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Chapter 3 Part 1

The underground of Tokyo life sphere. The s.p.a.ce magic formed inside the geofront.

The people of diverse races that came there from all areas of Tokyo life sphere to evacuate were huddling together against each other.

For the present, due to the relevant explanation of the situation that they obtained from the Prime Minister Kinugasa Yoshinori, the riot had been quelled down, yet the anxiety weighing them down didn’t vanish.

The nightmare that came visiting in this joyful victory anniversary.

Mouths were whispering due to the dread of the killing intent directed to them by the

――Why it became like this, they thought.

They didn’t understand.

Whether it was the of the .

Or the building of nation of the

Everything was a phenomenon that was far outside the notion of them the common citizen.

But even so, they knew that there were people connected with the Archangel Michael who was approaching this place in the attempt to kill them.

It went without saying that they were people affiliated with the Holy Path Church.

Naturally, the refugees were holding extremely strong hostility toward them.

But then, all the staffs of the Holy Path Church in j.a.pan weren’t told about Michael or anything else at all, they were only people who simply believed in G.o.d but……, for the refugees whose city where they lived were burned, for them who was even now trembling in fear of death, such thing was only a trivial matter.

The people who were worshipping Michael who was trying to kill all of them.

Just that was plenty of reason for the refugees to direct their hostility at the church’s people.

In order to escape from the hostility of those people, Nakajima who was managing the orphanage which received the support of the Holy Path Church was hiding together with approximately twenty children in the shadow of geofront’s pa.s.sage.

“I’m scared……”

“Sensei……, are we, going to die?”

Recalling the intense pain when their souls were going to be torn off by Michael, the children were now on the point of tears.

Nakajima embraced those scared children closer to calm them down while,

Saying nothing.

{G.o.d will save us.}

She would surely soothe the children like that if it was before this, but the [G.o.d] that they had continued to believe until just now was coming in order to kill them, now Nakajima already didn’t understand what she should believe in.

That was why, she didn’t have a single word to encourage the frightened children.

“You all will only feel down if you keep thinking only about scary thing. Everyone, just now we received candy drops from the soldier right? Sensei will split sensei’s share to all of you, so eat that and cheer up, okay?”

While saying that consolation which couldn’t even become a stopgap measure, Miss Nakajima was stricken with her own powerlessness.

And, toward such her,

“Oi-! They are here! The brats of Holy Path Church!”

Suddenly a coa.r.s.e yell was thrown at them.

When Nakajima lifted her face in shock, there were ill-bred youngsters converging toward them as if surrounding them.

“So you guys are in this kind of place!”

“You make us waste our time!”

“Wha, what are all of you doing!?”

“What are we doing―? The h.e.l.l you spy b.a.s.t.a.r.dd-!”

The cheek of Nakajima who was standing up in order to protect the children behind her was. .h.i.t by the fist of a young man with deep shave on his hair without any hesitation.


“ “ “Se, sensei!?” “ “

Nakajima was knocked down on the hard surface.

That impact made Nakajima dropped down the candy drops which she opened the lid of in order to distribute to the children.

The drops that looked like jewel spilled on the ground, the expression of the young men who saw that became even more severe.

“Even though it’s because of you b.a.s.t.a.r.ds that it become like this, you guys still have time to snack huuh? Really conceited aren’t you, huh, oi!”

“Pilfering even the shelter’s good even though you are just a spy!”

“You won’t get away scot free here. We are gonna beat you all into pulp……!”

One of the young men who said such things took out something shiny from the lighting of the geofront from his breast pocket.

It was a folding knife that he was hiding inside his pocket.


“N, noo, Sister……help!’

The ferocious emotion directed to them.

To that the children screamed in terror.

But the place they were at was bad.

They were in the shadow of a stair. There was no place to run behind them, there was also n.o.body nearby, they couldn’t even run or look for help.

――There was already no other way than to make herself as the shield for the children.

“Pl, please wait! The children, they were just taken in by me after their parents’ death! They are not related at all with the church! If you want to get violent then just I――”


“That doesn’t matter.”


“Who cares what kind of circ.u.mstance or detail you have huh. Even if you are not a spy or whatever doesn’t matter. ……If we don’t go wild, this feeling just won’t get clear.”

The children were unrelated.

Even these young men knew about that.

They didn’t seriously think that they were spy or anything.

But, ……that was just trivial matter.

The people that were here right now, were existences that wielded violence without blaming anyone.

Because in this distressing reality, in the despair that was going to crush them right now, the children was a sandbag they could hurt to make themselves felt good under the flag of social justice.

“……Everything is because you b.a.s.t.a.r.ds’ church’s fault. If you want someone to blame then just curse that G.o.d of you b.a.s.t.a.r.dss-!”


That was why the young men wouldn’t stop their violence.

Brandishing the knife without hesitation, the young men swung at Nakajima.

Nakjima shut her eyes in preparation for the worst――

Right after that, the knife plunged into the flesh.

――Into the flesh of an arm that was thick like a giant log, cutting in to cover for Nakajima.

“Wha, what the h.e.l.lll!?”

The young man opened his eyes wide at the sudden interruption and tried to pull out the knife.


“It, it won’t come out!?”

The muscle of the arm that was like a giant log gripped the blade and wouldn’t let go.

The meager strength of the young man couldn’t pull it out.

And then, ――the middle-aged giant sighed out and informed the young man with hoa.r.s.e voice from alcohol.

“……Everyone is feeling uneasy same like you.

Even so they are banding together as one and work to confront this danger.

At that kind of time you guys, far from cooperating, if you cannot even go trembling quietly at the corner,

Just go to sleep until everything is over……-!”

An instant. The giant swung his arm that was stabbed by the knife right to the side and struck flying the young man in front of him with the back of his hand.

