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Those Sweet Times

Chapter 25 Part 3

Xiang Nuan held funerals for Lin Chuyan in her head the entire night. The next
ay, Lin Chuyan suddenly gifted a large sum of money to her account, a total of
40,000 RMB.

She asked Lin Chuyan in confusion: “Why are you giving me money? Did you
make a mistake?”

“There's no mistake. This is the money my dad gave me for my hard work; I'm
sharing it with you.”

“There's no need for that.” Xiang Nuan wasn't comfortable about taking the
money. “I didn't really do anything. Besides----” Well, I had other reason for
helping you. = =

Lin Chuyan laughed again. Xiang Nuan felt that Lin Chuyan seemed to enjoy
laughing at any random thing really, how silly.

But, she liked his laughter.  It was pure, clear, and pleasant as musical notes.

Lin Chuyan: “Not that different from me, I didn't do anything either.”

Xiang Nuan thought it was true, so she happily said: “Then, thank you.”

“You're welcome. I'm the one who should thank you.”

With the money, Xiang Nuan gladly logged on to the game to enter the raffle for
Xiao Qiao's skin. Xiao Qiao's skin, “Swan Dream,” was so pretty, but players had
to pay money to enter in a raffle for it. Xiang Nuan was unwilling to spend the
money before, but now that she had such a huge amount she could spend it like
a rich person.

Unfortunately, she didn't have much luck. She didn't get the skin until she had
already spent over 1,000RMB.

She was elated when she finally got the skin and instantly sent the screenshot
to Lin Chuyan.

Xiang Nuan: [picture]

Xiang Nuan: Isn't it pretty?

Lin Chuyan: It's pretty.

Lin Chuyan: Continue to use Zhang Fei tonight when we play.

Xiang Nuan: …...You're inhumane! TAT

Then she gave Lin Chuyan a few more imagined funerals.

At the other campus, Lin Chuyan gave each of his roommates 3,000 RMB.

Dayu thought it was hush money and immediately swore: “Chuyan, don't you
worry. I'll never tell Xiang Nuan that you and I lied to her.”

“Go buy runes.” Lin Chuyan told them.

The runes in Kings of Glory are divided into 5 tiers; higher tier runes are more
powerful. It was easy to get lower tier runes but very difficult to get the higher tier
ones, especially the tier 5 ones. It took players quite a while to fill all 30 runes slots
with tier 5 runes.

Certainly there's always a shortcut which was with -----RMB.

A whole set of top tier runes costed about 3,000.

“It's too extravagant.” Dayu said: “It can't be that you gave everyone money?”


“Aren't you poor, where did you get the money?”

“Got it from my dad.”

“I…...all of a sudden, I feel great sympathy for your dad……”


With the power of a whole set of runes, the team's fighting power would move up
to a new level. They had been stuck at the Platinum level for two days already.
Maybe luck wasn't on their side, they would win one match and lose one match.

Tonight, with the blessing of RMB and high fighting spirit, they made it to Diamond
in one night.

Everyone was so elated that they had forgotten their original goal was to simply win
the plush toy that was worth 1,000 RMB.

At 11 o'clock, Xiang Nuan told everyone: “I should go sleep now. Good night.”

“Good night. We should sleep too.” Lin Chuyan said.

When it was ten minutes past 11, Xiang Nuan got on the game again.

She quickly recharged some money and bought Li Bai with his skin,
Thousand Year Fox.

Putting on her new clothes, she queued up for a match.

The system soon matched her up with other players. Xiang Nuan could see the line
up of both teams.

There was a Li Bai on the opposing side.

She casually glanced at the id of the other Li Bai, then…...suddenly felt like she had
been struck by lightning……

The enemy Li Bai's id was: Chuyan.

Xiang Nuan widened her eyes to check for sure and indeed, there was no doubt
about it.

It was so embarra.s.sing……

Xiang Nuan muttered to herself: You can't see me, can't see me, can't see me……

After the game began, she moved Li Bai to fight blue buff, the first tip that Hu Ge
taught. Hu Ge's more advanced first step was to steal the enemy's blue buff, but
Xiang Nuan wasn't confident enough for such a move. She would just fight the one
on her own side.

Then she met the other Li Bai at the jungle of her own side.

They stood there face to face, looking at each other.

There was no wind inside the game, but Xiang Nuan seemed to hear the sound of
leaves dropping in autumn breeze.

The most embarra.s.sing thing in the world was that they had said good night to each
other and then met again in King's Valley.

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