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The atmosphere in the room became more and more ambiguous, and the temperature also increased due to the smoke rising from the water in the barrel.

Qian Jiujiu felt that her mind was a little muddled, the air she breathed in became less and less, and when she could no longer breathe, she finally pushed Mu Yexiao away.

Mu Yexiao was amused by Qian Jiujiu's actions and giggled. He glared at Mu Yexiao: "Mu Yexiao, how can you take advantage of me?"

"Don't think that you're good-looking. I'll kiss you however you want. Let me tell you, I'm not done with you!"

"I will take responsibility!"

Mu Yexiao looked at Qian Jiujiu who was still talking so much to hide her embarra.s.sment, and with a single sentence, she succeeded in making Qian Jiujiu speechless.

However, you can't hide it no matter how much you say. At this moment, your ears are red from shyness. However, Little Qiao's earlobes were so adorable that she couldn't help but want to take a bite out of them.

It was a pity that if he were to bite now, he would definitely make the little girl angry. Therefore, Mu Yexiao did not bite now, but extended two of his fingers and rubbed at Qian Jiujiu's earlobe.

Qian Jiujiu trembled instantly, and looked at Mu Yexiao angrily: "Mu Yexiao, you're touching me, I'm not done with you, are you going to treat me or not?"

"Also, I don't want you to take any responsibility! I want to leave this place, I want to leave the manor. "

Mu Yexiao did not take Qian Jiujiu's words to heart. The Duke Palaces were his territory, and he did not want them to leave, so could it be that Qian Jiujiu was going to leave?

If you hadn't broken into my life, I wouldn't have known about your existence. I would have let you go, and let you fly freely.

However, since you fell before you could take off, you are destined to be mine. No matter how much you yearn for freedom in the future.

Your place of activity is only a three feet radius around me!

Mu Yexiao did not say these words, but he had already made this decision. After Qian Jiujiu finished speaking, she felt that the atmosphere was a bit off.

Because Mu Yexiao didn't express any opinions, but instead looked at himself deeply with eyes that flashed with something she couldn't understand, but why was his heart feeling a little strange?

Was it because of the other party's gaze that made him feel somewhat warm? Qian Jiujiu turned her head around a little unnaturally: "Don't look at me like that. Also, hurry up and cure the poison."

What if she surrendered when faced with such a handsome face and signed some disgraceful condition? Qian Jiujiu felt bitter in her heart.

To be honest, Mu Yexiao was truly beautiful. His heroic unibrow made this beautiful face br.i.m.m.i.n.g with resolution.

Qian Jiujiu did not realize at all that she had started to lose focus after seeing Mu Yexiao's face again. Mu Yexiao was very satisfied with this situation.

With the current situation, Mu Yexiao coughed twice: "Jiu Er, are you sure you want to look at me like this? "Although it is not convenient for me right now, in a certain aspect, there will definitely be no effect."

Qian Jiujiu was stupefied: "What do you mean your ability is not affected?"

Mu Yexiao burst out laughing, "Do you really have to make it so obvious? Of course the bridal chamber will not be affected. "

When Qian Jiujiu heard the two words "bridal chamber", her head finally turned around. "Are you thinking of bridal chamber? I won't kill you if I'm beautiful, hurry up and get up. "

Qian Jiujiu secretly reminded herself that for a beautiful man to scheme, it was the most detestable thing. She had to stabilize it at all costs.

However, Mu Yexiao looked at Qian Jiujiu with a wronged expression. "I also thought of that, but my wife, it's inconvenient for your husband's legs. Help your husband."

Qian Jiujiu felt gooseb.u.mps all over her body, and looked at Mu Yexiao in disdain: "My prince, what about your moral integrity? "Also, please don't call me your wife."

"Then I'll have no resistance."

Puff! How could Qian Jiujiu? She said the truth and was done for. Seeing Mu Yexiao's expression, Qian Jiujiu had the urge to kill himself.

"So your wife has no resistance to this matter. Then it's decided so happily. I'll call you my wife from now on."

Hey, hey, hey! Have you ever listened to someone speak properly? Can't you still chat? Why did it have to be decided so quickly?

Forget it, for the sake of your good looks, bear with it. Although Qian Jiujiu had this thought, her movements were not merciful at all, and directly pushed Mu Yexiao to the side.

Then, he stood up and rubbed his ears. "Alright, let me help you up."

Although a pretty boy could be seen falling to the ground, a pretty boy without any clothes on and with his pants half off, really made people feel embarra.s.sed!

Mu Yexiao glanced at Qian Jiujiu: "In any case, I've already fallen down, so you might as well take off my pants for me. I'll go into the tub myself. "

Qian Jiujiu did not want to continue and nodded: "Okay, then I will take it off."

As he said that, he pulled down Mu Yexiao's pants, and took it off, but with his eyes closed, he looked at Qian Jiujiu, and really didn't know whether to laugh or cry.

