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Chapter 997 - 997 Perhaps Perfected Lord Lin Has a Solution

997 Perhaps Perfected Lord Lin Has a Solution

Lin Feng and Perfected Lord Long did not know that they had just avoided trouble, but even if they knew, they would only mock him.

So what if they were Perfected Deities?

Even after he suffered a loss, there was nothing he could do. Forget about the fact that Perfected Deity Prime Sky could not investigate their ident.i.ties, even if he did, while they hid in the holy city of Chaos, there was nothing Perfected Deity Prime Sky could do.

However, there was still danger. Lin Feng had offended not one Perfected Deity, but two!

Moreover, it was impossible for Lin Feng to never leave the holy city of Chaos. Hence, strength was very important. Especially since his internal universe could not be used lightly, divine abilities were Lin Feng’s strongest combat method.


“I’m still too weak.”

Lin Feng thought about the “adventure” this time. It was indeed quite risky. If Perfected Deity Prime Sky had rushed over immediately without any hesitation, they would be finished.

Moreover, when fighting with Perfected Lord Ancient Mountain, Perfected Lord Cold Spring, and the others, Lin Feng did not seem to be able to defeat them decisively just by relying on his two divine abilities. Although Lin Feng was very strong, he was far from being invincible among those below the level of Perfected Deities.

“The power of my divine abilities is not strong enough.”

Lin Feng muttered softly. He knew the reason very well. The power of his divine abilities was not strong enough. However, since he had obtained so many top-grade Chaotic prime crystals this time, he had to increase his strength properly.

After acquiring 109 top-grade Chaotic prime crystals, with the 24 top-grade Chaotic prime crystals that Lin Feng originally had left, that would be 133 top-grade Chaotic prime crystals in total.

It would be a pity not to convert such a huge sum of wealth into his own strength.

Lin Feng had never thought of purchasing any Chaotic spirit treasures or other miraculous treasures. Those were ultimately external objects, external forces, and not what Lin Feng pursued.

Lin Feng pursued his own strength. This was the foundation!

Currently, Lin Feng had two divine abilities, the Ennead Wind Flame Divine Ability and the Spirit Flame Hallowed Body. Among these two divine powers, the Ennead Wind Flame Divine Ability was a Rule tempering divine ability. Although it was very powerful, one needed to comprehend the Chaotic Rule.

If one’s comprehension of the Chaotic Rule was not deep enough, they would not be able to cultivate this divine ability to a profound level.

On the other hand, the Spirit Flame Hallowed Body had almost no requirements for comprehension. It only had huge requirements for Chaotic spirit flames. One had to fuse more Chaotic spirit flames to become stronger.

“Chaotic spirit flames?”

Lin Feng had a thought. In any case, with so many top-grade Chaotic prime crystals, purchasing Chaotic spirit flames and improving his strength as soon as possible was the way to go.

The holy cities of Chaos were very prosperous. There was almost everything one wanted to buy. Even greater divine abilities were sold, as long as one could afford the price.

There were still many Chaotic spirit flames in the Chaos. Apart from some relatively remote Chaotic spirit flames, some other Chaotic spirit flames could also be used to refine Chaotic artifacts or Chaotic spirit treasures, or had other uses. In short, they were also relatively common.

Lin Feng had only obtained an incomplete copy of the Spirit Flame Hallowed Body, which only recorded 33 types of Chaotic spirit flames. There were many types of Chaotic spirit flames among them, and they were all relatively common.

However, if it was a slightly rare and slightly stronger Chaotic spirit flame, the price would be above one top-grade Chaotic prime crystal.

Lin Feng bought all 33 types of Chaotic spirit flames at one go. Apart from the four types of Chaotic spirit flames that Lin Feng had already cultivated, there were still 29 types of Chaotic spirit flames left.

Nine of them were ordinary Chaotic spirit flames, and he only spent three top-grade Chaotic prime crystals on them. However, there were still 20 types of Chaotic spirit flames that were relatively rare.

The most expensive kind of Chaotic spirit flames was called the Stupa Demonic Flame. The conditions for producing it were extremely demanding. It cost Lin Feng a total of 11 top-grade Chaotic prime crystals.

Hence, these 29 types of Chaotic spirit flames cost a total of 73 top-grade Chaotic prime crystals from Lin Feng. Lin Feng had gotten rich quickly, but now, he was only left with 60 top-grade Chaotic prime crystals.

