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Chapter 1919: 300 Powerful s.p.a.cetime Crystals!

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

Ten drops of golden liquid was not much, but it was definitely not little. Ten drops were enough for him to see everything clearly.

In particular, Lin Feng’s medium chiliocosm was the foundation. Lin Feng could not use it for experimentation at will.

If anything went wrong, it would damage his foundation, and it would be too late for regrets.

However, as the medium chiliocosm fused the ten drops of golden liquid, Lin Feng clearly sensed that the medium chiliocosm actually seemed to be loosening slightly.

It felt as if the medium chiliocosm was expanding.

Could it really continue to expand?


The next moment, the medium chiliocosm seemed to have broken a barrier. It expanded wildly.

Even though it only expanded for an instant, and ten drops of golden liquid were ultimately nothing much, the limit of the medium chiliocosm had indeed been broken.

It had broken through its shackles!

What exactly was this golden liquid? Or, what exactly was that golden flower?

Lin Feng was bewildered and uncertain.

If he could bring back that golden flower, or obtain more golden liquid, would it mean that his medium chiliocosm could expand further?

How terrifying was this?

Currently, there were a few aspects that limited Lin Fengs strength.

First, his medium chiliocosm had reached its limit and could no longer expand.

Second, the principle of s.p.a.cetime did not improve either. Or rather, it was very difficult to improve.

Third, the s.p.a.cetime prison was firmly suppressed by the s.p.a.cetime rule. Even the s.p.a.cetime prison that had already undergone metamorphosis could only unleash a very small portion of its strength.

If Lin Fengs medium chiliocosm could improve further, and even reach the level of a powerful Origin Beast….

It would mean that Lin Feng could use his medium chiliocosm to trap those powerful Origin Beasts directly, allowing the s.p.a.cetime prison to unleash its full power.

At that time, once they were trapped in Lin Fengs medium chiliocosm, what Origin Beast could resist the s.p.a.cetime prison?

At that time, he would be sweeping, crushing, and invincible!

Below peak Origin Beasts, Lin Feng could be considered invincible!

Of course, this was only Lin Fengs speculation.

Although the golden liquid could allow his medium chiliocosm to expand, Lin Feng was not confident in how much it could expand.

“Fuse it all!”

Lin Feng stopped testing.

Since he had already tested it, he would give it his all.

Hence, he poured all the golden liquid he had obtained from this venture into the medium chiliocosm.


The entire medium chiliocosm seemed to be shaking wildly. Then, it began to expand.

Every expansion was actually breaking the shackles and limits for Lin Feng. Hence, every expansion was abnormally difficult and painful.

It was as if the medium chiliocosm was about to burst. However, this was an expansion that broke the shackles.

One day, two days, three days…

In the blink of an eye, a few months had pa.s.sed.

Lin Fengs medium chiliocosm expanded very slowly, but it did not stop. Instead, it expanded step by step in an orderly manner.

Perhaps it would not expand by much in the end, but every step was breaking the limit and shackles.

At last, three months later, the golden liquid in Lin Fengs body finally disappeared. The expansion of the medium chiliocosm finally stopped.

“It expanded by three times?”

Lin Feng carefully sensed his internal medium chiliocosm.

Actually, Lin Feng’s medium chiliocosm was already very ma.s.sive. Forget about three times, even expanding by two times was no small matter.

“My internal medium chiliocosm should more or less be able to trap powerful Origin Beasts now,” Lin Feng muttered softly.

Actually, he could not be certain either. Theoretically speaking, he was confident. However, who knew how those powerful Origin Beasts would perform?

Lin Fengs medium chiliocosm had broken through its limit and shackles. Even Lin Feng himself was not very clear about how strong it was.

However, the expansion of the medium chiliocosm by three times did not just mean a threefold increase in strength of the medium chiliocosm.

Lin Feng no longer had the golden liquid, and could no longer cultivate in seclusion.

However, he still had three peak Origin supreme treasures.

He had gained a lot this time. He did not want to keep them forever.

No matter how great the gain, if it could not be converted into strength, it would not be much of a gain.

So, since Lin Fengs medium chiliocosm could no longer expand, he would comprehend the principle of s.p.a.cetime.

Hence, Lin Feng planned to sell these three peak Origin supreme treasures first.

He found three large chambers of commerce respectively. He did not sell them immediately, and only asked about the price.

He would only sell at most one peak Origin supreme treasure to every chamber of commerce.

As Lin Feng had expected, peak Origin supreme treasures did not lack buyers at all.

These chambers of commerce even offered the greatest benefits one by one, wanting to keep a peak Origin supreme treasure. They did not hesitate to offer above the market price.

The reason was very simple. What is rare is dear.

Peak Origin supreme treasures were simply too precious.

Even for these chambers of commerce, using one as the treasure for the finale would still be rather impressive. It could subtly improve the reputation of the chamber of commerce.

Some large chambers of commerce would even hold auctions.

If there was not even a single peak Origin supreme treasure in the auction, the chamber of commerce would certainly be subject to doubt.

Hence, although Lin Feng’s three peak Origin supreme treasures could not be considered very good, each of them was sold for a high price.

He obtained a total of 270 powerful s.p.a.cetime crystals from the three peak Origin supreme treasures.

It was equivalent to selling every peak Origin supreme treasure for a high price of 90 powerful s.p.a.cetime crystals.

With 270 powerful s.p.a.cetime crystals, in addition to the 30 powerful s.p.a.cetime crystals left after Lin Feng bought the residence previously, Lin Feng had a total of 300 powerful s.p.a.cetime crystals.

This was definitely not a small number. On the contrary, this was a huge fortune.

Originally, Lin Feng planned to comprehend the principle of s.p.a.cetime after obtaining a hundred powerful s.p.a.cetime crystals.

But now that there were a total of 300 of them, Lin Feng was undoubtedly more confident.

Lin Feng was at the third stage of the principle of s.p.a.cetime, and had already begun to slowly touch the principle of the future.

Hence, he was considered close to the fourth stage.

It seemed like he was just a little bit away, but in reality, it was very difficult to break through.

Many Voidwalkers could not break through to the fourth stage even after dozens or hundreds of epochs in the Origin Gate.

This was because once one broke through to the fourth stage, as long as their peak Origin supreme treasure was not too bad, they would usually be able to become a powerful Voidwalker, or even a peak Voidwalker!

Lin Feng was already a powerful Voidwalker now. Once he made another breakthrough in the principle of s.p.a.cetime, comprehended the path of the future, and entered the fourth stage…

Then, without a doubt, he would definitely become a peak Voidwalker.

Moreover, he would be a peak Voidwalker with considerable strength!

Hence, this step was crucial to Lin Feng!

Only by becoming a peak Voidwalker could Lin Feng come into contact with the true mysteries of the Origin Gate.

In fact, only by becoming a peak Voidwalker could Lin Feng increase his strength faster.

Only then could he understand the true secret of the golden flower.

“I’ll cultivate in seclusion!”

Lin Feng made up his mind and decisively entered seclusion..

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