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Summer draws near. The students’ clothes came to show short sleeves. This is the time where the season changes such that carrying out physical activities outside will make them sweaty.

The academy opened a new schoolterm, too. The vigor that is absent during the break returned. In El’s cla.s.s, Saleel-sensei is conducting homeroom.

“Seven, huh… So few…”

Rent, seated next to El, stared at the blackboard and said that bitterly.

“What is? I mean, what are we doing right now?”

El asked Rent who is running his eyes on the letters in the blackboard. He completely missed everything since he was looking outside. In front of them, Saleel-sensei wrote various occupations in his careful handwriting and numbers are written under them.

“A field trip. Did you listen to the cla.s.s properly? Teacher is talking about the study visit. We’re picking the place we want right now.”

“Ah, I remember him saying that. Could this seven be the Knight Order?”

It seems like we will observe the workplace we are interested in for the future. While reminiscing of my former world, I saw “Knight Order – 7” written in front.

“Of course.”

As always.

“F~un (*sigh*) After the Knight Order…”

Besides the Knight Order, Royal Palace Pharmacists, Magic Researchers are lined up. There are no occupations similar to that of Earth.

There are many of them, but work such as a civil officer in the royal palace needs several provisions. I fixed my eyes on the future in full scale rather than examining what work I should choose.

The one I visited for observation in the old days is a place of Edo craftsmen.

Saleel-sensei explained that it will be decided by drawing lots if the choice gathered more than the capacity. It appears like we have to decide right now. While thinking what I should pick, Saleel-sensei began to ask for our aspirations.

“Then, those who wants to go to the Knight Order, raise your hand.”



Suddenly, several people in the cla.s.s raised their voices simultaneously. Not only the voice, a lot of hands were raised, too.

“El will definitely pick the Knight Order, right? Hurry up and raise your hand!”


Rent gripped my right hand while I am puzzled, and raised it by force. When I looked around me, all boys seemed to want to visit the Knight Order. The Knight Order looks like a considerably popular occupation.

Saleel-sensei confirmed the number and wrote something in the platform.

“I see. There are a lot of children who want to go to the Knight Order. The children who just raised their hand, please come in front to draw lots. If a circle is written on the paper, it’s a win.”

The students stand up while replying ‘Yes~’ to Teacher, and took small a paper one by one.

Rent also picked up a piece of paper with me from the small pile.

“Ah, it’s a win.”

There is a circle drawn when I opened the small folded paper.

“It’s a hit for me, too! I did it!”

When I looked into Rent’s paper, he also had the same circle written. The two of them were happy with their success. Rent jumps up and down and his whole body emitted joy. Against the flow of the students who were returning to their seats after their loss, I went to report to Saleel-sensei.

“Yes. El-kun and Rent-kun also won?”

Teacher wrote the names on the blackboard and seven names queued up. Though all children who were chosen also returned to their seats, the cla.s.sroom is still noisy.

“By the way, why is the Knight Order popular?”

I asked Rent what I was curious about since some time ago. There are other jobs that involves fighting and related to the military. It was mysterious that only the Knight Order was popular and the cream of the crop.

“It’s the Knight Order, y’know? Elite forces that protects the royal palace where royalty gather from all over. I heard that the Knights directly under the royal family are extremely strong. It’s obvious that it will be popular. We can enter their headquarters. Normally, the headquarters in the royal palace is not open to public!”

“Knights under the royal family, huh…”

“Right. In other words, it’s a gathering of elites. Aaah, I want to go to the royal palace now.”

“Nn? Palace?”

< p="">

I felt that there is a phrase in what Rent said that bothers me, I thought hard about it.

“Royal palace. Here, in the Imperial Capital.”

“Ah, royal palace? Royal palace!”

I almost missed it since Rent talked so calmly about it. I was taken aback in surprise. The royal palace is unpleasant.

An abominable memory revives at the same time. An event that I started forgetting. Wasn’t that man a member of the Knight Order? That man in the royal palace, with a sword attached to his waist and was called Commander.

Thinking to that extent, I shook my head to wave off the unpleasant memory. Nothing will happen even if I remember it.

