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Chapter 640: Winning Money (3)

Translator: Dragon Boat Translation Editor: Dragon Boat Translation

When she left, she took the paper she wrote down on the table with her.

Zhao Shanshan couldn’t help but laugh after she left.

“Miss, they…”

Lin Xiaoyue glared at Zhao Shanshan.

She was the Sixth Princess after all. It was fine if she did not give her face. After all, she was now a guest of the Imperial Advisor’s residence, and she came to bully her first.

However, it was too much for a servant girl to laugh at the princess.

Zhao Shanshan immediately stopped smiling.

At the same time, he was on guard.

“The Sixth Princess came over a long time ago. Why didn’t you wake me up?” Lin Xiaoyue asked.

Actually, she had been woken up by the Sixth Princess ever since she came over. She just didn’t open her eyes and got up from the bed.

The quality of her sleep after that was actually not good.

“I…1 wanted to tell the Sixth Princess the truth and call you over. But the Sixth Princess didn’t give me that chance.” Zhao Shanshan pulled Lin Xiaoyue’s arm and said coquettishly.

It was also because she felt that she might be able to deal with the Sixth Princess. This way, she wouldn’t have to disturb Miss’ rest.

Who knew that she would wake her up.

Lin Xiaoyue glanced at Zhao Shanshan unhappily.

“Forget it. Go to the kitchen and bring some food over. I’m hungry.” She said indifferently.

Zhao Shanshan was delighted.

“Yes, Miss!” She quickly replied.

Then, she left the room.

Just as she left the courtyard, Zhao Shanshan saw Li Xiao and Fan Teng.

As well as Butler Liu and the others who were blocked outside the courtyard by the two of them.

Zhao Shanshan didn’t ask further and went to the kitchen.

Later, Lin Xiaoyue found out that not long after the Sixth Princess arrived at the Plum Garden, Housekeeper Liu had brought people over.

Later, Liang Chengcai also came.

However, none of these people dared to enter the plum garden and only watched from outside.

After that, Li Xiao and Fan Teng found him and blocked him outside for questioning.

When Zhao Shanshan saw Housekeeper Liu and the others, Liang Chengcai had already left.

Where to? Naturally, she went after the Sixth Princess.

For the paper in the Sixth Princess’s hand.

Actually, not only the Sixth Princess, Liang Chengcai also wanted to learn more about mathematics from Lin Xiaoyue.

However, with the Imperial Advisor’s instructions and Li Xiao in the plum garden, he did not have the guts to approach Lin Xiaoyue.

Now that he saw the Sixth Princess’ returning with a bountiful bounty’, he naturally had to go and take a look.

Zhao Shanshan went to the kitchen and asked. She found out that the kitchen had prepared a sumptuous meal for her young miss, and the portion was huge.

Zhao Shanshan didn’t stand on ceremony. She couldn’t take that much by herself, so she called two people from the kitchen to bring the food back to the plum garden.

In the end, Lin Xiaoyue was not the only one eating.

Li Xiao entered Lin Xiaoyue’s room and the couple together.

In the afternoon, the Sixth Princess and Liang Chengcai were busy discussing the mathematical knowledge Lin Xiaoyue had taught them, as well as the algorithm and train of thought for Lin Xiaoyue’s question. No one came to disturb Lin Xiaoyue.

Lin Xiaoyue was relatively free, so she called Li Xiao and prepared to cook some delicacies to show her respect to the Imperial Advisor.

When the Imperial Advisor received the news, he joined them.

When he arrived at the plum garden, he saw Lin Xiaoyue with Li Xiao and two servants bustling about. It was very novel.

After that, Lin Xioayue got the Imperial Advisor to join in.

Putting on meat skewers, preparing condiments, and so on. It was fun and lively.

While doing his work, the Imperial Advisor chatted with his granddaughter and the servant girl.

Hearing about what happened in the plum garden in the morning, he was all smiles.

As expected of his granddaughter, she was really smart.

The insufferably arrogant Sixth Princess was completely convinced.

Hehe, he was wondering why Chengcai didn’t come to join in the fun when it was so lively here.

It seemed that he had gone to the Brocade Pavilion to seek advice from the Sixth Princess.

Those two people had the same character…

After preparing for an entire afternoon, Lin Xiaoyue finally allowed them to cook.

Lin Xiaoyue personally operated the barbecue grill and brought Li Xiao to roast the skewers for everyone.

With the help of the spices, the fragrance of the roasted meat wafted out of the plum garden and spread far away.

The laughter in the plum garden also attracted the attention of the servants in the Imperial Advisor’s residence.

Housekeeper Liu brought a few servants and watched from a place not far from the plum garden.

Hearing the laughter coming from the plum garden, which even included the Imperial Advisor’s laughter, a wave of shock surged in his heart.

What kind of delicious food was being cooked here? It was too fragrant.

And what kind of magic did Madam Li have that not only made his Young Master and the Sixth Princess submit, but also made the Imperial Advisor so happy?

He had never seen the Imperial Advisor laugh until now..

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