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Slowly but surely the waves of cool energy that pa.s.sed around his body were becoming larger and larger. Soon enough it became a raging current that spread through his body.

He started to feel his bones become denser, his mind becoming clearer and his basic strength rising. The glowing orb of profound energy in his dantain was becoming bigger and bigger almost as if it was about to burst.

[Boy, Hurry! You must condense the orb of energy now before it gets to big and damages your dantian, I did not realise your absorption rate would be this great. Even in the days of the Holy Empire you would be called a great talent.]

"How do I condense." he struggled out as his breath was becoming short.

[Think about squeezing the orb, squashing it down, and improving the quality of the energy. Now use the energy already stored within your dantian to do this.]

Slowly he tried to squeeze and squash his...o...b..of energy. Feeling it slowly give way and condense down into more powerful energy.

Finally the once watermelon sized ball reached the size of an acorn. He could feel his power rising even though he had less of it and the glowing orb had become a bit brighter.

[Congratulations Child, you have broken through into the 1st stage of the Elemental Technique which is equivalent to the early stage Nirvanic Saint. First I would consolidate you realm and make sure you understand your own power first incase you harm yourself.]

"Early stage Nirvanic Saint." he thought, Just reaching the first realm alone and experiencing the power boost it gave made him want to reach new heights and become an apex existence.

"Master am I allowed to try and breakthrough to late stage Nirvanic Saint?" he asked hopefully.

[Boy just because you have talent does not mean you can breakthrough without thought. First you must make sure your foundation is steady by absorbing lots of profound energy and stabilising your realm and second you must again absorb the required amount of energy to reach the late stage. I will tell you when you have reached this point.]

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