He is not here any longer. That incident happened due to the man’s selfish convictions.

But I have another thing I’m worried about.

Matthias discussed it with me before when I was still placed under house arrest.

I heard what will happen if the King learns I can use magic. He said it would be better for me to be overlooked, so I will have no worth as a hostage.

“You will be taken back surely. At the very least, there will be no denying that the country will be in uproar,” Matthias said with a grave expression.

Even for an instant, it will be a problem if a prince of an enemy nation is left alive. There was something concealed in Matthias’ manner of speaking. I felt like he wanted to say that it will not only be lenient confinement next time, but death. Seeing Matthias’ countenance, I cannot ask what kind of country I was born in or what kind of parents I have.


I have decided. Rent had a wondering look and gave a side long glance to me, who had raised my hand.

The female’s popular job, serving in the royal palace, was easily decided. There are only few girls so I placed my hope on that.

My cla.s.smates glances were instantly directed at my remark, seeming that I can’t read the atmosphere.

“May I refrain from the Knight Order? Instead… restaurant… ah, I want to be in a tavern.”

I say royal palace intentionally, I will not expose my body to harm. I panicked, and wrote the occupation name in the lower part of the blackboard. I looked for something nearest to a cafe, but there was nothing like that. The tavern seems to be unpopular, there is no written limit to the number of people.

“That’s fine. Will you really leave the Knight Order?”

“Yes. Rather, thank you in advance.”

My name is erased and I felt relieved when I saw ‘El’ written under the tavern alone.

“Yes~!” “El, amazing~!” What an admirable guy!”

It seems like my backing out left another spot and gave hope to the other boys who were not chosen. I got words of grat.i.tude from all directions. Everyone became greatly excited.

I’m glad, I’m glad.

The reason I left is self-centered, but it’s good if it made everyone pleased. The tension in my body left and I leaned against the backrest.

“What a pity. Is the tavern that small thing in the town? I never entered it, but why did you choose a place like that? If you’re not interested in being a knight, you can still be a civil officer.”

“Well, I’ve been to a tavern. I felt like it’s a good match.”

“I did not see suspicious guys enter there, but it will be better if you change it!”

‘It’s fine’, I said to Rent who’s pouting and saying complaints.

… Still, I’m fairly looking forward to it. For example, Teacher and I are the only ones who will visit the tavern. A tavern with a bad reputation. However…

“Sorry, El-kun. The matter regarding the after school off-campus learning, the owner said Elizabeth-chan is missing, they informed me today that they wanted to cancel it.”

“Is… that so. We can’t do anything if that is the case.”

Teacher had an apologetic expression when he heard my depressed tone and said towards me that it can’t be helped.

Elizabeth-chan, she is surely the daughter judging from her name. Her serach is more important if she is missing.

But I felt that it’s regrettable since I even prepared notes.

I looked down, and put away the notes on my hand into my bag.

“That’s right! Why don’t you join the after-school visit to the Knight Order tomorrow if you don’t have any plans? Today is unfortunate, but let’s go tomorrow together. El-kun originally should have joined, so there’s no problem. That is better.”

Are you trying to encourage me from my depression? Saleel-sensei proposed it with a tone more lively than usual.

“Uhm, the numbers will exceed if I go.”

This is bad. Why did the talk returned to the original problem!?

“I will be the only moderator and taking along everyone will be difficult, that’s why there is a limit. But you are reliable and far from creating problems, rather you seem to be the one who stops them. The princ.i.p.al also has a high evaluation of El-kun’s results and day-to-day conduct, he will give permission immediately.”

“Thank you very much.”

The limit on the number of people seems to be not required. My strategy of using this pretext to refuse completely failed.

“I know you conceded for everyone’s sake. You are a child who thinks of the people around you. That is good but you should also be selfish once in a while. For the time being, I want you to enjoy tomorrow. Then, see you again after school.”

“Haa (*sigh)…”

I followed Teacher’s retreating back without having the chance to say the truth and straighten that big misunderstanding.

Thus, my royal palace visit was decided like this. The frightening memory from that time seems to revive.

Night of that day.

