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Chapter 398:

Yu Shanshan said directly, “Qian Qian, I am surprised by your partic.i.p.ation in this compet.i.tion. I doubt if I may be dreaming now.”

Yu Shanshan pinched her arm and then continued: “It doesn’t seem to be a dream. But what surprised me more is you cousin. You are not even from our school! What compet.i.tion are you partic.i.p.ating in?”

”I suspect that your partic.i.p.ation in this compet.i.tion is fake. You have come just to tease girls!”

“I’m telling you. If you dare to steal from my harem, I will kill you! I am really fierce! Awww!”

While saying that, Yu Shanshan also made a funny tiger look at the same time.

Then, Lin Yuan squeezed Yu Shanshan’s cheeks directly.

Lin Yuan then said: “What about it little girl? Do you have a rule that only students from this school can partic.i.p.ate in the compet.i.tion?”

Chi Qian on the side also smiled and explained: “I helped Brother Lin Yuan sign up.”

Upon hearing this, Yu Shanshan jumped up with excitement.

”Okay! That’s it! Cousin, you said that you and Qian Qian have no affair! Both of you have signed up and filed out the form together. Isn’t the next step signing up the marriage certificate together?” Yu Shanshan teased.

Looking at the teasing Yu Shanshan, Chi Qian’s face blushed slightly but she was not too embarra.s.sed to explain and looked directly.

Lin Yuan didn’t bother to pay attention to Yu Shanshan. He gave her a disdainful look and ignored her.

Seeing the two ignoring her, Yu Shanshan was a little embarra.s.sed. She immediately puffed up her cheeks and slapped Lin Yuan in the arm.

“What are you hitting me for?” Lin Yuan asked.

Yu Shanshan crouched and said: “Who would I hit? Do you dare to do the same to Qian Qian? I can’t bear to beat Qian Qian.”

“Moreover if you hit others they will hit you back, but if you hit your cousin he won’t hit you back.”

These remarks made Lin Yuan very amused.

Lin Yuan stretched out his hand and patted Yu Shanshan’s b.u.t.t.

Looking at Yu Shanshan, Lin Yuan who patted her b.u.t.t smiled and said, “Who said I wouldn’t hit you? Huh?”

Yu Shanshan clutched her b.u.t.t and said aggrievedly: “Ah! There are so many people here. Why would you do such a thing like this?”

”Who cares.”

”Lin Yuan. You have changed. You are no longer the same as you were back then. That’s right, since you are already with Qian Qian, you don’t look into your sister as your idol anymore.”

Chi Qian’s cheeks were slightly red and then said, “Shanshan, what are you talking about?”

Yu Shanshan was afraid of being hit by Chi Qian also so she shut up decisively.

But she was still a little dissatisfied.

It happened that Lin Yuan and Chi Qian were discussing the compet.i.tion.

Both of them humbly praised each other’s chess skills.

Yu Shanshan rolled her eyes and decided to stir up trouble.

She said with her hands on her waist again: “Okay, you two stop praising each other. After a while, you two will definitely be opponents so you can’t show even the slightest affection to each other.”

Yu Shanshan’s words are not only eloquent, but they also triggered Chi Qian’s fighting spirit.

Because she really lost many times to Lin Yuan, and almost never won.

So Chi Qian looked at Lin Yuan seriously and said, “Brother Lin Yuan, I will definitely defeat you this time!”

Looking at the confident Chi Qian, Lin Yuan smiled and said, “Then we wait and see.”

When Yu Shanshan saw this, she rolled her eyes and said, “Since it is a game. How can there be no bets?”

”Although there are several thousand yuan as prize money in this compet.i.tion, it is not enough for us to eat decently. I think it would be better to place more bets. What do you think?”

Lin Yuan and Chi Qian both glanced at Yu Shanshan unexpectedly.

Although they know that Yu Shanshan is maliciously instigating, but what she said still made sense.

Although both of them simply want to win against each other. A game seems to be missing something if without a bet. It is like playing mahjong without any money involved, it will feel very boring to play.

But as to what the bet will be, the two didn’t think about it for a time.

And Yu Shanshan preemptively said: “I know you two people do not have a good imagination and can’t think of what to bet on.”

”Let me just say, if you lose, you have to take the initiative to hug cousin Lin Yuan and you have to hug him in public.”

”And cousin, if you lose, you have to take the initiative to hug Qian Qian… Wait, no. This doesn’t seem to be a punishment for losing a bet, more like a reward!”

”Well, if you lose, you will have to treat Qian Qian to dinner. Of course, you will also have to bring her best friend, which is me to go shopping together. Whatever we see, you have to buy the same for us.”

