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Chapter 541 | I am a Gao Fushuai Villain

The active housekeeper! Dowry housekeeper?

Song Yuwei walked with Lin Yuan and the others toward the villa.

While walking, Song Yuwei looked at the ragdoll cat inside the cage curiously.

This ragdoll cat was just brought back to the villa by Lin Yuan.

She knew about the cat café owned by Chi Qian at the foot of the mountain.

She also knew that the three of them were coming from there.

Lin Yuan must have bought this cat from the cat café or Chi Qian may have given the same to him.

With someone who has the temperament and ident.i.ty like Lin Yuan, what cat can’t he get? How can he not get such a ragdoll cat that looks this cute?

But this cat looks too lazy like a pig!

Chi Qian seemed to have noticed Song Yuwei’s curiosity and so she smiled and said: “Sister Yuwei, you seem puzzled by the cat Guoguo. Don’t underestimate it due to its laziness. It can do 18 backflips in a row.”


Song Yuwei was taken aback when she heard what Chi Qian said.

Then she looked at the lazy-looking cat in disbelief.

‘Is it that amazing?!’

Chi Qian does not boast and always speaks the truth.

No wonder Lin Yuan would be interested in such a cat.

Seeing how surprised Song Yuwei was, Chi Qian smiled and was a little bit happy.

Although the cat doesn’t belong to her anymore, it is also true that she isn’t the one to discover Guoguo’s talent either.

But since Guoguo could do 18 consecutive backflips and the fact that she liked cats so much, Chi Qian was still a little happy.

The four then entered the lobby of the villa.

Lin Yuan and Yu Shanshan sat on the s.p.a.cious and soft sofa.

But Chi Qian did not sit down and instead said to Lin Yuan and Yu Shanshan: “Brother Lin Yuan, Shanshan, I am going to cook lunch. You may have some rest first.”

“Okay.” Yu Shanshan responded.

Lin Yuan also nodded.

Lin Yuan is a little curious about Chi Qian’s cooking skills.

But Lin Yuan is sure that it shouldn’t be bad.

As for how good she is, he doesn’t know.

After Chi Qian left, Song Yuwei poured a cup of tea for Lin Yuan and Yu Shanshan.

Then she carried Guoguo’s cage.

She will ask the other maids to take care of it carefully.

Then she came back to be of service to Lin Yuan and Yu Shanshan.

She also accompanied the two to drink tea for a bit.

Seeing how Yu Shanshan’s eyes traveled around the mansion looking very curious, Song Yuwei smiled and took the initiative to speak. “Miss Shanshan, Young Master Lin, shall I take you around the villa?”

As soon as she heard what Song Yuwei said, Yu Shanshan nodded immediately and replied: “Okay!”

She kind of wanted to see what Chi Qian’s home was like.

Song Yuwei then turned to look at Lin Yuan.

Lin Yuan also nodded.

It is better to go and walk around than just sit here.

Seeing Lin Yuan agree, Song Yuwei immediately grabbed her uniform and stood up.

Her legs wrapped in black stockings stretched slightly.

She then bowed to Lin Yuan and Yu Shanshan and said, “Then please Mister Lin and Miss Shanshan, come with me.”

Then Song Yuwei led the way.

The three wandered around the huge house.

The inside of the house is indeed very huge.

And there were a lot of rare flowers, plants, and trees around the house.

Yu Shanshan was slightly ahead of Lin Yuan and Song Yuwei.

She was looking around curiously.

Song Yuwei was slightly closer to Lin Yuan walking side by side with him.

She also took the initiative to chat with Lin Yuan.

Compared to Yu Shanshan, Song Yuwei is more interested in Lin Yuan.

The first reason is that of course, opposite genders attract each other.

She felt naturally attracted to Lin Yuan.

And Lin Yuan’s face value is indeed very high; he is very handsome.

Very in line with her aesthetics.

It gives her pleasure to be able to chat with such a handsome guy.

The second reason and most important reason is that there is a huge chance for Lin Yuan to become the Chi Family’s son-in-law!

After all, how can the young lady, Chi Qian, have such a good relationship with someone from the opposite gender?

He is the only man close to Chi Qian.

Or so to say, he is the only man that can match Chi Qian.

Therefore she wanted to find out more about him.

She wanted to know more about the exact relationship he had with Chi Qian.

Even if he wouldn’t become the son-in-law of the Chi Family, she won’t lose anything talking to him.

And if he becomes the son-in-law of the Chi Family, then at least she knows about Lin Yuan in advance.

After all, she might be Chi Qian’s dowry housekeeper by then…


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