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Chapter 91: College Entrance Exam Finals! (1)

“Unexpectedly, it went smoothly.”

In the first row of Area A, Ma Li's sister took off her gla.s.ses and wiped them. “As expected of my little sister.”

“Little sister?” An old man in the distance poked his head out. “How can there be a little sister?”


Clap, clap, clap…

In the university admissions area.

Many school administrators could not help but applaud.

“Not bad.” The representative from Tsinghua University picked up a small notebook and marked Ma Li's name with an A.

“Excellent adaptability,” the representative from Jing University gave a favorable evaluation.

“This kind of ability to plan and lay out the layout on the battlefield is exactly what we need in New Oriental Cuisine.” A simple-looking middle-aged man also marked the notebook with an A.

Everyone looked at this person with a face full of question marks.

“Chen Yu, your a.n.a.lysis of me is only at the third level.”

Perhaps it was a sure victory, Ma Li could not help but reveal the smug look of a little girl. “If it wasn't for that series of calculations that caused you to become cautious of me and slow down your pace, with your speed, how could I let the hat float onto your head?”

Chen Yu: “…”

“Throw It? Impossible. No sound of the wind can escape your sensitive ears. Directly slamming it onto your head? There's such a huge difference in combat strength, so it's even more impossible. Even if it was done in an instant, I wouldn't have the time to use my martial arts.”

Chen Yu: “…”

Dragging her lame leg, Ma Li moved in front of Chen Yu and reached out to help him straighten his hat. “It's a little crooked.”

Chen Yu: “…”

“You can pack your things and go home. Ma Ma will send you off now.” As she spoke, Ma Li lifted Chen Yu with one arm and walked towards the edge of the arena.

“It's over…” In the audience stands, Chen Siwen covered her mouth as her brain went blank.

The 60,000 audience members also revealed regretful expressions.

Chen Yu, who originally had the advantage in strength, had actually lost just like that…

“You should still be able to speak, right? It's just that your actions have been controlled, so your mouth is fine.” Ma Li patted Chen Yu's head. “Let's chat for a while. It's such a happy moment.”

“To be able to completely immobilize a person, isn't this martial art too ridiculous?”

“It's because of the medium!” Ma Li tilted her head. “When the medium is placed on your head, it's equivalent to injecting strength into your scalp. Although the force contained in the hat isn't much, it only interferes with the nerve signal transmission of the left and right hemispheres of your brain. There's still something that can be easily done.”

“Then why did you make the hat green?”

Without hesitation, Ma Li said, “I've tried many colors, but only green can make the opponent feel the most uncomfortable. I don't know why, but I'm still young.”

Chen Yu: “…”

“Alright, the topic is over.” Walking to the side of the ring, Ma Li pulled Chen Yu out of the ring and was ready to let go. “Looks like the odd-array champion is mine. w.a.n.g Baoqiang, that silly big guy, can be easily dealt with.”

Off the stage, w.a.n.g Baoqiang's smile, which was originally cheerful, instantly disappeared. “…”

“Only Bahuang Yao is left. She's not easy to deal with. I didn't expect that autistic student in cla.s.s to have such a trump card.”

Chen Yu looked deeply at Ma Li. “I think… You're very suitable to be my teammate. Come to Beijing University, I'll take you up into the sky.”

“Come to Tsinghua University, we'll communicate at a distance.” Ma Li smiled and let go. “Goodbye.”


“Sneak attack!”

The next second, something unexpected happened!

Chen Yu, who was falling, suddenly swept his leg in the air!


Before Ma Li could react, she immediately fell down.

Then, Chen Yu pulled her over and pressed her under him.


Ma Li fell firmly onto the gra.s.s outside the arena.

Chen Yu stepped on her body and jumped…

…Back into the arena.

The scene was silent.

Everyone was shocked by this reversal.

“Do you think that only you know how to be an old woman?”

“How… How…” Ma Li came back to her senses and looked at Chen Yu. “How can you still move?”

