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Fo-hi be praised! Now, this is what I call A great success. My pig has done it all.

(_Fetches_ BARAK _from behind the crowd_)--

Come, dearest husband; much too long you've trembled.


Let it be known to all those here a.s.sembled-- I may not justly claim the victor's crown, Adelma's shrewdness served me; not my own.

Prince Kalaf vanquished me, and may command As prize of his achievement, my poor hand.

(_To_ KALAF.) But not in deference to lawful right I gave myself to thee, but through love's might.

My heart was thine, when first I did behold thee.


Excess of bliss, thus to my heart to fold thee!


What do they say? You all make such a noise, I can't hear anything--not my own voice.

No doubt it's quite correct, nay, sentimental; So take my blessing and consent parental.


F-f-friend F-pa-pantaloon, what j-j-joy! _Che dolci affetti!_ P-prep-p-pare the b-ba-ban-qu-quet. _Mangerem confetti!_

ALTOUM _joins the lover's hands, and places his hands on their heads_.

_The eight Doctors join hands and dance in a circle, nodding their chins._ PANT. _and_ TART. _dance together_.

BARAK _and_ SKIRINA _ditto_.

TRUFFALDIN _twirls round_ ADELMA, _who snubs him_. BRIGh.e.l.lA _and guards gravely jump up and down_.




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