Yu Shanshan said smugly while her hands on her waist again.

Lin Yuan and Chi Qian don’t know whether to laugh or cry, but they agreed.

Both have confidence in themselves.

They also agreed to the bet to serve as the remembrance after the other loses.

Quickly, there was an announcement that the game was about to start.

The rules are simple.

After all, it is just a simple compet.i.tion within the school.

But it is still quite professional.

The compet.i.tors are divided into two wherein a pair would knock out each other.

The winner advances, and the loser exits.

The finals is best of three.

There are about 30 people partic.i.p.ating.

Soon the 30 people were faced against each other according to their sequence numbers.

Among the thirty people partic.i.p.ating in the compet.i.tion, the audience is more concerned about Chi Qian.

They are quite curious about Chi Qian. Although Chi Qian is famous in the school, she is rarely seen in public, especially in crowded places, let alone partic.i.p.ate in this kind of compet.i.tion.

This is a very rare occasion.

So there are a lot of people whose attention is on her.

Everyone is also very curious about Chi Qian’s chess skills. After all, no one has seen Chi Qian play.

Even Yu Shanshan, her roommate, is also very curious.

Some girls also whispered: “I think Chi Qian’s chess skills is not very good. She is already very beautiful, why show her face here. I don’t know why she wants to partic.i.p.ate.”

The sour taste is very strong in the girl’s tone. They are obviously jealous.

After all Chi Qian’s appearance can be said to be on the top, definitely flawless.

However, some people also defended Chi Qian. “She also played the piano very well. And she is very good-looking. She is definitely also good at playing chess!”

”Of course! My Qian Qian is very proficient in piano, chess, calligraphy, and painting! You guys don’t have to be so sour!” A voice suddenly sounded, quite loud.

Everyone turned their heads to see that it was Yu Shanshan.

Seeing this roommate of Chi Qian, Yu Shanshan, defending her, the sour girls stopped.

Aside from Chi Qian, Lin Yuan has the most attention.

Appearance is really everything.

Lin Yuan is not just an ordinary handsome man, he has the handsome face that people can’t look away.

The looks and the figure are both very good.

Even if there are many handsome men and beauties in the art school, they have never seen someone as handsome as Lin Yuan.

In addition, there are already many girls in the art school, so there are many people watching Lin Yuan in the compet.i.tion.

At this time, there was already a circle of little fans around Lin Yuan.

A male G.o.d. If there is a list of all the handsome people, Lin Yuan will definitely be the in the top spot without question.

The opponent seated across Lin Yuan is also in panic.

He is usually unnoticed, but because of his opponent, he is in the spotlight!

And the saddest thing is that even though many people are watching, their focus and attention is not on him.

No one’s eyes were on him.

It was as if Lin Yuan was playing chess with a ball of air.

This is too d.a.m.n sad.

In terms of momentum alone, it’s as if he already lost half the game.

But he decided that he must defeat Lin Yuan no matter what.

Hmph, so what if you are handsome.

Soon the referee announced the start of the compet.i.tion.

The boy seated across Lin Yuan is the first to move.

He immediately greeted Lin Yuan with an aggressive attack!

He felt that he is extremely powerful!

He even couldn’t help hold his chest and looked at Lin Yuan with a smile on his face.

It’s like saying, ‘Oh you can see it. This is the aura of a real master!… It is completely different from someone like you who only has an appearance.’

However, he seemed to be completely unaware that the audience didn’t even give him the slightest attention.

After all, he had just started to move the first p.a.w.n, so it would be strange if someone would react.

Lin Yuan didn’t know that his opponent had so much drama in his heart, and he didn’t pay attention to his provocation.

Lin Yuan picked up the horse and do the regular horse move to deal with the attack.

But when the horse fell, there was a sudden burst of exclamation around.

”Wow! So handsome! He looks so handsome when playing chess!”

”He looks like the ‘Go Boy‘ I watched when I was a kid! He is like Jiang Liuer” (T/N: Go Boy = animated series)

”Hikaru no Go! It’s like Hikaru no Go! But he is more handsome than the protagonist of the Hikaru no Go!” (T/N: Hikaru no Go = TV drama)

”He looks exactly like a male G.o.d who just came out of a manga! I love it! I want his contact information in half a minute!”

A large group of girls around have become avid fans immediately because of Lin Yuan’s appearance.

So they all exclaimed when Lin Yuan began to move.

The boy opposite to Lin Yuan was so angry that he wanted to vomit blood.

It was completely quiet when he moved but when Lin Yuan began to move all the girls yelled and made noise!

What kind of treatment is this?

Just because this little white face has a face that is a bit more handsome than him, the girls treat him differently?

It is too much!

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