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Those Sweet Times

Chapter 26 Part 3

When Xiang Nuan turned the corner, she saw Shen Zemu in front of the elevator.

Shen Zemu was leaning against the wall with both hands in his pockets. The white
light from above shone on his face, making the contour of his face more angular.

He wasn't feeling uneasy at all from overhearing the conversation between the girls.

When Xiang Nuan pa.s.sed by him, he took a glance at her at the same time. When
their eyes met, Xiang Nuan blushed and looked down to ask: “Xuezhang, you're still


The other two girls also came by. Xiang Nuan could tell that they were nervous facing
Shen Zemu when they tightened their backs. They greeted Shen Zemu, then kept
pushing the elevator b.u.t.ton.

Xiang Nuan went around to go back to the staircase.

The metal door to the staircase was quite heavy. As she released the door to go down
the stairs, a hand reach for the door. She turned to check in surprise and saw the face
of Shen Zemu peeking behind the door.

“Xuezhang, you're using the stairs?” She asked.

Shen Zemu replied with an en and walked in before closing the door.

He stood right in front of her, in close proximity, making Xiang Nuan feeling a bit uneasy.

She quietly turned to go down the stairs, keeping her eyes on the ground.

Shen Zemu leisurely followed her, keeping to one side of her and one stair higher than

It was very quiet in the staircase, so quiet that the air seemed to have frozen. She could
only hear their footsteps.

After they came out of the Student Union, Xiang Nuan subconsciously breathed a long
sigh and used the back of her hand to touch her burning cheeks.

“Xuezhang, I'll go back to my dorm now.” Xiang Nuan said.

“Are you dating Lin Chuyan?” Shen Zemu abruptly asked without any warning.

“Ah? No, no!” Xiang Nuan hurriedly denied. “How can I like him! Only a crazy person
would like someone like that.”

Shen Zemu bought her some grilled sausages.

Xiang Nuan took the sausages back to her dorm and asked Min Lili: “A guy bought a
girl some grilled sausages, what does it mean?”

Min Lili gave her a meaningful look: “Believe me, you don't want to know.”

Xiang Nuan: “......,” then she understood.

She could no longer look at the sausages, not to mention eating them. Xiang Nuan:
“Lili, you dirty little rascal!”

Min Lili on the other hand was quite happy, enjoying the delicious grilled sausages.

As Min Lili was eating the sausages, Xiang Nuan called Lin Chuyan on the phone.

“Why didn't you come to the meeting tonight?” She asked him.

“My parents came over to buy me dinner.” Lin Chuyan replied.

Actually, it was more than his dinner. He deliberately ordered a lot of dishes and packed
the leftovers to feed his piggish roommates.

Xiang Nuan was a bit embarra.s.sed and spoke in a small voice: “Lin Chuyan, you didn't
have to transfer the model member award to me.”

Lin Chuyan's voice was tinged with amus.e.m.e.nt: “I got one last year.”

“Oh, then thank you.”

“No need to thank me. Now, add me back to your WeChat.”

So, just like that, less than 24 hours after she deleted him, she added him back again.
Xiang Nuan received a favor from him but didn't know how to repay him, so that was
the least she could do.

Xiang Nuan asked Lin Chuyan: So you like Hu Ge too?

Lin Chuyan: I learn all my techniques from him. You only learn how to trash talk from him.

Xiang Nuan…...decided to ignore it!

She spoke to show her appreciation: Then you can join Hu Ge's fan group.I can let you
in? I'm a moderator.

Lin Chuyan: How did you become the moderator?

Xiang Nuan: I contributed 500 RMB.

Lin Chuyan couldn't help laughing, so that was how someone got an official position?

He swiftly typed: Send me the invite.

Xiang Nuan added him to the fan group and made a grand introduction for him. Then
she said: Change your display name.

Lin Chuyan noticed Xiang Nuan's id was “Hu Ge's Little Ear” and chuckled.
He changed his id.

When Xiang Nuan saw Lin Chuyan changed his id to “Wu Song Gege”[1], she almost
wanted to smash him. She patiently told him: Don't be like this. It's too insulting, as if
you come to challenge him. Change to another one.

Lin Chuyan: Alright.

So Lin Chuyan changed his id into “Hu Ge's Laugh Lines.”
[1]: Wu Song(武松) is a character in the cla.s.sic novel Water Margin (水浒传 or
shui hu zhuan, there are several different translated t.i.tles for this novel) who is most
famous for killing a tiger barehanded. The reference here is a pun on the character
hu (虎) in Hu Ge's name, which means tiger.

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