The body of the young man was blown away as though he was. .h.i.t by a car, his comrades that witnessed that screamed.

“Hi, hiiiih!”

“Li, lies. He got blown for twenty meter there!?”

“What’s this monster……!”

“Aahn? Who are you calling monster you brats?”


The young men who were glared fiercely by the giant that was like a bear got pale expression before running away all scattered.

In front of Nakajima and the orphanage children who were staring at that development in blank amazement,

“Everyone, are you all okayy?”

There was one more person, this time it was a small statured blue haired female who appeared and called at them.

“Yo, you are, just what……”

“We just happened to pa.s.s by here. We have a little business at the upper floor.”

The blue haired female answered so with a calm expression and adviced Nakajima.

“Getting afraid of public gaze and stay in this kind of place will only attract attention excessively. Perhaps you will feel uncomfortable, but it’s better to move to a place where the eye of the national defense army’s soldier can reach you.”

Then, at that time.

{Informing all combatants! Informing all combatants-! Report from that one group of the enemy is in the process of nearing the entrance of the labyrinth! The predicted time of arrival is fifteen more minutes! All personnel are to go their battle stations at once! I repeat――――}

Piercing alarm resounded all over the area of geofront.

It was a general broadcast of the enemy’s arrival.

The middle-aged giant who heard that spoke to the small statured female without even pulling out the knife.

“Oi, Mizuki! There is no time already. Hurry!”


The female responded and chased behind the giant who was running ahead.

To her back,

“Err, thank you very much……!”

Nakajima yelled her grat.i.tude.

In response the female turned around once and waved her hand shortly, bidding her farewell before started to run.

And then the two were gone from sight.

“Sensei. ……The woman just now, ……I, have seen her before, maybe.”

Suddenly one of the children she was looking after murmured that.

And then, following after the girl,

“So you too Hime! Actually me too.”

“I too. ……I think I saw her somewhere, I cannot really remember though……”

Most of the children began to say the same thing.

And then, Nakajima herself, if she had to say she too……she had the feeling that she had met the female somewhere before.

(……Just who in the world those people……)

Were they someone?

――But Nakajima saved that question for the moment inside her chest and led away the children to the place where there were other people just like the female told her.

Part 2

The broadcast that informed the arrival of the enemy to all who was inside the Tokyo life sphere.

At the same time with that, the reserve barrier wall was rising up from the geofront at the surrounding of Tokyo life sphere which was transferred to the deepest area of Eihort’s labyrinth.

It was in order to solidify even further the defensive power of Tokyo life sphere which had stored its surface buildings and changed into a fortress.

And then, on top of the rising barrier wall with the height of seventy meter, humans with guns in their hand were lining up and glared at the end of the wasteland.

They weren’t magicians.

Normally they were in charge of the life sphere’s public order, the common soldiers of the national defense army.

Their number was about 200,000.

Originally, they couldn’t be counted as combat strength against magicians or demons.

That was because someone with magic power could lay out a strong barrier against pure physical attacks.

To pierce through such barrier, an attack laced in magic power was a must.

In other words, firearms were mostly powerless against someone with magic power.

Therefore they had never gone to the front line.

Even if they went they would only be a burden.

But, ――the current them were different.

The firearms in their hand were possessed by a fairy.

These fairies exercised magic power in the place of the soldier and so even common soldier became able to use magic power attack.

“Who ever thought that we who cannot use sorcery will do something like fighting demons.”

The foreign enemy who they were frightened against until now, which they could no nothing against except running away.

The sworn enemy that s.n.a.t.c.hed away their family, home, country.

In regard to that, to the fact that even they could fight, a young soldier displayed a definite joyful expression while lifting up the rifle in his hand as if to ascertain its weight.

Toward such soldier, his colleague next to him who was readying the same gun talked in jest.

“According to the story what we are going to fight after this is not demon but angel yeah.”

“They are all the same. For us human anyway.”

{The same you know!}

{The same isn’t it!}

“ “Ooh!?” “

The two soldiers were shocked from the sudden high pitched childish voices.

That voices were coming from the guns they were holding.

When they looked, there was a small child shining faintly sitting down at the end of the gun.

From the explained told to the two of them previously, they understood that it was the fairy possessing this gun.

“Nevertheless I never thought, that the prime minister of j.a.pan would tie an alliance with demons.”

“Demon, or fairy? Hey, why were you guys coming to earth?”

Being asked, the fairy answered the question with a dejected expression.

{Because we became unable to live in the demon world.}

{War happened……so we escaped here.}

“Bunches of refugee huh.”

The fairy nodded to that,

{But we aren’t bad faires you know?}

{Believe us!}

The fairies spoke pleadingly to the two soldiers.

That was because they thought that they were asked of their reason coming to earth, due to being doubted that they might be here similar like other demon in order to oppress the human.

The young soldier returned a denial toward this.

“Aah, it’s not like I’m doubting that. Because even human has various type of people. Actually, the one colluding with angel and came to attack Tokyo life sphere was……non other than humans.”

Then, it was only natural that there was also various kind of demon in the demon world.

Besides, they were told by Kinugasa.

The fairies were rushing to this predicament, the place which was right in the middle of flames by their own volition, in order to return the favor to j.a.pan government who gave them their place to belong in this earth.

And then thanks to that, they the common soldiers could obtain the power to fight.

Then――, there was no reason to not believe them.

“Well, in other words both you guys and us has no place to run behind anymore. We cannot live if we lose Tokyo life sphere. Then we are sharing our lot with one another. ……We are counting on you guys.”

The face of the fairies were bursting open in happiness hearing that.

{We are being counted on―!}

{We will work hard―!}

And, while they were having such exchange, a broadcast once again resounded in the Tokyo life sphere that had been transformed into the fortress of decisive battle.

