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Chapter 16 - Press Conference

At the press conference, amidst the flashing spotlights, Bowman, the executive president of KM Airlines, a middle-aged man with blonde hair and blue eyes, opened his mouth.

“First of all, regarding the power outage on the s.p.a.ceship, I represent the entire KM Airlines to express our sincerest apologies to all pa.s.sengers. After deliberation by the board of directors, we have decided to issue a formal compensation plan…”

The compensation terms are listed on the big screen. All pa.s.sengers who have been on a faulty s.p.a.ceship can freely choose one of two options on the official website. Option 1: Apply for a full ticket refund. Option 2, register as a VIP member of KM Airlines, and within the next year, they can choose to experience the new smart airship for free, with their own choice of departure and destination. That is, either the previous trip is free, or they get a free trip in the future. No matter which it is, pa.s.sengers won’t suffer.

When Mr. David saw this, he couldn’t help praising: “KM is really rich and powerful. Such a compensation plan will help public opinion.”

Emil scratched his head in doubt: “But the power failure problem hasn’t been completely resolved?”

On screen, Bowman continued the press conference: “The recent power outages on our s.p.a.ceships is a vicious virus attack on the intelligence systems of our ships. Here, I’ll have our software engineering expert, Mo Han, tell you  more.” He pointed at Mo Han. Nodding his head, Mo Han stood up, opened a file in his optical brain and projected it on the screen.

Immediately, a dazzlingly complex intelligent system code appeared on the big screen.

Mo Han pointed to a part of it with a laser pointer, and said: “The virus attacking the ships is called the “Locke virus”. This virus once appeared on the intranet of Hermann University, erasing data stored on optical brains, and seriously affected the life and study of the students. At that time, several masters of Hermann University cracked the Locke virus to eliminate it, but it didn’t take long for it to reappear in the Capital Star on a s.p.a.ceship bound for Lyra.”

“The virus attacks differently from before. It selectively invades the power supply system of the s.p.a.ceship, completely paralyzing the power supply. After days of research, we found that the Locke virus has mutated. The new Locke virus is good at reproducing, and hides when self-replicating, making it impossible for traditional security systems to eliminate it. After a period of incubation, this ma.s.sively multiplied Locke virus will suddenly break out…”

The reporters at the scene started to take pictures frantically, and the spotlight kept hitting Mo Han’s face. The face, which was already very delicate, was flawless on screen, and his appearance was not inferior to those fresh meats in the entertainment circle.

Standing in front of the screen, Mo Han walked through the complex code on the screen, dumbfounding the reporters.

A layman can’t understand what he’s talking about, they just think he’s super powerful – Luo Fei is one such layman. He can’t understand half of what Mo Han said; all he knows is that Mo Han, seriously explaining the virus on screen, is very handsome. No wonder he’s regarded as an idol by many fanboys and girls in Hermann University. He is good-looking and talented, it’s not strange to be a male G.o.d, right?

Of course, Mo Han didn’t announce the specific killing method.

After he finished introducing the virus, the blond man Bowman gave him an appreciative glance, and said, “We have developed a method to deal with the Locke virus. Next, the new generation of smart s.p.a.ceships developed by KM Airlines will also be put to use. Regarding the new generation of smart s.p.a.ceships, please watch a promotional video first.”

As soon as his voice fell, the prepared promotion appeared on the screen.

The video starts off with the model of the new s.p.a.ceship, which is larger than the previous ship. The original three-story cabin has become a five-story cabin, and the number of pa.s.sengers that can be accommodated has increased. The hull of the s.p.a.ceship is made of a new metal exuding a silvery white l.u.s.ter, and the wheels around the hull are several times larger than the previous s.p.a.ceship.

A change in appearance is not new, but what shocked everyone are the changes to the interior.

The interior design is s.p.a.cious and bright. In the corridor with blue lights in the cabin area, metal doors are arranged neatly. Behind the metal doors are cabins of different specifications. Single, double, triple, and four-person rooms can be freely selected. Of course, there are also luxury cabins, designed like hotel suites. Each cabin is no longer a traditional safety chair, but equipped with safety cabins. Pa.s.sengers can go to sleep directly in the safety cabin, get a full rest, and reach their destination the moment they wake up.

The flight time has also been greatly shortened. It used to take 8 hours to travel from the Capital Star to Lyra, but now it only takes 6 hours.

Pa.s.sengers can also come to the leisure area if they don’t want to sleep.

In addition to restaurants providing a variety of delicious food, the leisure area also has children’s playgrounds, swimming pools, gyms, cinemas, boutique shopping stores, etc. It’s like a shopping mall with food, drink, play, and entertainment moved directly inside a s.p.a.ceship.

Since mankind entered the interstellar era, the first generation of interstellar s.p.a.ceships can only accommodate a few hundred people; the second generation of s.p.a.ceships expanded to fit thousands of pa.s.sengers, and the speed of navigation has increased, but there’s still no major innovation. KM’s smart s.p.a.ceship can be said to have realized the third-generation of s.p.a.ceships for interstellar navigation.

