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S. MITCh.e.l.l, Brevet Lieut.-Col. and Major, 2d Bat. Rifle Brigade.

JAS. TRAVERS, Brevet-Major, Rifle Brigade.

WM. c.o.x, Capt. Rifle Brigade.

BOYLE TRAVERS, Capt. Rifle Brigade.

CHAS. GEO. GRAY, Brevet-Major, Rifle Brigade.

WM. HALLEN, Capt. Rifle Brigade.

T. H. RIDGWAY, M.D., Surgeon, Rifle Brigade.

_Tuam, 19th April 1820._


_Paisley, 15th July 1820._


I learn with extreme regret that you consider it to be expedient to make application to be removed as Quartermaster to a veteran battalion. I have stronger reason to feel this regret than I believe any other of your brother officers, as I have known you longer, it being now about twenty years since we met at the formation of the Rifle Corps; during the greater part of this time you served, I may say, under my immediate command; and I can bear the most ample and unqualified testimony to the zeal, intelligence, and gallantry with which you discharged the duties of the different situations you have filled in the corps.

I shall have great pleasure in hearing of your future welfare; and should it ever happen to be in my power to promote your views in any way, I hope you will consider that you will only have to make them known.

Believe me, my Dear Sir, Ever yours most sincerely, JOHN ROSS, Lt.-Col.

Major, Rifle Brigade.

Quartermaster Wm. Surtees, Rifle Brigade.


_Halifax, Nova Scotia, 25th August 1826._


Were it permitted a soldier to regret the loss of his comrades, then truly should I deplore yours; I have only just learned that you are about to avail yourself of Lord Palmerston's permission to retire from the service on account of ill health, after having in your present situation completed your period of twenty years. You have struggled against indisposition with manly fort.i.tude in various climes, and have ever performed your duty zealously and conscientiously.

I, as well as the other officers of the corps, have ever lamented that your natural zeal and talent as a soldier, should not have been called forth in a more conspicuous situation; and there is not an old officer in the regiment who has not witnessed your intrepid bravery in the field.

I must again a.s.sure you, that you leave us with the most heartfelt good wishes for your welfare, and the universal regret of the corps, in which you have served so many years with the most rigid integrity and zeal; and should I have it in my power upon any future occasion to render you any service whatever, it will afford me as much satisfaction as I now feel distress, in losing one of my old companions in arms, with whom I have been so many years happily a.s.sociated.

And ever believe me, Your very sincere friend, H. G. SMITH, Brevet Lieut.-Col. Rifle Brigade.

Quartermaster Surtees, Rifle Brigade.


_Halifax, Nova Scotia, 30th August 1826._

We the undersigned officers present with the 1st Battalion Rifle Brigade, who have had the satisfaction of an intimate acquaintance with Mr Surtees for a series of years at home and abroad, beg leave to add our testimony as to the valour, integrity, zeal, and gentlemanlike conduct which we have ever witnessed in him; and beg to express our sincere regret at the prospect of losing his society and services.

J. LOGAN, Major.

W. JOHNSTONE, Captain.


G. HOPE, Captain.

JOHN c.o.x, Captain.

J. KINCAID, Lieutenant.




_Halifax, Nova Scotia, 30th August 1826._


I most truly and sincerely regret that your long, zealous, and indefatigable duties have so seriously undermined your const.i.tution, as to oblige you to retire from the service.

Although I feel a very lively gratification in bearing testimony to your merit and gallantry in the field, as well as to your public and private character as an officer and a gentleman, in the most unqualified sense, during a period of twenty-four years which I have known you, I cannot, at the same time, but lament the circ.u.mstances which bind me, in justice to your meritorious services, to tender you this my humble tribute of regard and esteem for all you have done for the service and the corps, and for such unremitted integrity and worth. You have my ardent wishes for your health and happiness wherever you go.

Believe me to be, My Dear Sir, Always sincerely yours, A. NORCOTT, Colonel.


_Halifax, Nova Scotia, 25th August 1826._


Having served in the same battalion with you for eighteen years, during which time I had every opportunity, both public and private, in various situations of home and on foreign service, of witnessing your very exemplary conduct, both as an officer and a gentleman, I, with my brother officers, have to regret that your ill health has deprived the regiment of a valuable officer, and your companions of a friend, whose amiable and excellent qualities will ever be revered by them.

With regard to myself, it will afford me the greatest pleasure if at any future period I can in any way be of service to you.

Believe me, my dear Sir, Yours most truly, JAS. FULLARTON, Lt.-Col.

Major, Rifle Brigade.

Quartermaster Surtees, Rifle Brigade.


_Naas, 2d June 1826._


It affords me much pleasure to a.s.sure you, that during the time I was in the Rifle Brigade (13 years), and more particularly when you served under my immediate command, I can bear the most ample and unqualified testimony to the zeal, intelligence, and gallantry with which you discharged your duty--and wherever you may go, you carry with you the good wishes of,

Yours most sincerely, W. BALVAIRD, Lt.-Col.

late Major, Rifle Brigade.

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