{Bastet-sama here notifying all of you humans. The north-northwest sky, the distance of two kilometer from the last defensive line! Distortion of s.p.a.ce-time is observed! The enemy force, they are arriving!}

And then at the next instant, a change that was obvious to anybody’s eye was occurring at the north-northwest sky.

Cloud and horizon and wasteland.

Everything of those was twisting limply, like paints that were mixing on a palette.

Before long all colors changed into black like the bottom of night, countless stars were twinkling inside that black circle.

And then the stars were flying out from the black circle――the hole without end.

The countless existences that looked like star were the soldiers of the allied force who were growing wings clad in white light.

They were the humans whose body was stolen by the angels.

The battle strength of the arriving enemy force was instantly a.n.a.lyzed by Bastet who was holding position in the control towar――

approximately 70,000.

approximately 20.

was one, she gave that notification to all the soldiers.


A threat at the same level with Typhon who once brought about that burned down 90% of the earth surface.

……Against the threat that until now was wholly dealt by a hero called , they had to face it without him.

That was the fact, ――however the humans didn’t cower back.

“They did come. These demon party that wear angel mask.”

“Come you b.a.s.t.a.r.d……! We are going to bare our fang and bite you down……!”

Everyone understood of their predicament where they had lost every means of escape.

In order to live, they could only fight.

Continuing to fight as long as they still had life, was the duty of the living.

Therefore they aimed their gun muzzles at the

Right after, they witnessed the scene of Tokyo life sphere which had been transformed into a fortress blown off by explosions everywhere.

Part 3

One of the army that pa.s.sed through the labyrinth of Eihort finally caught sight of the Tokyo life sphere.

The one leading the army was the Wan Tairon.

Raphael who saw the defensive ordnances like batteries and missiles bared at them and the Tokyo life sphere that was completely transformed in appearance leaked out a sigh with a fishy expression.

“Ah ah~. It was totally changed into a severe stronghold huh. Even though conventional weapon is meaningless against us who has been turned into angel, really, these humans truly are imperfect beings.”

That kind of tone coming from the face of a middle aged man like Tairon.

It was a relatively disgusting sight, but the angels flying next to him didn’t really even show any dubious expression, they displayed the same opinion with Raphael.

“Hah. Exactly. However for that reason――”

“I know. For that reason, we have to be the one guiding them in the right path. Then for the time being, so that they will accept our salvation, how about we dampen down their strength to resist first.”

How really troublesome, was what Raphael thought with a smile while increasing his advancing speed.

And, it was at that time.

Explosion of flame blew up from Tokyo life sphere that was still in quiet a distance.

In succession, the thundering sounds of explosion struck the earlobe of the usurped body of Tairon.


Raphael stopped his flight in wonder and asked the angel next to him.

“You guys haven’t attacked yet right?”

“Yes. Is something happening inside there?”

Hearing that opinion, Raphael applied holy magic on his own eyes.

It was a holy magic that borrowed the power of G.o.d’s eyes, to look through a very long distance.

With this holy magic Raphael raised his eyesight to the level of a telescope and observed Tokyo life sphere.

And then he saw.

――The sight of internal discord among humans with firearms in their hand fighting each other.

“Ahah, ahahahaha-!”

Raphael’s body shook and raised a laughter that couldn’t hide his mocking.

“I see, I understand now! The great fear made them start killing each other from lack of unity!”

“Unbelievable. What foolishness……”

These words of Raphel made the angels opened their eyes wide.

For them who were a perfect soul, the act of laying your hand on your own race was something incomprehensible.

But toward that incomprehension, Raphael said.

“Have you forgot already? Even the bodies that we are using are originally the bodies of those fellows who thought that only themselves were good even though they were killing other people. The thought circuit of human is different with us angel, they are endlessly selfish and coward. ……There is no way they can maintain their presence of mind in this situation.”

Human was something so imperfect to the degree that it wasn’t strange at all for them to start something foolish like this.

To this the angels showed their comprehension in astonishment,

“Then how about we use this chance to suppress them all in one go.”

An angel asked Raphael of the plan.

But to this Raphael shook his head and showed his rejection.

“Nfufu. There is no need for that. What these confused people are desiring is their safety. To prolong their own life even for a short time. Then……if we give them an a.s.surance for that, they will surely surrender obediently.”

“We are going to tell them falsehood?”

“Their soul has the role of becoming the foundation of the [kingdom] of our father. ……To pointlessly scatter them away is exactly a violation of our father’s will. Isn’t that so?”

“I, indeed.”

“Besides we are not telling any falsehood seee. Because their life will eternally contribute to the happiness and prosperity of mankind as the land of the kingdom. Compared to that honor, the destruction of the flesh that is wrapping them right now and the destruction of the ego dwelling inside it are only trivial matters.”

That’s why――, Raphael spoke to the army of heaven.

“Now everyonee. Let’s guide the lost lambs. To the side of G.o.d.”

Saying that Raphael and the angles once again began flying toward the Tokyo life sphere.

There was no interception coming from the antiaircraft gun and missile of the fortification even with the angels approaching.

That was only natural.

Because the soldiers deployed in Tokyo life sphere were pressed to deal with the armed insurgents.

{You useless national defense army! You only pointlessly eating from tax but is won’t be useful when the crucial times com!}

{It became like this because you guys are allying yourself with demon as you please!}

{Come out prime minister! I’ll kill you! If we kill that guy and hand him over to the church, perhaps we can still be saved!}

As the angels approached nearer to the Tokyo life sphere, such boos were rushing into the ear of Raphael that had been reinforced by holy magic.

It was the angry voices of the insurgents who were trying to apprehend their own leader and sell him to the allied force in order to save their own life.

To those angry voices,

(……Reaaaally, how ugly.)

Raphael even felt repulsive.

Clinging to their life selfishly to the bitter end.

That kind of self-centered living thing.