Putting his hands on the ground, he channeled his energy and jumped into the bathtub, "Alright, my wife, you can open your eyes now. Your husband has come in."

Qian Jiujiu opened his eyes a little and squinted at Mu Yexiao. After realising that Mu Yexiao had indeed gone in, she opened his eyes and became more calm.

"Alright, then you can start operating inside the bath barrel. The herbs in here can speed up the flow of your blood. I will perform acupuncture for you later. Don't resist."

"The poison in your body will definitely be cleared up quickly."

As Mu Yexiao listened to Qian Jiujiu talking about proper business, Mu Yexiao did not have the mood to joke around. He glanced at Niu Jiu, then closed his eyes and started to circulate his energy.

Qian Jiujiu had been guarding by the side the whole time. When the dark green in the water turned light green, she took out the silver needles and started to place one on Mu Yexiao's back.

When it was almost time, Mu Yexiao suddenly spat out a mouthful of blood. It was black, but after it was out, he felt much more comfortable.

He turned around and looked at Qian Jiujiu: "Jiu Er, is it done now?"

Qian Jiujiu rolled her eyes at Mu Yexiao: "How can it be this simple? Continue soaking in the water for me and then circulate your energy."

As he spoke, Qian Jiujiu fiddled with a few medicinal ingredients and placed them inside, and Mu Yexiao who was originally pale after vomiting blood, because of the addition of the medicinal ingredients.

Qian Jiujiu's face gradually turned rosy, and she even felt her own internal energy actually increasing. Qian Jiujiu looked at the fire below him, and saw that it was still hot for around two hours.

Qian Jiujiu then came out of her room, and looked at Dong Chen who was guarding the door: "Dong Chen, guard the door well, when your Prince wakes up, he will naturally call for you."

After he finished speaking, Qian Jiujiu left. Dong Chen glanced at Qian Jiujiu with some suspicion: "Princess, has the poison of the prince been cured yet?"

Qian Jiujiu nodded her head: "It's more or less done, but there's still residual poison, and I need to take a medicinal bath first."

After she finished speaking, Qian Jiujiu turned around and left. Hong Ling and Hong Chou followed behind Qian Jiujiu and walked out.

"Princess, where are you going?"

was startled, that's right, the previous room seemed to be hers, Qian Jiujiu blinked twice: I'm tired, I'm going back to my room to rest, where is my room?

Hong Ling knew Qian Jiujiu's nature and was already used to her spasming from time to time. She also knew that Qian Jiujiu was one of those people who got lost the moment they stepped out of the courtyard.

So now, Hong Ling was sure that Qian Jiujiu did not know where her room was. She could not help but hold her forehead, "This servant will send you back."

The corner of Hong Chou's mouth twitched. He completely could not understand the scene in front of her. However, he still knew about it after following him, and then, he followed Qian Jiujiu and Hong Ling back to the previously mentioned courtyard.

When Dong Chen saw the three of them walk back to him, he asked worriedly, "Princess, is there anything wrong with the Duke?"

Qian Jiujiu laughed awkwardly: "No, I'm just going back to my room to rest."

After saying that, Qian Jiujiu pushed open the door and walked in. When Qian Jiujiu entered the room, Hong Ling couldn't help but burst out laughing.

"What's going on with the w.a.n.gfei today? "Why do you feel so cute?"

Seeing Dong Chen's gaze move towards him, Hong Chou curled his lips: "I don't know anything ah."

Qian Jiujiu who had just entered also heard Hong Ling's words and immediately sighed. It was so embarra.s.sing that even the servant girl beside her laughed at him.

Sigh! However, it was all Mu Yexiao's fault. He really hated it, why did he have to take off his mask?

However, that face is really pretty, Qian Jiujiu thought, and became silly again. She had lived for two lifetimes, and Mu Yexiao was the most beautiful man she had ever seen.

Forget it, if a woman is too beautiful, it will be a disaster. Men are the same too. A man who is too good-looking is unreliable. It's better not to lose heart.

After all, her goal was to bring her concubine back and forth with her sword, free to go and go as she pleased.

He had never heard a single sentence. Life was precious, and the price of love was even higher. If it was a matter of freedom, he could throw away both sides.

Therefore, how could she, Qian Jiujiu, be like the other girls, reckless for the sake of love, and even be like moths to the flame! What's more, she had an advanced education in the 21st century.

He couldn't tolerate sharing the same man with another woman, let alone the fact that this man was destined to ascend to the position of nine to five times supreme.

That was why he decided to forget about it. It was just that Qian Jiujiu would still think what he would do if he really could not resist the enticement of a beautiful man.

But before he could think of an answer, Qian Jiujiu had already fallen asleep on the bed.

After two hours, Mu Yexiao who was inside the bathtub felt the water was gradually cooling down, and shouted out: "Dong Chen, help me change."

When Dong Chen heard the Duke's voice, he was finally excited, and felt like he was carrying his clothes and rushing in.

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