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This jail is really cold.

The stone walls are cold as ice and do a good job tormenting the prisoner’s mind and body.

I managed to make do by warming the floor using fire life magic.

Normally this would not be possible due to requiring too much MP but because I have high MP I can force the technique.

I can’t solve my hunger though since it’s impossible for me to make food out of thin air.

Bonnie-san arrived early in the afternoon bringing along plenty of sandwiches.

Since we only get fed twice a day here she really saved me.

After finishing my sandwiches I cured the guard who’s called Homer of his gonorrhoea.

“Hey guard-san, when does my transportation to the mine arrive?”

“The carriage leaves for the mine on the 25th of every month. You’ve got 4 days left.”

After he finished speaking I asked Homer to give me and Bonnie-san some time alone.

“Sorry for causing you trouble Bonnie-san”

“Don’t worry……….. What happened…………?”

“Yuuraia Ramunes happened.”

I explained to Bonni-san in detail what happened.

“Gobu is in my room. Don’t worry.”

“Thank you. Can you pay that guard Homer who was here a little while ago some money and get me moved into a better cell? Apparently, if you pay 150,000 rims you can be moved.”

“Understood……. What about Patty?”

“I didn’t have any time to tell her. I’m sorry but I’ll be relying on you Bonnie-san.”

“Don’t feel bad. Please rely on me.”

Bonnie-san blushes a bit causing my chest to tighten a little.

“But……. I…….”

“I know! I know very well who you like……..”


“However, if you change your mind to me, I wouldn’t mind……. You can rub here if you like.”

Bonnie-san pushes her chest through the bars.

I won’t break!

My heart will not waver. Not even for a moment!

My poker face is perfect.

“Bonnie-san. There is no girl who can beat Patty in the chest area.”

“Kuh, indeed………”

This person has picked a strange place to be so serious.

“What will you do? Will you break out of prison?”

“If it was the death penalty I would definitely escape but if I escape now I will not be able to come back to Nepia.”

“Aah….. You could elope with Patty. Or with me.”

“It’s a little appealing but anyway, I’d have to discuss it with Patty.”

“All right. I’ll tell Patty what’s happened. Be at ease. I’ll have you moved by the end of the day.”

I know I’m being cruel.

While being confessed to by Bonnie-san I’ve asked her to go see Patty.

I can’t return her love yet I’ve asked her to deliver a letter to the one I do love.

I wasn’t popular on earth at all. Who’d have thought my popular time would come now.

I can’t return her feelings but I should try my best to be honest with her.

“Bonnie-san, without fail, if you are ever in trouble I will save you. Please forgive me.”

Bonnie-san was a bit embarra.s.sed by my words and laughed at me.

“We are the [phoenix company].”

Friends are……. I’m so grateful.

Patty reads the letter from Bonnie. Her heart felt like it had been hit by a blunt object.

Just as she was about to push for vigilance she had fallen behind and was already too late.

She felt ashamed of herself for floating in a dream of travelling around the kingdom with Ippei.

First things first, she needed to gather information.

It’s certain that someone from the guild is involved. Someone quite high up as well.

The unit which took Ippei from the hotel needs investigating. It’s the 1st place to try and figure out where the order came from.

She would not forgive those responsible for framing Ippei.

Patty showed a fierce face rarely seen outside of the labyrinth.

I paid the fee and got moved to a better cell.

It’s a bit weird upgrading a jail cell like you would upgrade at an inn. My modern j.a.panese common sense struggled a bit with it, but here it seems to be quite normal.

The room I was moved to was about 6 tatami mats with a bed, table and a single chair. It’s much better than that dirty jail cell.

It also has an actual door and not a grille so you have some privacy. There was iron grating over the window though.

The door shuts tight and the room has surprisingly few drafts.

If you have money you can ask the guards to buy you various items.

They take a splendid cut from it but there is no other way.

For something as simple as an apple pie they will charge 2000 to 3000 rims. That applies to all common items.

Bonnie-san had secretly given me 100,000 rims.

Any more than that and I risk it being confiscated.

I actually wanted a demon stone but bringing one into the jail is prohibited.

You are allowed to have goods and food delivered though.

You can do a lot of things with a demon stone.

If a guard is caught bringing a demon stone in they are severely punished. They even have a sensor at the entrance to the prison like the labyrinth does.

It’s a bit regrettable as I had a few ideas of things I could make.

Getting personal items into the mine is very hard. Some strong-willed people swallow gold coins or smuggle them in up their a.s.s.


Bonnie-san had said

“I’ll put them in……”

I refused with all my might.

I have no need for a new world at the moment.

The level is simply too high for me.

I’ve given up on taking money into the mine.

“Hey, you’ve got a visitor.”

The door opened and there stood Patty with a downcast expression on her face.

As soon as she enters she apologises.

“I’m sorry Ippei! It’s because of me.”

“It’s alright Patty. It’s alright.”

All I can do for her is give her a gentle hug.

I’ve finally hugged Patty when she’s not wearing armour!

For an instant, I thought it might be okay to die now.

No. I can’t die yet. It’s still amazing though.

Is her chest that great it makes people accept death?

“I’ll get you out of here by any means Ippei.”

Patty is serious

“That would be nice but how?”

“You’ve definitely been framed. There will be evidence and I will find it.”

“An F rank demon stone was found in my room though. How can you get it overturned?”


It’s difficult. Even if you have connections to the aristocracy, once a judgement has been given its hard to overturn it.

“I’ll do something.”

“Thank you, Patty, but if you cannot find something please just forget about me.”

Patty glares at me.

“I’ll attack the transport carriage…..”

“That will trouble the Cherryc.o.ke family.”

“I’ll make sure no one found out. I won’t back down!”

It felt like I being stared at by a lioness.

The face of Patty the adventurer was on display.

I like this expression very much.

“I got it, I got it. My transfer is in 10 days. I’ve got enough money until then so you have 10 days to prove my innocence. Until then please prove my innocence the normal way.”

“Yes. Understood.”

I exchanged a kiss with Patty who still had a ferocious look in her eyes.

This is fine.

Patty cannot become a criminal. I transfer in 3 days but I do not regret lying to her.

I have a feeling I’ll be able to manage somehow in the mines.

I’ve already died once so this isn’t too bad.

If I have to I’ll escape from the mines.

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