Even though their shape resembled angel exactly, just how imperfect they could be.

Raphael couldn’t come to like this existence called human no matter what.

But……the G.o.d of heaven said to save them.


(To accomplish that is the duty of I who is an


“a.s.sault themm! The prime minister is in the block of the defense ministry!”

“Stop it okay.”

When Raphael finally arrived at the sky of Tokyo life sphere, he announced to the humans below him to stop with a voice that resounded until the horizon.

The humans stopped their firefight from that voice and looked up to the sky.

What was reflected in their eyes was the army of heaven that was shining in the sky like stars.

Witnessing that, whether it was the insurgents or the national defense army, everyone displayed their despair without exception.

“Hi, hiiiii-!”

“What the h.e.l.l is this……!? The soldiers of the allied force, feathers, wings are……!?”

“We, we don’t make it…… It’s all over……”

The people kneeling, crying tearfully.

And then among them,

“Li, listen to me! We, the common people of Tokyo life sphere, we didn’t know anything about the demon or anything! Everything is done by the prime minister, by the national defense army arbitrarily! Tha, that’s why, don’t kill us-!”

There was also people who started to beg for their life.

Raphael was feeling simmering repulsiveness to that kind of selfishness from the human.

He thought, how pleasant it would be to eradicate them all.

But, even so he was an

The person who carried out the will of G.o.d above the earth.

The imperfection of human was forgiven by G.o.d.

That was why Raphael exerted his self-control, made a smile with the strict face of Tairon, and urged the confused humans to calm down with soft coaxing voice.

“Yes. Yes. I understand ree―ally well okayy. It’s fine. It’s fi―nee. Please think carefully for a second. There is no way for us angel to deal harm to the human right?”

“A, angel?”

“Indeed. Right now I am borrowing his(Tairon) body in order to stay in the human world, but I am a fully-fledged human you know.

My name is Raphael. Surely you have heard of me before right?

We are really sorry see?

That Michael, because he is a poor talker, it looks like he made all of you really misunderstood.

But it’s fine. What Michael said about creating a paradise in this land that will be protected by the power of G.o.d is true, but using the life of all of you for that……such thing is a misunderstanding see. It’s a figure of, ……what is it again?”

“Fi, figure of speech……?”

“Yes that. That’s it. Certainly we will make you cooperate with us, but by no means we will use up your soul until there is nothing left. It will be only at the level of just a little, really only a little bit of exhausted feeling that all of you will feel~. It looked like our Michael imparted that to all of you mistakenly. That’s why in order to explain to everyone that it is a misunderstanding, I came here in place of Michael.”

There was not a single truth in these words of Raphael.

Originally Raphael who was an angel couldn’t lie, but this time because he was clad in the flesh of human, he was able to tell falsehood.

And then Raphael told of falsehood salvation, attempting to deceive the people.

Toward this falsehood of Raphael,

“Is, is that true……!?”

“We, won’t be killed!?”

The humans who converted into insurgent swallowed it whole.

No, not only them.

Even the soldiers of national defense army who were supposed to build the battle line in order to fight were lending their ear to Raphael’s words.

Toward those humans, Raphael kindly spoke while hiding his scorn inside his heart.

“It’s truee. Indeed. If all of you obediently a.s.sist us, we absolutely won’t put any harm on you. I promise.”

“If we obediently surrender……, we will really……saved!?”

“But of coursee. We angels are existences who exist for the sake of saving the humans. All of you know that too right? That’s why, okay. How about throwing away your weapons obediently and be of a.s.sistance to us?”

“Go, got it! We will do as you say……”

And then the people that was tempted by Raphael’s cajolery, without throwing their weapon,

“――Ain’t no way that’s happening, you h.o.m.o b.a.s.t.a.r.ddDDDD!!!!”

Aiming at the angel army hovering in the air, the insurgents and the national defense army, all of them began firing all at once.

Part 4

{I have an idea.}

Without the greatest war potential that was the Kamishiro Homura, how would they face the army of angel.

The strategy meeting opened after Sumika and Elfiena linked up with them.

At that place Sumika uttered that for the first thing.

{If this can go well, perhaps we will be able to reduce the enemy number by more than half at the first attack.}

{Is, is that true!?}

{Hoshikawa-san. What kind of idea that you have?}

Urged by Kinugawa who served as the meeting chairman, Sumika answered.

{Pretend that we have infighting and lure the angels into carelessness.}

{Luring, carelessness?}

{Yes. Based on what Michael told us, this time the objective of our enemy the angels is to use the souls of the humans in the Tokyo life sphere, and create a barrier that guard this earth from the demon. Then, having the vessel that is human to break in battle and the soul to leak into the circle of reincarnation is not a plus for them.

……If we pretend that there is no leadership here due to chaos, it can be imagined that they will attempt placation not by battle but by word.

And so by splitting the national defense army equipped with spirit weapon into national defense army role and insurgent role, we will act an infighting and make them careless, and when they are lured we will fire at them all at once.}

{I, I see.}

{The strategy itself is simple isn’t it……}

{But, can it really go that well?}

Everyone in that place showed a certain understanding at Sumika’s strategy, but they couldn’t wipe their worry and showed disapproval.

But there,

{No, I too think that it’s not a bad idea.}

Bastet who was summoned by Homura and was still staying here gave a timely support.

{Even though they are called angel, but their true nature is not that different with demon. All of them are looking down at the existence of human. That human is foolish and tiny existence. They are already not considering the humans who had lost the only nuisance that was Homura as a threat. If they don’t see you as threat then they won’t be on their guard. Then they won’t doubt that the infighting is only camouflage.}

{In addition the angels don’t know that we the fairy race are giving a.s.sistance here. Surely they won’t be on guard against our firearm. Then……all-out fire should bring them bitter result!}

――That was the meeting carried out a few hours before in the reception room.

