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Chapter 90.1 - Very fishy

In the end, Lou Qingwu didn’t step forward.

Instead, she supported the shaking and swaying Su Sheng out of the alleyway and back onto the bustling street.

The people came and went past them, the sunlight was strong as it beat down on them from above.

But the place where Su Sheng gripped her arm was exceptionally cold.

This Su Sheng made her think of herself from previous years, she was just as equally as stupid.

She thought that she’d married the one for herself, but in the end, everything she’d done for Xiahou Qing wasn’t worth even a single pitiful request by Lou Lianxin.

A beautiful woman like jade, but she, was already an old person.

She didn’t know how long she’d walked but Su Sheng had arrived back at the teahouse.

She couldn’t hold it in and spat out a mouthful of blood, Lou Qingwu’s face changed, “Su Sheng!”

She pulled her wrist to check, her expression changing to shock.

Her heart sickness that she’d been treating for half a month and had started taking a turn for the better, had suddenly returned to the state it previously was in.

To the point where it was actually worse than it previously was.

She pulled at Su Sheng’s hand, “Follow me, your body’s not right, right now.”

Su Sheng stubbornly pushed away Lou Qingwu’s arm, her body swaying as she stepped back.

Her back was against the tea house’s door as she slowly wiped away the blood from her mouth.

Her hollow eyes like holes looked at Lou Qingwu, “Miss Lou, don’t worry about me. I know, this is a heart sickness, it can’t be treated.”

Even if it could be treated, she didn’t want to be treated.

Her heart was already dead, so how could she continue to live?

It was her own fantastical thinking, thinking that she was still charming enough, that she’d still be able to move that person, to let him love her and make him regret ever hurting her.

But in the end, it was just her pushing herself to h.e.l.l.

-- To find an even further place to sell her to.

“Ha ha ha ha ….” Su Sheng suddenly let out a maniacal laugh but her eyes laughed out tears.

She closed her eyes tightly, hoa.r.s.e sobs coming from her throat, and like a child, slowly slid to the floor.

She laughed and cried, she looked terrifying.

Lou Qingwu crouched down and rubbed her head, “No matter what, you have to live on.”

Su Sheng pressed her head down to her knees and shook her head.

People started to gather around them, pointing and nodding.

The two people seemed not to notice, Lou Qingwu tried to resolve the knot in her heart, but she couldn’t even resolve her own issues, so how could she resolve someone else’s?

After a long time, Su Sheng finally slowly stood up.

She wiped away the tears from her eyes, laughing at Lou Qingwu, “Miss Lou, I should be heading back.”

Lou Qingwu furrowed her brows, “You still want to go back?”

“But your body …”

“Don’t worry, at least before I die, I’ll find Miss Lou. Mu Yunqing hasn’t even died yet, so how could I die first? Miss Lou, I cherish my life more than you think.”

After she finished speaking, without waiting for Lou Qingwu to reply, staggered away.

Lan Bai and the other maidservant waited upstairs at the tea house for a long while but still didn’t see the two people come back.

When they went downstairs, they found Lou Qingwu standing by herself, dazed.

She lowered her eyes, hiding her expression as Lan Bai walked over to her, worried, “Master, what’s wrong? Where’s the other girl?”

Lou Qingwu silently turned around, “Let’s go.”

When she walked past the other maidservant, she spoke, “Miss Wan’er already went back, you should go back too.”

The maidservant froze before hurrying to their opposite direction.

The blood stain outside of the teahouse slowly faded to a pale colour.

Right until Lou Qingwu and Lan Bai’s silhouette disappeared, the maidservant who should’ve left originally, actually came back.

She stood outside of the teahouse, watching the direction that the two people left in, her mouth curling into a mocking smile.


TL note:

Poor Su Sheng :(

It’s so sticky right now - the humidity is off the charts and I’m dying. Someone send help sos.

Leave a comment and for the evil villain to come out xx

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