Lin Feng paid a huge price and finally gathered all 33 types of Chaotic spirit flames recorded in the incomplete Spirit Flame Hallowed Body technique. This was also a benefit of the holy city of Chaos. Although the price was high, as long as one had top-grade Chaotic prime crystals, no matter how precious cultivation resources were, they could be bought.

If not for the holy city of Chaos, how difficult would it be for Lin Feng or a faction to collect these 33 types of Chaotic spirit flames alone in the vast Chaos?

Even a supreme Perfected Deity could not do it.

“I hope they won’t disappoint me!”

Lin Feng immediately began his seclusion. He wanted to refine all 33 types of Chaotic spirit flames into his body, and improve the Spirit Flame Hallowed Body to an unimaginable level.

Lin Feng was also looking forward to it very much.

The Mystic Spirit Continent, not far from the Holy City Primum Mobile, was already in chaos. Originally, it was a large Chaotic continent with prosperous trade. Who would have thought that chaos would break out on the Mystic Spirit Continent, and eventually lead to a war between two Perfected Deities?

Back then, Perfected Deity Absolutist failed when fighting for the Mystic Spirit Continent, and Perfected Deity Mystic Spirit won.

But now, after tens of thousands of years, Perfected Deity Absolutist had made a comeback. He led many Perfected Lords to attack the Mystic Spirit Continent directly, and won successively. In the blink of an eye, the Mystic Spirit Continent had already turned into a battlefield.

Moreover, the subordinates of Perfected Deity Absolutist had sealed off the Mystic Spirit Continent, forbidding all entry and exit. Even though there were many teams of chambers of commerce on the Mystic Spirit Continent with Perfected Deities behind them, no Perfected Deity seemed to have appeared to save their caravan.

This was because Perfected Deity Absolutist had not harmed any cultivators in the caravans, nor had he deliberately targeted any chamber of commerce. Those high and mighty Perfected Deities were naturally unwilling to offend Perfected Deity Absolutist for no reason.

After all, when Perfected Deity Absolutist had made a comeback this time, his strength seemed to have improved greatly. Even Perfected Deity Mystic Spirit was not his match. Perhaps one day, this Mystic Spirit Continent would have a new ruler.

For this reason, all the Perfected Deities were even less willing to offend Perfected Deity Absolutist.

However, once war broke out, there would always be casualties. Many cultivators who were still on the Mystic Spirit Continent were terrified. The ma.s.ses were in a state of panic.

“Perfected Lord Ziyuan, let’s inform Perfected Lord Lin. Without Perfected Lord Lin, I’m afraid we won’t be able to leave this Mystic Spirit Continent.”

Perfected Lord Empyrean was a little anxious.

Originally, they had accepted the mission of the Fire Phoenix Chamber of Commerce to escort the chamber of commerce’s goods to the Mystic Spirit Continent. They had already made one escort trip, and did not expect to encounter such a matter the second time.

They could only stay in the Fire Phoenix Chamber of Commerce, but the Fire Phoenix Chamber of Commerce was not protected by a divine array. Even the cultivators in the Fire Phoenix Chamber of Commerce could barely protect themselves, let alone them.

A while ago, a chamber of commerce was implicated, and was completely destroyed by the aftershock of the battle between the two parties.

Perfected Lord Ziyuan shook her head and looked at the distant sky. “In the current state of the Mystic Spirit Continent, so what if we inform Perfected Lord Lin? There are dozens of top-notch Perfected Lords here. Moreover, there are two Perfected Deities at war. Even if we tell Perfected Lord Lin, he won’t be able to enter the Mystic Spirit Continent.”


Perfected Lord Empyrean opened his mouth, only to hesitate and swallow his words in the end.

“Perhaps Perfected Lord Lin has a solution.”

The other Perfected Lords were also a little hesitant. Their only hope now was Lin Feng. Otherwise, they would have nothing to rely on in the holy city of Chaos.

Hearing this, Perfected Lord Ziyuan said, “That’s fine. You can inform Perfected Lord Lin, but you must tell Perfected Lord Lin everything about the situation here in detail. We can’t put Perfected Lord Lin at risk.”

“Of course we understand. We won’t let Perfected Lord Lin take the risk unless we’re absolutely confident. We just hope that Perfected Lord can gather more information outside.”

Hence, Perfected Lord Empyrean sent a message to Lin Feng immediately, filled with antic.i.p.ation.

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