And then Sumika’s words became exactly the reality in this moment.

“Anti-aircraft gun! You don’t need to aim! Just fire whereverrr!”

“Don’t be stingyy-! Keep shooting all your bullets in full-autoooo-!”


Squall of flame and metal firing upside down at the sky from the ground.

The concentrated firing from almost 200,000 firing lines were changing the army of seventy thousand hovering in the air into grinded meat in the blink of eye.

(For it to go this well, as expected from S-rank……!)

Witnessing the battle result where they had already reduce the enemy army to nearly half, Hasad who took the command of the soldiers who dressed up as the insurgent clenched his fist in joy while praising Sumika.

On the other hand――,

“Ra, Raphael-sama! Their shootings are filled with magic power! The current us that cannot use , ca, cannot defend against it!”

“Raphael-sama! Your instruction……!”

The army of angel exposed their agitation to this situation.

It was only reasonable.

They knew that the firearm of human wouldn’t have any meaning against flesh clad in magic power.

Therefore, they didn’t lay out satisfactory defense and received this concentrated barrage completely without even evading.

The barrage with the magic power enchant from the fairy race granted severe damage even against existence clad in magic power.

Negligence and resolution. Defenseless and concentrated barrage.

The moment both extremities of positive and minus clashed, a severe damage was granted to the

Due to their that came from the height of their spirit status, angel possessed an ability that nullified the attack of human and vulgar demon whose spirit status were low, but right now they couldn’t use that.

That was because in order to make use of in earth, the human body that they were using as vessel needed to be trained so as to heighten its spirit status. The few numbers of humans who went through that training were called as , but their bodies were already perished due to Sumika.

And so, the angel soldiers who were using the makeshift bodies of the shabby soldiers of the allied force were helplessly tore off by the steel storm that was filled with magic power by the fairies.

It could be said that this was the victory of mankind’s strategy that perfectly stabbed at the pride of the angels.

Even though the angels were deploying barrier using holy magic after this late, they were already far too slow. Two thirds of the ’s whole force had been lost from the first attack.

But, that intelligent of human was――,

“……Ii seee……in other words, we are deceived eh. This me, who is an

The hatred that was stifled by the self-control of the

“Unforgivable. I will tear them limb from limbbb-!!!!”

Raphael yelled with angry voice so loud that the atmosphere shook, he gave out instruction to the remaining .

“All hands are to descent and thoroughly kill all the humans you see gruesomely! This blasphemy toward the apostle of G.o.d! We will make them atone by the height of toilll!”

“Is, is it fine? Their soul should be sued for the sake of the kingdom――”

“Human’s only redeeming feature is their stupidly huge number! There are plenty of numbers of human underneath these buildings. Killing all of these human that come out to the surface is still within the margin of error. Do it!”

“ “ “Ye, Yes-!” “ “

The angels followed without question the hysteric angry yell that Raphael raised, they manifested shining white sword in their hand and began to descent to the ground.

The soldiers also intercepted them with the fairy weapon, but the angels this time also deployed barrier against the bullet vigilantly, in addition they were carrying out aerial bombing using long range holy magic while descending, so as expected the soldiers couldn’t show result like the first attack anymore.

The army of angels were approaching until very near the ground where the national defense army was deploying.

{But surely the angels will rally back their formation when the bullets of our first wave run out. At that time――}

(It’s time!)

Hasad yelled at his when he saw the angels were greatly lowering down their alt.i.tude.

“Begin phase 2! Launch up the barrier wallll-!”

Instantly a giant wall flew out from the surface along with explosion accompanied with steam.

In addition it was not just one or two.

It was countless, that one couldn’t count the number.

The last protective walls that existed inside the third defensive line which was the last defense line, which was divided into two hundred square meter each.

The national defense army activated them all at once, dividing the battlefield into squares just like a chess board.

The defensive walls launched up from geofront extended high to the sky until the height of 70 meter, tearing apart the formation of the that was just a moment before landing into pieces.


“What’s this!?”

The protective walls that suddenly rose made the angels displayed their bewilderment from being separated from their comrades.

At that moment――

{By rising up the dividing barrier walls that existed at the inside of third defense line, we tear apart the enemy formation, at the same time we launch the magician division from the geofront together with the barrier wall and carry out the second wave of attack without any delay!}

“Fujin Reppu(Dust Violent Rend) ――!!”

The national defense magician division with

“These guys, they’re magician-!”

“It’s too late even if you only notice now!”

Anna Drawnin who flew out together with Rozalind Wagner, with two submachine gun style Simo Hayha who she was contracted with――the .

Instantly, Anna was dancing in the air using

“ “ “GUAAAAH!” “ “

The fired bullets all found their mark without a single miss, the flank and forehead of the allied force soldiers who were turned into angel were pierced and they were shot down to the ground.

Anna was exterminating the enemies at the surrounding one after another with her astounding firing accuracy.

On the other hand the angels were also trying to shot down Anna with their light blade and beam.

All the attack didn’t reach Anna who was flying like b.u.t.terfly while all the angels had their heads crushed and blown off like pomegranate by the counterattacking bullets.

Even when she was attacked from her blind spot, Anna reacted to everything and carried out counterattack while dodging at the same time.

That was really not the movement of a mere student magician.

But that was only natural.

After all the soul moving the body of the girl called Anna Rozalind right now was not the girl herself.

Hero Skill――

That was the other legend of the Simo Hayha who was feared as an extraordinary sniper.

His legendary military gains of building a hill of corpse using submachine gun was reproduced as Heroic Skill that caused a transfer of the body’s ownership to the heroic spirit himself.

There was no way to escape the death sentence from that who made the Red Army shaking in their boots.

――But there was a weak spot in this powerful Heroic Skill.

“Darn, out of bullets already.”

That overwhelming number of attack depleted the ammunition in a flash.