Taking off her green hat, Chen Yu took a step forward. “How refreshing. Not only can I move, but I can also walk. Sigh, I can even jog. I can even stand on tiptoe! Tiptoe! Sigh! I can even jump, jump, jump, jump…”

Ma Li: “…”

“Perhaps the martial arts have failed. It is indeed difficult to control the force in the media at a fixed time.” The examiner in sungla.s.ses walked forward. “Contestant Ma Li fell off the stage. This round, Chen Yu wins and advances to the next round.”

“How does it feel to not be able to move? Congratulations on the College Entrance Examination round.”

Ma Li: “…”

“Hahaha, the ups and downs of life are really too exciting. I'm so happy!”

Ma Li: “…”

After the battle between Chen Yu and Ma Li ended, the first round of the official compet.i.tion was nearing its end.

There were a total of 32 people in the odd and even numbers groups. Half of them were eliminated. Only 16 people were left to advance to the second round.

After resting for half an hour, the second round began.

w.a.n.g Baoqiang still easily defeated his opponent.

The even number group's Bahuang Yao once again displayed strength that far exceeded that of a Level 1 martial artist. She broke through his opponent's defense in a row and advanced to the third round.

Next, it was Chen Yu's turn to go on stage.

His opponent was the No. 2 High School's leader, Liang Fan.

“Do you have a reason for you to win?” Walking onto the stage, Chen Yu asked seriously.

“A reason to win?” Liang Fan was stunned for a moment before he nodded. “Yes. I alone occupy too much of the No. 2 High School's educational resources. I have to get a good ranking, or else I won't be able to face the teachers and students of my alma mater.”

“Oh.” Nodding, Chen Yu a.s.sumed an offensive stance. “Then let's begin.”

Dang! Dang! Dang!

The bell rang, and the match began.

Perhaps Ma Li had left too deep an impression on him before this. Facing Liang Fan, whose strength was far inferior to his, Chen Yu was able to hold his ground throughout the entire match.

He did not advance at all.

Naturally, he did not give Liang Fan any chance.

With a swing of his fist and a grab of his head and knee, he happily KO-ed his opponent and ended the battle.

Although Chen Yu and No. 2 High School had a grudge, Liang Fan did not provoke him. There was no grudge between the two of them. Chen Yu would not be so despicable as to hate his opponent and inflict serious injuries on him.

However, just like how he treated the female cla.s.s monitor, Chen Yu also threw Liang Fan off the stage. He stared at the No. 2 High School princ.i.p.al and said, “Pick him up.”

The No. 2 High School princ.i.p.al was so angry that he gritted his teeth and his face was ferocious. If he wanted to pick him up, he couldn't pick him up. If he didn't pick him up, he couldn't walk…

Another half an hour of rest.

The third round of the official compet.i.tion began.

The sharp decrease in the number of contestants caused the third round to end extremely quickly.

In the end, the final four names were announced.

Odd Array: w.a.n.g Baoqiang (No. 1 High School) vs Chen Yu (No. 7 High School).

Even Array: Bahuang Yao (No. 1 High School) vs ** (No. 1 High School).

The afternoon break arrived, and the audience stood in an orderly manner.

Under the protection of the soldiers and the police, the four contestants returned to the indoor hall for two hours of rest, food, or treatment.

“There are two more rounds, and we will win.”

After eating, the headmaster of No. 7 High School brought Chen Yu back to the dormitory and said excitedly, “As long as you can get the top scorer, I will definitely apply for a generous bonus for you.”

“Thank you.” Chen Yu understood. “I will also thank you for your training during my acceptance speech.”

“Then, no matter what, I have to apply for tens of thousands more.” The princ.i.p.al rubbed his hands excitedly.

“Then, no matter what, I have to thank you more.” Chen Yu rubbed his hands excitedly.

“Then, no matter what, I have to apply for tens of thousands more.”

“Then no matter what, I have to…”

“Then no matter what, I have to…”

“Then I…”

The two of them played like this all the way to the dormitory. The princ.i.p.al said goodbye and left. “Have a good rest. Good luck this afternoon!”


Entering the room alone, Chen Yu lay on the bed in a 太 shape.

There was only one thought in his mind.

‘The top scholar…'

Knock, knock!

But before he could lie down for long, there was a knock on the door.

“Who is it?”

Chen Yu walked out of the bedroom in confusion. When he opened the door, his expression was as if he had seen a ghost.

“It's you?!”

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