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Chapter 976 - 976 Rule Tempering Divine Ability and Body Tempering Divine Ability

976 Rule Tempering Divine Ability and Body Tempering Divine Ability

Refining a Chaotic spirit treasure might be slightly more complicated, but as long as he obtained the approval of the artifact spirit, the rest would be very simple. Lin Feng easily inscribed a mental imprint in the Quadruple Spirit Lamp.

The reason why he did not inscribe a perfected spirit imprint was that perfected spirits were the foundation of cultivators, and could not be lost. Even a Perfected Lord could not split out any of their perfected spirit.

Even if they could split out a little of their perfected spirit, if it entered the Chaotic spirit treasure and the Chaotic spirit treasure was destroyed, wouldn’t their perfected spirit also disappear? The gains would not make up for the losses.

Hence, no Perfected Lord would use a perfected spirit imprint to refine a Chaotic spirit treasure.

After Lin Feng refined the Quadruple Spirit Lamp, he naturally grasped the various miraculous aspects of the Quadruple Spirit Lamp. The four Chaotic spirit flames seemed to be famous. They could be fused to form a new kind of flame, which was extraordinarily powerful.


But what was the use?

Perhaps it could pose a strong threat to some Perfected Lords, but to Lin Feng, his opponents and enemies were no longer Perfected Lords, but those Semi-Perfected Deities who had cultivated divine abilities, or even great Perfected Deities!

Apart from the Quadruple Spirit Lamp, Lin Feng also looked through the other eight Chaotic spirit treasures one after another. He used the same method to refine them one by one. Perhaps Lin Feng’s method was a little domineering, but if he really let these Chaotic spirit treasures choose for themselves, Lin Feng probably would not be able to refine any of them.

Among the nine Chaotic spirit treasures, six were offensive Chaotic spirit treasures. In reality, such Chaotic spirit treasures were relatively common in the Chaos, but Lin Feng was not interested in these offensive Chaotic spirit treasures.

It was mainly because these offensive Chaotic spirit treasures were far inferior to Lin Feng’s divine ability and the cosmic power in his body. What was their use to Lin Feng?

One of the remaining three Chaotic spirit treasures was a defensive Chaotic spirit treasure, but its power was barely satisfactory. It could only withstand 10 to 20% of the power of ordinary divine abilities, which was better than nothing to Lin Feng.

The other two were both support-type Chaotic spirit treasures. One was a large support-type Chaotic spirit treasure that could a.s.sist many Chaotic Perfected Persons and Perfected Lords in cultivation. For a faction, such Chaotic spirit treasures were naturally supreme treasures. However, to Lin Feng, it could be left to the Mystic Sky Palace, and was not of much use to Lin Feng.

Only the last Chaotic spirit treasure had a very strange name. It was called the Monument of Lucidity. It was a stone tablet, a Chaotic spirit treasure born naturally in the depths of the Chaos. When placed around cultivators, it could calm the heart of cultivators. More importantly, it was very beneficial to the perfected spirits of Perfected Lords.

In fact, under the influence of the Monument of Lucidity, perfected spirits could better comprehend those Chaotic Rules, and the efficiency would increase greatly. Chaotic spirit treasures that a.s.sisted cultivation happened to be suitable for Lin Feng.

Hence, Lin Feng brought the Monument of Lucidity with him. As for the other Chaotic spirit treasures, he placed them in his internal universe to retrieve when they were useful.

Next, Lin Feng took out the divine ability techniques. Lin Feng had obtained a total of 23 complete divine ability techniques from the Chaotic merchants. Apart from Lin Feng’s own three divine ability techniques, there were a total of 20 divine ability techniques.

If these 20 divine abilities were placed in the Hallowed Beast Continent, there was no knowing what kind of bloodshed they would evoke. In any Chaotic continent, they would be enough to cause Perfected Lords to fight to the death.