At the same time being released from the trans state made the user shown a definite opening.

“This……! Inferior creature……-!”

The angel didn’t miss that opening and invoked the holy magic that fired the flame of G.o.d that once hit wouldn’t vanish until the target was burned to ash――the .

Anna’s life was about to be scorched in flame.

But, ――hero who lent their power to mankind, was not just one.


Instantly, more than a hundred crimson flowers were profusely blooming inside the cramped s.p.a.ce that was surrounded by steel walls.

Flower of blood.

When she looked, many of the angels flying in the cramped s.p.a.ce had wind hole gouged out from their chest and blood scattered everywhere.

Their heart was gouged.

That was the Hero Skill of Irlandia’s Cu Chuculain.

The red spear of that hero was said to pierce an army of thousand people in one thrust.

Lily Hoegarden who formed a contract with him flew to the sky from the ground and fixed the angels into her field of vision, locking on at the more than a hundred angels inside her sight.

She pierced through their hearts with a thrust of her whole might, reproducing the legend.

“ “ “GYAAAAAAA-!” “ “

Shrieking, the angels whose heart was stabbed were falling down to the ground.

Due to the second surprise attack, the received severe damage and displayed a routed aspect.


“This is bad Raphael-sama! The surprise attack after surprise attack gives us quiet the loss-!”

“You are noisyy. Don’t be rattled only by something on this level!”

Tokyo life sphere was advancing the battle favorably in the whole, but in one area that was isolated due to the steel walls there was still the still existing untouched by injury.

And then exactly at that moment, the was put into.

The weapon of Tairon, the Artifact .

Shining white radiance was manifested on its blade.

The magic power filled into it was even more intense than the breathed out by the Jambure which opened a wind hole at j.a.pan’s island several months before.

If the spear was swung in a flash drawing an arc, the steel enclosure would be scattered into ash by the flame of G.o.d and it would probably swallow everything until the horizon in the blink of eye.

――This was already not merely breaking a deadlock.

With this one attack, the battle result would be decided, it had that much power.

Yes. In the end, as long as this greatest battle strength of the heaven wasn’t taken out, something like the dominance of the whole battlefield was nothing more than an ephemeral state.

Everything was like a toy leaf boat washed away by raging stream, it could be easily overturned anytime.


{I will do something somehow about the .}

The Tokyo life sphere was also could only oppose that with their own greatest battle strength.

“Burn to ash. ―― Cthugha!!!!”

The instant Raphael brandished .

Everything of the cramped world that was part.i.tioned by barrier walls was dyed crimson, a flame lion was rushing up, aiming at Raphael and other angels who were floating in low alt.i.tude from the ground.

Grasping the empty air with the claws that were like bluntly gleaming mineral, the gigantic crimson lion soaring through the sky opened its jaw widely and was about to swallow Raphael and other angels whole.

With a glance at that fantastic flame, Raphael immediately perceived the danger.

This was――a power of G.o.d, even if different with their father. Its avatar.

No matter even if he had the spirit status of an



Raphael released the slash of that he prepared for mowing down the ground, aiming at the approaching crimson lion.

The flash of the swung spear easily bisected the avatar of Cthugha with one attack. ――But,


“Hot, ――”

The avatar of Cthugha wouldn’t vanish just from bisection.

Half of the bisected lion kept soaring through the sky like that and the angels around Raphael, ――all the angels that were exactly inside the part.i.tioned s.p.a.ce by walls in four directions were swallowed and perished in flame, leaving not a single dust behind.

But, Raphael didn’t show even the tiniest bit of concern at this damage that his own army received.

He stared at the completely dissolving blade of that tore apart the avatar of Cthugha, then with brief comment,

“Ah……. It’s unexpectedly brittle isn’t it. After all this is just the illusion of legend that human created. At the interval when it clashed against a power of a G.o.d even though it was just borrowed power, it cannot maintain its shape, that’s how it went I think.”

After whispering that, he poured his gaze at one girl standing below him.

Standing on the ground of grey asphalt, was a girl wearing red cowgirl .

And then looking at the girl standing, Raphael stroke his goatee in understanding.

“Fuun. ……I heard that there is one more person in earth other than , a fool who rely on the power of evil G.o.d and not the father but, ……I see, so you are the one who I heard about.”

Toward these words, the girl――

The Hoshikawa Sumika aimed her gun muzzle at Raphael who became just alone in the part.i.tioned sky,

She told.

“This star is not demon’s or even angel’s.

This star is ours who live in this land.

We will have you go home. We, don’t need your salvation.”

The gallant will to resist till the bitter end from she who once cowered in front of the despair of .

The spirit to fulfill the duty as the living until the end.

That was,


Awfully irritating for Raphael.

Part 5

For the moment Raphael descended down to the same level with Sumika and murmured with a completely amazed voice.

“How strange. Just how powerful this existence that is called angel. Even though that fact should have been well-known throughout the world through the , I wonder just why are you taking such att.i.tude against I who am an

Sumika didn’t reply.

She was only staying quiet while aiming her gun at Raphael.

Raphael thought.

Just what in the world this tiny being relied on that she was facing him resolutely like this.

Even though now that they had lost , mankind had lost any chance of victory.

Just what in the world she was relying at to have this hope.

The mentality of imperfect being that was far separated from him.

Raphael surmised it and soon reached a comprehension.

“Aah I got it now. Because your first sneak attack went well and the number of the was greatly reduced, so you are now thinking, perhaps even without , won’t we be able to win by ourself……or something, you are holding that kind of hope aren’t youu?”

Certainly, with their first and second surprise attacks, the lost six-sevenths of their whole force.

And then even now that number was still decreasing.

Because the magician force that flew out along with the barrier walls linked up with the common soldiers who had finished reloading their fairy weapon, where they were now overwhelming the angels with force of number.