Back at the residence, I told Matthias the schedule for tomorrow while working in my room.

“Therefore, I will be allowed to visit the Knight Order’s headquarters tomorrow. I think I will return late.”

“That is fine. That shop… Though I understand El-sama’s sentiments… this may still be alright.”

Matthias seemed to agree on going to the Knight Order more than I expected. It was a totally different reaction compared to when I reported that I will have my after school visit at the tavern. I thought he had something against taverns, but his expression changed when I described a concrete place rather than just ‘tavern’. I did not hear the reason, but it is surely something the same as Rent’s.

“Ah, but, what will I do if I get recognized in the royal palace? Is it better to decline now?”

“I do not think that it will happen. Even if it is said to be in the royal palace, the place where El-sama stayed is entirely different from the Knight Order. Of course, that man is not there either.”

He denied immediately, and my feelings start to become firm.

In front of Mathias who is writing in a smooth fine script, it is somehow awkward as I do my homework. It’s the so-called grade school study so I can’t do anything about it. It’s somewhat a pain and when I solved the problems, I let him a.s.sist me.

“Really? Matthias is very well-informed.”

“Yes. I worked there and I have been going in an out of the royal palace ever since I was a child, I mostly understand the layout of the palace. It is also because Leo and I walked around it aimlessly.”

When it comes to an aristocrats like Mathias, even as a child, going in and out to the royal palace is considered interesting.

“Your appearance is unknown, too, because you were never acquainted with someone.”

Just as he said, I was never acquainted to elite friends or those working in the royal palace. When I heard that the King’s residence is entirely cut-off from the Knight Order, my heat lightened.

“I see. The Knight Order might be cool. Rent seems to admire them, too. I’m really looking forward to it.”

Rent will surely be pleased if I say we can go together. It was the feeling of excitement before an excursion.

Therefore, I did not notice. The moment I said ‘cool’, the pen that’s smoothly moving in front of me, had stopped.


Even though I’ve actually been here before, the gates ahead of us gave an intimidating air.

I am dumbfounded as I looked at the gate.

“Please take out your bags.”

A man in uniform stood at the entrance, welcoming guests. I opened my bag and handed it over according to the instructions. Our names were then called one by one from the list submitted beforehand, and we were allowed in after the confirmation. I was worried about my sudden addition, but I was able to enter without problems.

The atmosphere became strained with the heavy security before us. Excitement was apparent on the way to the royal palace, but there was little conversation while we walked together with the guide.

I lowered the hat I’m wearing over my eyes. I saw huge buildings around us when I looked at my surroundings restlessly. The guide explained that this is where the royal family lives, but it doesn’t look like a place where they perform their official duties. The guide said the buildings are actually small when the other kids expressed their surprise.

Is there something even larger than them?

There are a lot of workers walking to and fro the premises, since this is a s.p.a.cious place. I actually felt what Matthias meant yesterday.

“Are you the people from the academy?”

I was surprised when a sudden voice came from in front of us, since I was only looking at my sides.

“Yes, we are. Please take care of us.”

“Please take care of us!”

Following Saleel-sensei, we said our greetings unanimously to the man belonging to the Knight Order.

“I, Keirai, will guide you today. This place is big so it’s easy to get lost. I don’t want you to walk around without permission. I will count on you to do that today.”

The middle-aged man[/ojisan] is at an age when it won’t be strange if he already has a child. Even if I say he’s old, his aura screams “I’m a front liner!” Is this what they call silver fox?

“Keirai-san is really strong after all.”

Rent turned to me and said that in a soft voice.

“You know him?”

“My father talked about him before. And I met Keirai-san the time I went to fetch my father when he was drunk.”

“Which means, your father is a member of the Knight Order?”

“Did I not tell you? He was a member, but not anymore. He works at the countryside. Because of that incident…”

That incident? Though I asked back since I do not know what he meant, Rent has fallen silent. I don’t think I can forcibly make him tell me and the conversation stopped there.

“This is the building of the Knight Order’s headquarters, and knights hardly drop by here.”

Keirai-san’s voice resounded in the building.

