they not understand the reason why Fu Ming brought them here?

Fu Ming smiled and no longer said anything. He looked ahead. Ren Long and Chi Yu also followed his gaze, and the two of them were stupefied on the spot.

In front of them, two identical figures with white eyes were standing. The auras on their body were terrifying. They have never felt kind of this aura before.

“What is with these two people?” Chi Yu almost cried out loud and wanted to retreat.

Fu Ming still had an indifferent expression on his face. He replied: “These two are the Flame G.o.d Guards, the two puppets I just talked about. They were created to guard the egg of Nine-headed Dragon.”

This pair of Flame G.o.d Guardians appeared a dozen meters above them. They looked at Fu Ming expressionlessly and gave off an aura of death.

Fu Ming did not attack them immediately. He kept observing them for some time and suddenly said coldly, “I know, you have sealed a part of the soul in these two puppets, Flame Dragon Emperor. Why don’t you stop hearing your own story and face be!”

When Fu Ming said these words, Ren Long and Chi Yu’s expressions changed. They could not help but instinctively take a few steps back, ready to escape this place anytime.

They never thought for Flame Dragon Emperor to leave behind such a hideous trump card. Why does he want to hide a part of his soul in each of the two puppets?

When the two Flame G.o.d Guards heard Fu Ming’s words, they snorted and charged at him immediately.


They immediately appeared in front of Fu Ming, however, they were stopped by a formless force only a meter away from Fu Ming.

“Whoosh! Whoosh!”

Flames burnt brightly on the Flame G.o.d Guards, so much so that they looked like two giant fireb.a.l.l.s.

Fu Ming stepped forward with a cold snort and knocked the Flame G.o.d Guards back with his aura alone. He continued walking ahead. With each step, he pressed against the Flame G.o.d Guards with increasing forcefulness. It was unstoppably powerful.

The Flame G.o.d Guards parted from each other and charged toward Fu Ming from different directions.

But Fu Ming remained composed. No matter how they attacked, they could not even touch Fu Ming. Instead, they were blasted off again and again.

Before him, the Flame G.o.d Guards seemed so weak.

p-a-n-d-a-n-0-v-e-l、(c)om Chi Yu was astonished and puzzled at the same time. He could not help but say, “Since you can kill them, why don’t you do it already?”

Is he trying to show off?

Fu Ming turned his head and smiled at Chi Yu. Then he waved his hand, and the Flame G.o.d Guards exploded into ash. As the two puppets exploded, something flew out from them and started merging together, soon forming a soul.

Fu Ming looked at the soul indifferently, and then he ignored it. He turned around and looked at Chi Yu before smiling at him which made Chi Yu shudder suddenly for some reason.

“Who are you?” The Flame Dragon Emperor looked at Fu Ming and asked. He was furious but didn’t dare to do anything rash. After all, he was now just a Divine Soul and had no fighting prowess. If he dared to take any rush step, Fu Ming can immediately destroy his Divine Soul and he’ll die.

When he was creating the two puppets to guard the egg of the Nine-headed Dragon, he immediately had an idea. He knew that his enemies were going to chase after him to kill him since he was already heavily injured, and he will eventually die.

Thus, he separated half of his Divine Soul before dividing them into parts again. Then he sealed his two parts of Divine Souls into two Flame G.o.d Guards. Since his divine soul was sealed, it means he fell into a deep slumber. Only if someone came here would he be awakened naturally.

After that, he escaped with his body which was only left with half of his Divine Soul. And as he had expected, he was killed by his enemies, and that half of his Divine Soul was also destroyed. But exactly because of that, his enemies thought Flame Dragon Emperor has died completely.

No one has any idea that he has left behind the two Flame G.o.d Guards which have his half of the Divine Soul sealed.

But now, Fu Ming appeared. He actually knew everything.

How could he not be shocked and try to find out why Fu Ming knows so much about him?

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