There was no doubt, the one holding the initiative at this battlefield right now was the human side.

They were attacking, and the angels were being pushed back.

……Raphael understood.

That those fact and battle result, became the support of the humans to rely on.

Aah, it was truly,

――truly, what a fleeting hope.

“Then. First how about I deny you that hope.”

While even leaking out a sn.i.g.g.e.r, Raphael’s two hands grasped each other in front of his chest as if offering a prayer,

He chanted a certain holy magic.

Instantly, from between the clenched hands of Raphael a single shining drop spilled on the ground.

Thereupon, the drop fell at Raphael’s feet and raised a sound *chapon*, war pale pink light became a ripple, spreading smoothly on the ground.

It also slipped through the barrier wall that rose from the geofront until the whole Tokyo life sphere.

Sumika noticed from that radiance.

“This is……-“

It wasn’t an offensive holy magic. ――Then.

She couldn’t feel any killing intent from the radiance slipping underneath her. She didn’t feel malicious intent.

What she felt there was only something that even felt comfortable, a warmth that was like an embrace.

(If I take into consideration that the enemy is Raphael, then perhaps this is――)

The abundant knowledge of Sumika who became the youngest S-rank magician raised a certain degree of estimation toward the true ident.i.ty of the enemy’s holy magic within an instant.

What she predicted was the worst situation even more than a mere offensive holy magic.

That was, ――unfortunately, becoming a reality at the other side of the part.i.tioning barrier wall.

“Yoosh! We are pushing them back for sure! At this rate we can overcome them with the strength of number!”

“ “ “OOoOOOOOoooo――――――!!!!” “ “

The first and second surprise attacks that Sumika thought of.

Those mostly ended in ideal form, then the national defense army that abruptly gathered strength under the command of Hasad, with the concentrated fire of the magicians and the spirit weapon, was shooting down the who had never even imagined the surprise attack and now was preparing to flee due to having their force divided into parts.

Due to the chaos from the surprise attack and the absence of control tower, the angels were unable to counterattack systematically and could only being killed as it was.

The battle now looked completely like a mopping up battle.

――That was how it supposed to be.

It was only until pale pink light started filling beneath them.

“I, isn’t this strange for some reason!?”

“Yeah, it’s like, their number, isn’t decreasing at all, since some time ago!?”

Such yell was welling up from the mouths at the front line of the national defense army.

The reason for that, ――was soon comprehended by the people.

The bullet fired by a certain soldier caught the head of an angel that was falling down to the ground, the moment that head burst open,

From the neck that lost its head, foam of flesh surged out in the blink of eye and formed the head that was completely the same like before.

“Wha, whattt!?”

“Just now, is that healing magic!?”

A phenomenon that was physically impossible.

Hasad was the first one who questioned that.

But, ――the reality that they were facing wasn’t something which was simply easy like that.

In order to notify them of that, a certain person interjected into the mind transmission of Hasad who took the command of the whole force.

It was Bastet.

{Commander. It has now become a little troublesome. Look.}

Saying that, Bastet who was performing the duty for the whole army showed him a sorcery image of the battlefield’s overhead view.

In the image both armies were displayed as dots of light――

“Thi, this is……!”

Hasad raised his face in disbelief, ――and saw.

The scene of the angels who they had killed until now were completely restored to life in the spot and standing up one after another.

And then they floated thin smile on their lips, as if to say that “It’s only natural that this happen.”

“ “ “” “ “

White flame from spreading palm was fired toward mankind.


As if to erase that yell of Hasad, from several dozens of battlefield that were part.i.tioned in square shape due to the high protective wall, almost all of them had white flash blowing up from them.

And then,




The screams of the people scorched by the flame that wouldn’t vanish even when they tried to use water or rolling on the ground were echoing repeatedly due to the thick wall while reverberating to the sky.

It was just like the scream of the dead that was boiled in the pot of h.e.l.l.

That scream which made one wanted to plug one’s ear, even Sumika who was across the thick defensive wall could hear it.

This scream made Sumika completely understood the true ident.i.ty of the holy magic Raphael was using.

“As I thought……! You are using powerful healing magic in the level that can even carry out resurrection at your whole army!”

“Ohohoho-! You are spot on! . That is exactly the meaning that my name Raphael holds!

And then the that only I alone can use in heaven given to me together with that name!

Under the effect of this holy magic, the likes of the attack you humans do with that tiny magic power you have doesn’t have any meaning! Everything will be healed in the blink of eye with the power of father, even the vessel of flesh that has been already broken will be restored! Yes! All the angels that have been defeated until now are resurrected!

――Ufufu-, the situation is completely changed in the bli―nk of your eye seee. Thank you very much for your meaningless effort.”

Yes. Just with exactly a move, Raphael revived all the p.a.w.ns that he lost from his army and made the two surprise attacks became meaningless. The war situation was overturned.

Furthermore this was a boundary type holy magic.

While it was being invoked, the effect would continue.

In other words as long as Raphael existed, the wouldn’t lose a single person of their number.

Then, there was only one action that Sumika who was facing Raphael could take.

“Then, I only need to defeat you and break the holy magic!”

Saying that, Sumika aimed the handgun type

Three instantaneous consecutive shot. Furthermore all of the shots were not simple shooting.

It was shooting that was applied by the divine protection of the heroic spirit she was contracted with, Billy the Kid.

The shooting of couldn’t miss.

Position or defense was irrelevant, being aimed was exactly the destiny of being shot already.


“Yep isn’t that right. You can only do that aren’t youu. But that’s impossible. If you ask the reason then, ――that’s because I’m the

The three bullets fired headed to Raphael’s forehead, he didn’t even try to dodge, and the bullets slipped through.

Regardless of how it definitely hit, not even a single layer of his skin was sc.r.a.ped.

