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Chapter 1483 - 1483: Lin Feng’s Dominance!

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

In the Epoch Alliance Headquarters, Lin Feng sat high in the seat of honor.

Below him were more than ten Two-star Supremacies. Originally, there were dozens of Two-star Supremacies, but they were all distributed at the border defense line. Hence, only a dozen or so returned.

This was already commendable. After all, the situation at the battlefront was a little tense now. The fact that more than ten Two-star Supremacies had returned was already giving Lin Feng, the Supremacy guarding the headquarters, a lot of respect.

Originally, having Lin Feng preside over the headquarters was just a stopgap measure. No one thought much of it. However, who would have expected that Lin Feng was actually a 10 billion-level Supremacy, and even annihilated the Proclamation Alliance, declaring his strength to the entire small chiliocosm, while also deterring all the other medium chiliocosm factions?

Lin Feng deserved the credit for being the top contributor!

Hence, among all the members who stayed behind to guard the Epoch Alliance, it made sense for Lin Feng to be the leader. With the departure of the other senior members, Lin Feng was the mainstay of the current Epoch Alliance.

As for what the true elders of the Epoch Alliance would do when they returned in the future, no one thought about it. If they returned, so be it. When the time came, the upper echelons would naturally step in to coordinate.

Moreover, who could be certain that Lin Feng could not become an elder?

In reality, ever since Lin Feng became famous in the small chiliocosm, many people began to study Lin Feng’s rise to power, and they studied it very thoroughly. No matter how well Lin Feng had concealed himself in the past, some of his “secrets” were actually no longer secrets now.

Many Supremacies had already learned that Lin Feng had risen to power in a short period of time. It was not hundreds of thousands of years, millions of years, or billions of years, but less than 10,000 years.

He had become the 10 billion-level Supremacy he was in the present in less than 10,000 years. Who would believe that he had no fortuitous encounters or secrets?

However, fortuitous encounters and secrets were actually not a big deal. Forget about Two-star Supremacy, all One-star Supremacies had some secrets and fortuitous encounters.

It was very difficult to become a One-star Supremacy without fortuitous encounters, let alone a Two-star Supremacy. The fact that Lin Feng could grow to his current state as a 10 billion-level Supremacy might even contain a

shocking secret.

Some people even already made vague guesses from Lin Feng’s desire for

Boundary Stones in the past, and his use of the world origin to exchange for Boundary Stones this time.

Could Lin Feng’s rapid improvement be related to the Boundary Stones?

Some people swore that it must be related to the Boundary Stones. Otherwise, why would Lin Feng spend so much effort to collect Boundary Stones? However, no matter how the other Controllers tried, they could not find a way to use the Boundary Stones to quickly improve their strength.

It was normal that one or two Supremacies could not find it, but even tens of thousands of Controllers could not find the secret of the Boundary Stones. Could Lin Feng have found the secret just because he was the smartest person among them?

The answer might be negative.

Some people studied Lin Feng’s rise to power and some specific deeds, and actually deduced an important piece of news. The Dark Domain Supremacy, Lin Feng, was very likely a Controller who was different from traditional Controllers. He was a Controller who had transformed into a universe!

Transformation into a universe!

As soon as this news spread, many people were shocked, and it even caused a huge uproar. Some people did not know what transformation into a universe meant, but there were always people who knew.

In the entire small chiliocosm, in nine epochs, Lin Feng was the only one who had transformed into a universe.

For a time, no one felt that there were any secrets in the Boundary Stones anymore. Even if Lin Feng could use Boundary Stones, it was very likely because of the uniqueness of his transformation into a universe. This was something that others could only envy.

Many Controllers of the medium chiliocosm did not believe it. Compared to the Controllers of small chiliocosms, those Controllers of the medium chiliocosm knew better what a Controller who had transformed into a universe meant.

Transformation into a universe signified a great figure who might become a true Chiliocosm Sovereign. How could such a figure exist in a small chiliocosm? How great was a true Chiliocosm Sovereign? Moreover, they were very rare. At the very least, compared to the infinite small chiliocosms, there were very few true Chiliocosm Sovereigns.

Although most of the Controllers of the medium chiliocosm were contemptuous, and did not believe in the rumors, they could not help but be curious. They even came to the Epoch Alliance.

They also wanted to meet him personally. How powerful was a Controller who was unafraid of the Chiliocosm Sovereigns of the medium chiliocosm, and had annihilated ma.s.sive factions like the Opulent Lodge, the Sky Horn Alliance, and the Proclamation Alliance in succession?

Moreover, he had grown to become a 10 billion-level Supremacy in less than 10,000 years. This was rare even in the medium chiliocosm.

With these various mysterious halos, even the Supremacies of the medium chiliocosm could not help but come to the Epoch Alliance. Hence, the Epoch Alliance Headquarters became even more lively.

Lin Feng knew about the various rumors outside, of course, but he did not respond to any of them. Sometimes, not responding and remaining mysterious was far better than responding.

At the very least, staying mysterious would make some people with ulterior motives reconsider.

“Everyone, the safety of the Epoch Alliance must be guaranteed. Anyone who violates the rules of the Epoch Alliance will be expelled. In serious cases, they will be executed directly!”

Lin Feng gave the order. He had to do his best to ensure that this trading event was held safely. This concerned whether Lin Feng could obtain an endless stream of Boundary Stones in the future. It was very important.

“Yes, Dark Domain Supremacy!” The many Supremacies nodded.

“All right, let all the traders in.”

Lin Feng waved his hand. Immediately, the gate of the Epoch Alliance Headquarters opened. Many Controllers who were already waiting outside entered one by one.

The hall of the Epoch Alliance Headquarters was huge, enough to accommodate hundreds of thousands of people. Now that these Controllers entered the hall of the headquarters in an endless stream, it actually did not feel crowded at all.

When everyone entered the hall, they immediately looked at the man sitting in the upper part of the hall.

“Greetings, Dark Domain Supremacy!”

Many Supremacies bowed slightly to Lin Feng. With Lin Feng’s current status and ident.i.ty, he was worthy of the bow from these Controllers.

“Everyone, you’re too polite. Today is the trading day. As long as you have Boundary Stones above One-star, you can trade them. The ratio is one portion of world origin for ten Boundary Stones. If anyone would like to trade now, you may do so in public.”

Actually, if it was a private trade, many people would still be a little worried.

Lin Feng’s status was so high, and he was so powerful. Anyone would have some reservations about meeting Lin Feng alone. Hence, Lin Feng held this trade fair to conduct trades in public.

As long as he started this and obtained everyone’s trust, those Controllers who wanted to make deals would no longer have any reservations in the future.

As soon as Lin Feng finished speaking, a Supremacy walked out of the crowd in public and laughed loudly. “Haha, it’s the Dark Domain Supremacy, right? I’ve long heard of the Dark Domain Supremacy’s deal. However, I’m afraid the Dark Domain Supremacy can’t offer so much world origin!”


This person should be a Two-star Supremacy who had not joined the Epoch Alliance.

“As long as you have Boundary Stones, no matter how many there are, I’ll trade them all! There aren’t many people in the entire small chiliocosm who I can’t trade with!” Lin Feng said with a great deal of dominance.

HIS entire being exuded infinite confidence!

This was Lin Feng, the Dark Domain Supremacy of the Epoch Alliance, the master of the First Light, a powerful 10 billion-level Supremacy! His voice echoed in the entire hall, and everyone’s ears rang. It was as if a mountain was pressing down on them all of a sudden, making them feel suffocated..

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