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Three Lives Three Worlds Epilogue: Spoof on Little Dough’s Great Name


I found this cartoon in the 10 Miles of Peach Blossom artbook. It is based on an epilogue which hamster didn’t translate. Thus I will do the translation since it is short. I want to try my hand at translating at least a small part of Tang Qi’s book:) So, here is another goody to make your wait for part 2 of Book 1 of The Pillow Book more bearable:P Bai Qian wanted to change 团子’s(Tuan Zi meaning little dumpling) name to 黒子 (Hei Zi meaning black son) but our poor little dough didn’t like it:(

Recently, little dough is feeling a little melancholy.

His mummy is pregnant with a little baby so she is concentrating on looking after her health. When he went to his mummy’s bedroom, she is still sleeping soundly. Recently his father lord is unlike before letting him have his way, always come to put pressure on him to do homework and lecturing him that he is going to be someone’s elder brother soon. Thus he will need to set a good example for his brother or sister in the future. Even the fair and considerate Cheng Yu, has been taken away by his 3rd grandpa to the mountain of Immortals (Fang Hu Xian Shan) in the mortal world to give sermon, resulting in him not having someone to confide his problems.

Little dough felt dissatisfied with his life as Tianjun’s little royal great grandson. He has considered for a long time and decided to run away from home. Hence he packed a small luggage, bringing two sets of clothes and also three peaches recently picked from the peach garden of immortality, to be eaten on the road. He carried his small backpack and has come to the South Heaven Gate. Suddenly, he wondered after running away from home, when he will get to return home, so before leaving it is better to visit his mummy one last time.

He walked slowly to the outside of his mummy’s bedroom. Unfortunately, the main entrance is guarded by several immortals. Such a thing as running away from home should be a confidential matter, it is not appropriate to make a big deal out of it. He touched his chest, thinking for a moment, made a U-turn to walk to the window, decided to climb up the window to look at his mummy secretly.

He is near the window, his small ears heard someone is talking in the palace. The deep and low voice is his father lord, the lazy tone is his mummy.

His mummy said: “Ai Ai, just now this little thing in my tummy is kicking me, do you want to touch it?”

His father lord is excited and said: “It has only been seven months, normally it has not developed fully so how can it be able to move, when you were carrying A Li, was he like that also?”

When little dough heard his name being mentioned, he p.r.i.c.ked up his ears.

His mummy said: “Little dough is very well-behaved, unlike this one in my tummy. I remembered little dough only started to move after more than two years. Before that he is just like a sleeping egg in my stomach, I am very relaxed. Speaking about it, I’ve not seen little dough for a few days. I’ve good news to tell him, after hearing it, he will certainly be very happy.”

Little dough’s heart burst with joy until he almost wanted to climb up the window and jump inside but he restrained himself.

His father lord asked: “Good news?”

His mummy said immediately: “A piece of good news as big as the sky, little dough only has A Li as a nickname, he is still young, so calling him that does not feel strange now but in the future when he is all grown up, it would not be presentable. In the past few days, I read a few books of poetry and literature, and finally found a great name for him.”

Little dough’s heart is thrilled and excited, nearly exposing his whereabout, but he still managed to restrain himself.

His mummy said: “A mortal man named Li He has written two lines of an interesting and good poem, which I like very much, saying ‘Dark clouds bearing down on the city threaten to overwhelm it. The first ray of the day from the sun shines.’ These two lines from the poem, especially the word black is used aptly. Also, those mortals like to add son behind their name to show respect, I feel this custom is pretty good. ”

His father lord said: “So?”

His mummy said: “So I am giving little dough a great name called black son.”

Black son stumbled to the ground.

His father lord mused: “The name …”

His mummy interrupted: “I’ve thought about it for two days, what do you think, you feel it is not good?”

Black son shouted in his heart crying: “No good, quickly say no good, or else I’ll really run away from home oh, I really, really run away from home, oh.”

His father lord thought for a moment then said: “If A Li ascend the throne in the future, his honorific t.i.tle will be known as Lord black son?”

His mummy also pondered for a moment: “Lord black son ……”

His father lord said earnestly: “The name is very good.”

Black son fell to the ground, feeling dejected.

The next day, Jiu Chong Tian (Nine Level Heaven) is in chaos, all the immortals excitedly spread the news: “Little royal great grandson is missing, reportedly ran away from home.”

Black son who has left home is sitting in the fox hole in Qing Qiu. His fourth uncle Bai Zhen who is biting on straws, asked him: “Truly, why did you suddenly turn up in Qing Qiu, your dad and mum abuse you? ”

Black son’s eyes filled with tears, lamented: “Because mummy gave me the name black son :((((((((“

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