What’s more, the interior of the s.p.a.ceship is fully intelligently managed, and pa.s.sengers only need to carry an ident.i.ty card to travel unimpeded on the s.p.a.ceship. On such a travel vessel, pa.s.sengers won’t feel tired on their trip, but have many activities to enjoy on their journey. They can choose to sleep the entire way, invite a few friends to watch movies, go shopping, and parents can bring their children to the onboard playground.

This is not just a s.p.a.ceship, but also a huge leisure and play center!

After the promotional video was released, the reporters on scene stood up excitedly, scrambling to ask questions.

“Such a large s.p.a.ceship flies faster than second-generation s.p.a.ceships. Is there really no problem with safety?”

“With ships fully relying on intelligent systems, what happens if these intelligent systems fail?”

“That’s right, can pa.s.senger safety be guaranteed?”

The scene instantly became chaotic from the bombardment of questions. Immediately, a staff member stood up and said, “Please ask questions one by one, thank you.”

Mo Han looked at the reporters in the audience calmly, and said: “Our s.p.a.ceship has pa.s.sed inspection from the Imperial Security Department and been certified. The production process of each s.p.a.ceship is also strictly supervised by experts, and has to pa.s.s three inspections.”

“As for the intelligent system, it is the latest research result that we have spent nearly half a year on.” Mo Han pressed the laser pointer and switched to a concept map. Four layers of dense defensive webs appeared, like overlapping spider webs, showing a huge maze with no way out.

Mo Han pointed to the concept map and explained confidently: “This intelligent system has four layers of defense, and the maze-like design makes it impossible for viruses to find an exit. The system also has the ability to self-check and repair. Once any virus code not belonging to the system enters, it will be forcibly isolated and cleaned up immediately. Moreover, this system runs on an independent network, and cannot connect to the network without administrator approval, making it impossible to contract the virus. This intelligent system is safe, everyone can rest a.s.sured.”

Mo Han spoke eloquently, shocking reporters with news that KM Airlines could develop a new generation of s.p.a.ceship within a year. This efficiency is horrible.

Aware of everyone’s doubts, Bowman, the president of KM Airlines, spoke again. “The new smart s.p.a.ceship’s maiden voyage is tomorrow from Lyra to the Cigar Galaxy. Members can make reservations on KM Airline’s official website. On this trial flight, in addition to free tickets for ordinary cabins, all entertainment facilities can be experienced for free.”

A reporter asked excitedly: “In case something happens during the flight, how will you be responsible for the safety of tens of thousands of pa.s.sengers?”

Bowman said: “We have reached an agreement with the insurance company, and will purchase personal insurance for all pa.s.sengers on board. Moreover, our airline management staff will also personally take the s.p.a.ceship for this trial flight.”

Mo Han added: “I will also board the s.p.a.ceship myself and supervise the operation of the intelligent system throughout.”

Despite their doubts, the reporters couldn’t say anything to refute it – the executives will take the flight and also buy insurance for everyone. They are obviously very confident in their s.p.a.ceship. The crowd who had been watching began to change their minds when they heard this.

Looking at the smiling face of Mo Han on the screen, Luo Fei suddenly felt his heart beat violently –  Mo Han is only two years older than himself, but he’s already so powerful. Speaking so calmly and organized at a press conference… it’s completely impossible to imagine that he’s still a student.

Who is qualified to stand side by side with such a beautiful, outstanding, and dazzling person?

Those who pursue him are not worthy of him at all; no wonder Mo Han has been indifferent.

Luo Fei couldn’t help thinking, if he stood by his side, maybe it’s a good match?

His height, appearance, and family background are all worthy. Even if Mo Han is better than him in terms of ability, he’s only eighteen years old now – there’s still a lot of room for improvement. After a few years, when he successfully graduates from the military academy and begins taking over from his father, he will be worthy of Mo Han.

Chongming, who noticed it’s master’s crazy thoughts, immediately called out: “Master, Mo Han is an alpha! Attention, he is an alpha!”

Luo Fei smiled slightly: “So what?”

What about alphas? He said a long time ago that he has only one condition for finding a partner – as long as he likes them.

His appreciation for Mo Han has far surpa.s.sed all the peers he has met in the past 18 years. Whether in reality or online, no alpha, beta, or omega has ever attracted him so strongly.

Every time Mo Han appeared, his gaze seemed to be glued, and couldn’t be pulled away.

He wants to be closer to Mo Han and to know more about him.

Just now, seeing the scene of Mo Han talking freely surrounded by reporters, Luo Fei even had the urge to hug and kiss this person.

If this is not liking, then what is liking?

So what if Mo Han is an alpha? Is it wrong to like an alpha?

Thinking of this, Luo Fei’s heart suddenly brightened, and he said immediately: “Chongming, help me book a ticket on the new s.p.a.ceship to the Cigar Galaxy tomorrow.”

Chongming was shocked: “Master, are you crazy? Trial voyage! This is a trial voyage! Who knows if something will happen? You are a prince. If there’s danger, His Majesty will dismantle me…”

Luo Fei said: “If you disobey, I will dismantle you right now.”

Chongming: “…”

Master was already in a daze, thinking seriously about whether he fell in love with Mo Han.

If he really finds an alpha like Mo Han as his partner, won’t His Majesty die of anger?

No, His Majesty seemed to like beta back then, so is this heavy taste inherited – like father, like son?

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