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Chapter 209.1 - Husband returns

“Yan doesn’t mind.”

Lou Qingwu then let out a relieved breath, she really was scared that he’d stubbornly insist on dragging her into the mud.

So she continued, “Please let this subject girl go to prepare.”

After speaking, she turned to leave and when she reached the dancers who had just finished dancing, pulled them away with her.

Shu Yunyan narrowed his eyes at Lou Qingwu’s disappearing figure.

His lips curled into a smile, his meaning unclear but his eyes were cold.

Not too long later, maybe about 15 minutes, Lou Qingwu returned with seven or eight dancers in tow.

On her body, she wore the same dancing clothes as the other dancers but her clothes had more scales.

When she walked over, Lou Qingwu leaned over to one of the musicians and seeing him nod his head, walked over to the centre of the hall with the other dancers.

Her eyes were strangely calm.

When the other dancing girls stood behind her, Lou Qingwu let out a breath and suddenly closed her eyes.

Then she suddenly lifted up her hands, gesturing to people behind her.

Immediately, the whole imperial hall grew dark.

It was pitch black, so dark you couldn’t see your hand in front of you as all of the night pearls were covered.

Everyone had a sudden sense of panic but when they remembered that something similar had happened at an imperial banquet before, they grew calm again.

Indeed, in the next moment, a zither player plucked a string and the zither started to sing.

It sung a song of iron horses, galloping hard over the fields.

At the same time, with the zither, a drum suddenly appeared on the stage.

Numerous small lights appeared to sway and formed with the rhythm of the drum as the drum beat loud and clear.

“Dong -- dong -- dong --”

Beat by beat, it seemed to shake their very hearts.

Especially those who had experienced what the battlefield was like, when they heard the music, their blood started to boil.

But in the next moment, to their shock, the originally dark stage suddenly appeared two people on horses as the zither and drums reached a climax.

They appeared awe inspiring, mighty as the drum beat loud.

The zither then suddenly screeched to a halt as more people and horses came to each side and crashed into each other, screaming and shouting as their horses’ neighing sounds all created a huge cacophony of noise.

Some generals and a.s.sistant generals suddenly stood up, their hands shooting to reach for their swords.

In the end, the people and horses disappeared as everyone’s hearts tightened.

At this time, a despairing and light voice sounded, almost lingering as a girl appeared to hold a child in her arms in the dark with the music.

She curled up near the base of a tree, looking into the distance and she waited, unwilling to leave.

The zither grew bitter and pitiful, as if playing into the bones of the people.

It grew with the girl as her emotions changed.

She seemed to be waiting for her husband to return but as spring turned to summer, autumn turned to winter, one year pa.s.sed after another.

“BANG!” A loud note suddenly played as everyone shot upright.

The child in the girl’s arm had already grown big.

But she continued to wait by the tree, until she suddenly fell down, clutching at everyone’s hearts.

At this time, from far away, horses sounded.

First it was a bit, but it slowly grew louder until it become one person and one horse.

That person walked closer to the girl and lifted her up, reaching for the wooden board in her arms.

As everyone watched closely, their held their breaths to see what happened next.

The zither grew even more desolate and despairing, making everyone feel uneasy.

In the end, the girl continued to hold her wooden board as the zither grew lower and lower.

The girl’s back bent down further and further until she became a lonely grave.

In the end, it all disappeared.

The zither sound slowly disappeared …


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