After all, a divine ability technique represented the level of comprehension of certain Chaotic Rules by a certain Perfected Lord. Hence, cultivating a divine ability to a certain extent could not only increase one’s combat power and strength, but also increase the cultivator’s comprehension of the Chaotic Rules, and thus advance one step closer to becoming a supreme Perfected Deity.

These 20 divine abilities were all lesser divine abilities. Normally, only lesser divine abilities were circulated in the Chaos. As for greater divine abilities, they were terrifying divine abilities that even supreme Perfected Deities had to fight over. How could they be circulated in the Chaos?

Lin Feng flipped through them roughly, only to realize that these 20 divine ability techniques were vaguely divided into two main categories. They were the Rule tempering divine abilities and the body tempering divine abilities.

Only today did Lin Feng learn that divine ability techniques were divided into two categories.

The Rule tempering divine ability was very simple. It was about comprehending the Chaotic Rule, and using the Rule as a guide to unleash terrifying power. The three divine abilities that Lin Feng had obtained previously, be it the Aqua Curtain Barrier, the Terra Spear, or the successfully cultivated Ennead Wind Flame Divine Ability, were actually all under the category of Rule tempering divine abilities.

Once one cultivated a body tempering divine ability, they would possess a powerful body, and it would be abnormally difficult to kill them. Moreover, body tempering divine abilities imitated Chaotic hallowed beasts to begin with. Hence, once one cultivated a body tempering divine ability, even if they were not a match for Chaotic hallowed beasts, they would be almost invincible among divine beasts below the level of hallowed beasts.

Unfortunately, body tempering divine abilities were very difficult to cultivate. Moreover, there were very few body tempering divine abilities, and they were very rare. Among the 20 divine abilities Lin Feng had obtained, there were only two body tempering divine abilities.

Lin Feng’s heart skipped a beat. He was rather interested in body tempering divine abilities. As for the other 18 refining divine abilities, their power was actually inferior to the Ennead Wind Flame Divine Ability.

Divine abilities were about quality, not quant.i.ty. It was already quite good that Lin Feng could cultivate the Ennead Wind Flame Divine Ability to a profound level, let alone cultivate other Rule tempering divine abilities.

Moreover, cultivating divine abilities also required comprehending more Chaotic Rules, which was even more difficult.

On the other hand, the two body tempering divine abilities interested Lin Feng. Although he had defeated Perfected Lord Long, he had relied on his internal universe. Only with the full power of his internal universe, which was about the power of a realm, had he defeated Perfected Lord Long decisively.

Otherwise, he would really not be Perfected Lord Long’s match. It was evident how powerful the body tempering divine ability that Perfected Lord Long cultivated was. Among the same lesser divine abilities, body tempering divine abilities generally had some advantages over cultivation divine abilities. Of course, cultivating them was also very difficult.

These two body tempering divine abilities were the Spirit Flame Hallowed Body and the White Dragon Hallowed Body respectively.

As the name suggested, the White Dragon Hallowed Body was formed after a supreme Perfected Deity captured and killed a white dragon. That white dragon was a descendant of the Ancestral Dragon, and a true divine beast!

Cultivating the White Dragon Hallowed Body did not even require Chaotic Rules. This was also the first time Lin Feng had seen a divine ability that did not require Chaotic Rules. That Perfected Deity could be considered to have opened an alternative path.

Although it did not require comprehension of the Chaotic Rule, it required the essence blood of a divine dragon.

How difficult was it to obtain the essence blood of a divine beast of the Dragon race? There were very, very few divine beasts in the Dragon race to begin with. Moreover, they were under the protection of the Ancestral Dragon. Even the Perfected Deity who created this body tempering divine ability back then could only stay in the holy city of Chaos after angering the Ancestral Dragon.

If he ever left, he might be killed by the enraged Ancestral Dragon. Even a powerful Perfected Deity who had actually cultivated a great divine ability ended up this way. Others would be even worse off.

Hence, almost no one cultivated this divine ability.

However, when Lin Feng saw this divine ability, inspiration struck, and an idea flashed through his mind.

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