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Those Sweet Times
Chapter 48 Part 2

Xiang Nuan was actually quite scared but couldn't stop herself from visiting the forum.

The number one hot post on the forum wasn't about the ghost, rather it was……

[Topic] Is there anyone who was studying in room 702 last night? Hahahaha, I finally got to see the rumored love triangle!

Posted by: Sugar Iron Egg.

Post: [picture] [picture] I was a little far away from them and didn't want to keep turning back to look at them. The pictures are a little blurry. You all just make do, find the highlights yourself.

Many more posts followed.

-- --I was there too. I didn't take pictures. I really wanted to move closer but I didn't have the courage to. Shen Zemu's presence was frightening. TAT

-- --I admire Xiang Nuan's willpower. If I sat in between these two guys, I wouldn't be able to study.

-- --Xiang Nuan already has good looks. Would she fall for someone just because of their looks? Certainly not.

-- --Raise my hand. I found the highlight…...In the beginning, Xiang Nuan was sitting in the middle, later on it's Shen Zemu in the middle. What happened between them?

-- --Has anyone noticed how their clothes changed? Lin Chuyan is wearing Shen Zemu's jacket. The two jackets have the same color, but are different styles. Look carefully.

-- --d.a.m.n, d.a.m.n, you have good eyes. It's true!

-- --They put on the wrong jacket? Don't plots like this only happen in dramas after the characters have gone to bed together? What did those two do? My G.o.d, I don't want to think about it……

-- --It obvious it's Xiang Nuan who's embracing both men. Shen Zemu helped her solve problems and Lin Chuyan kept chatting with her. That's right, I was present. I'm going to have the final soon and I'm still here posting.

-- --How many people were present last night? ?

-- --I regret having paid attention to my cla.s.ses and not going for an all-nighter. I would have been able to see the once in a blue moon love triangle.

-- --I wasn't there last night. But I saw Xiang Nuan and Lin Chuyan at the cafeteria today. Lin Chuyan peeled a hard boiled egg for Xiang Nuan, he was looking at her so indulgently! Aw! My girl friend and I couldn't even move when we saw it! If Lin Chuyan's willing to peel an egg for me, I'm willing to go to bed with him.

-- --Wake up, Lin Chuyan isn't lacking anyone to sleep with him. Even Shen Zemu has been put down by him, Ok?

-- --[picture] [picture] [picture] The id in the pictures, ‘Chu G.o.d' is Lin Chuyan and ‘Zemu' is Shen Zemu. Last night, the two had played duo several times while Xiang Nuan was concentrating on her studies.

-- --Your post is awesome! Hahahahaha, I feel sorry for Xiang Nuan now……

-- --It's too early to feel sorry for her. As far as I know, Shen Zemu usually uses Han Xin or Zhao Yun. Take a look at the champions he used when playing with Lin Chuyan? Diaochan? Da Qiao? Cai Wenji? It's obviously a girl who was playing with Lin Chuyan. Let me make a bold guess, the one who was playing duos with Lin Chuyan on Shen Zemu's account was Xiang Nuan.

-- --A modern day Sherlock Holmes……

-- --It makes sense. Who can tell me which combination of couples should I support? I'm quite confused, even more confused than when I was taking my differential calculus final.

-- --Don't support a couple, support the triangle. Hahahaha!


More posts were coming. Some students were about to have a final and stopped posting, while others had just finished a final and returned to the discussion. It seemed to Xiang Nuan that all of them had quite the imagination. They could almost come up with a novel now.

She felt so embarra.s.sed.

Shen Zemu was even more embarra.s.sed than her.

People were only guessing which man Xiang Nuan liked, at least no one questioned her s.e.xual orientation. For him, his s.e.xual orientation had changed directions many times. Normally, he would ignore rumors about him having affairs with other men, but with Lin Chuyan…...He couldn't stand it.

He reported the posts and not long after, they were all deleted.

The boiling gossip finally ended. Everyone was back to their studies again.

Xiang Nuan later saw the post about the ghost. She was too scared to go to the study room again at night. She stayed in the library to study. Fortunately, the rest of her finals weren't too hard. Just studying at the library during the day was good enough for her.

After finals, came the most exciting moment: vacation!

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