Sumika knew of this baffling phenomenon.

She had seen it once before.

Yes. At the occasion when she confronted the Alfaro, she saw exactly the same phenomenon.

――It wasn’t defensive magic or anything.

It was merely the dimension of the soul that existed there.

It was a power that wouldn’t even allow interference by the lower ranked soul due to the difference of the existence dimension――


“Ohohohoh! As expected you have fast understanding ehh! Originally the one who can use in possessed state is only limited to who has piled up training from so that their spirit status is heightened even while being human. Just possessing the run-of-the-mill human will cause spirit status to drop to the bottom and the angel will totally lose his . But――”

Raphael said.

That story was only limited to the low ranked angel in the level of .

“Although clad in vessel of flesh, but I am an

The next moment after Raphael declared that, a change occurred in the flesh of Wan Tairon that Raphael possessed.

The body frame was enlarged more than twice until his height reached around five meter, silver halo materialized at the top of his head.

――That change was the same like the change that once occurred in Alfaro’s body.

Like this Raphael was adjusting his battle state more and more, ――he flapped the wings on his back greatly.

And then he blown away the air behind him and approached until before Sumika’s eyes exactly in the blink of eye.

“Now how about we begin! Not a fight, but a one-sided punishment……-!”

He swung down a fist that was like a rock filled with white flame of ……!

Part 6


Swung down giant fist of white flame.

Raphael’s approaching speed and fist’s speed were already inhuman, it was now even faster than any kind of bullet.

Be that as it may――, Sumika the heroic spirit dwelling inside Sumika was the gunman extolled by the people in the age of America western reclamation where bullets were flying everywhere.

His perfect reaction even toward bullet shot from the back that was his blind spot and shot dead the enemy back, that legend was reproduced as Hero Skill――. Sumika entrusted her body to the alarm warning and was already taking on evasive maneuver.

She fully exerted the output of the

So that she could invoke in a single trigger, before the battle she had finished chanting the acceleration magic beforehand. She used that too and tossed her body backward and evaded the fist of Raphael that launched a hook.

With that momentum she took a large distance.



Aiming at the backing away Sumika, Raphael didn’t let her get away and opened his mouth widely, ――firing a white beam.

It was an attack of not in the shape of flame, but a compressed flame to the degree of becoming light.

That too was not in the shape of a thin laser.

It was a torrent of light to the degree that Sumika’s field of vision was completely covered.

Sumika skillfully manipulated her

Her body was evading from the firing line of the beam with movement as if her body was sliding and grazing on the ground horizontally.


The beam impacted the protective wall towering behind Sumika and blasted it away.

Not just a single protective wall.

Even the protective wall that existed at the other side, even the humans that existed there, altogether.

evaporated everything until the end of horizon.

“Yahn. I think the firepower is a little bit too strong.”


The black wall that was pierced through in semicircle shape, and the wasteland that was similarly gouged out in semicircle shape.

Looking at the surface of the wasteland that was turned into gla.s.s from the excessive heat, Sumika thought.

Just how many thousands of human vanished only from that single attack.

But, Sumika knew that there was no time or anything for lamenting that tragedy.

The girl didn’t falter against the fire power of the


She fired the remaining three bullets.

However, as expected those bullets also slipped through Raphael’s body and didn’t do anything meaningful.

“Pointless pointlessss! It’s pointless no matter what are you doinggg!”

Raphael was laughing to ridicule Sumika’s wasteful effort while spreading his wings.

And then,


The feathers of the greatls spread wings.

Each one became line of light and soared in low alt.i.tude as several tens streaks of beam shooting at Sumika.

These beams were different from the one before, they were thin with lower strength.

But they possessed advanced homing ability and pressed on the running around Sumika like living thing.

And then she was soon cornered.

Her movement range was limited by the protective wall standing in her way, she couldn’t took adequate evasive movement and got completely blocked at the corner of the square battlefield.

Arriving at this point, the plan of raising up the protective wall now backfired.

Raphael didn’t let go of this mistake.

The beams of were rushing at Sumika who was cornered.

It was a desperate situation.

――For an average magician.

But Hoshikawa Sumika was a genius that received the t.i.tle of the greatest battle strength of mankind as the youngest.

That sagacious brain immediately selected among the sorcery she possessed that should be used immediately and invoked it.


Dimension element third rank sorcery .

Sumika twisted the s.p.a.ce in front of her using that sorcery.

With that all the beams that rushed at Sumika had their path curved to right below even though they were supposed to go straight at Sumika, and they crashed at the ground around Sumika.

None of them reached Sumika and they stopped at blowing away the asphalt of the ground.

But Raphael too didn’t think that she could kill Sumika who could even imitate with something of this level.

The from the beginning was only to guide the girl to be cornered at the corner.

His true aim was,


Just when the beam trajectory was averted, Raphael had crossed inside the rising flame explosion and filled the distance once more.

For him whose spirit status was outstanding, the didn’t work on him, and no Sumika was caught between the corner and Raphael just as Raphael planned, she had lost her place to escape.

Aiming at that Sumika, Raphael launched an uppercut with the fist of white flame.

The fist was swung from the orbit below with all his strength.

An attack with the full strength of

Defending this with the barrier at the level of human’s magic was only a pipe dream.

Even when Sumika chanted a sorcery in vain struggle with no other way――in the next instant, she was swallowed by a pillar of white light launched from Raphael’s left fist straight to the sky.

When the pillar of light was launched vertically to the sky, a hole opened at the sky of Eihort’s underworld.

A black hole was gouged open at the iridescent sky, inside of the hole one could peek at a mad universe without a single star.

The attack that literally pierced until the heaven didn’t leave a single dust behind in front of Raphael――

The next moment, two bullets grazed through the face of Raphael.

The bullets slipped through the back of Raphael’s head and impacted the wall in f

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