We looked into some rooms and advanced to the interior steadily.

Our last destination is the armory.

“Swords! There’s so many of them!”

Following Rent who entered ahead, the swords displayed in a row on the wall glistened in the dark room.

We pa.s.s along the place where the swords are carefully placed one by one. We gathered in front of those comparatively simple ones.

It was said that they are all swords used for training. They are surely not that beautiful in appearance. Keirai-san informed us while unsheathing the sword with one hand.

“Do you want to have a look?”

Keirai-san says so, and handed the sword to Rent who was the nearest.

It’s a little big for his body, but Rent gladly look at here.

“Rent-kun is strong as expected. Did you get it from your father?”

Rent proudly answered that he trains every day.

Do you want to look? And then it was my turn next, so I held out my hands to receive it. As soon as Rent let go, my hand suffered from the weight that is more than I expected.


It’s heavy. It’s too heavy. I pa.s.sed the sword and it immediately fell from my hands. The loud sound reverberated in warehouse and pierced our ears. The sword that shined dimly, fell over the floor.

“It’s impossible…!”

“What are you doing~?”

Rent picked up the sword on the floor while I felt like both my hands felt are going to fall off.

This time, I received the sword by embracing it in my arms. I held it in my arms with all my strength, but I couldn’t simply move like Rent. He waved the sword with composure even when he held it with both hands.

I pa.s.sed the sword to the next child at once.

“El-kun, was it?” (Keirai)


In the end, only I showed a difficult expression while holding the sword. Though Rent is the most superior, there wasn’t anyone around who is powerless more than me.

“You came here, so does that mean you are interested in the Knight Order?”

Keirai-san abruptly came near me so I instinctively stepped back. I know that his serious eyes are a.s.sessing me and it’s scary.

“Rather than interest… I always wanted to fight with the sword in a very cool way…”

“I see.”

Keirai-san had a complicated expression and nodded when he heard what I said. He caught my arm suddenly.


I tried to twist my body to run away but it is not possible to do so since my arm is being firmly gripped. After he grasped it for a while, he suddenly let go.

I don’t understand what happened but I think that I was able to actually feel the strength of Keirai-san’s grip with my body. I looked up at Keirai-san while rubbing my arm where the sensation of being gripped still remained.

“You are… not suited to be a knight. ”

Keirai-san said to me while hesitating at the middle of his sentence.

“I will say it bluntly. Your physique is not suited for swordplay. If magic is your strong point, you should place all your efforts in developing your magic. If you’re also poor at that, then… I strongly recommend that you aim to be a civil servant. Do your best, boy!”

Do your best, he strongly clapped on my shoulder while saying that. It goes without saying that I staggered with impact from where he placed his hand. It seemed to be evidence of what Keirai-san said again.

“Then, the last one shall be the training grounds. You’re lucky today. Even if I say so, that…”

Keirai-san walked away, leaving the agitated students.

“…don’t mind it.”

“Good luck!”

“If it’s you, you can do it! Since you’re intelligent.”

‘No way!’ I sighed as my friends said words that I can’t decide whether they are kind or irresponsible. Everyone winked at at me, then ran after Keirai-san one by one.

Finally, it was only Rent who remained. He stood in front of me as if searching for the right words to say. If I get praised like before, I will be embarra.s.sed even further.

“Keirai-san is very good at seeing through a person’s skills in swordsmanship. What I mean is, I don’t think El is suited for wielding the sword. But Keirai-san was surprised by El the most! Keirai-san is famous for his composure. That’s why it has a great meaning!”

“…Haa, Rent did not cheer me up at all!”

When I heard Rent’s words that did not comfort me at all, I laughed instinctively.

“They’re moving. Let’s go.”

I was surprised but I also agreed at the same time. I am small and even untrained eyes can a.s.sess I am not strong. I vaguely noticed it. Apparently, my height does not seem to change. Matthias will be worried about my insufficient nourishment and it will result to him making me drink milk.

I think while walking.

As expected, I’ll give it up and be a cafe master. Just as Keirai-san said, I have to capitalize on my magic. That would be perfect.

Note: Matthias, the idiot-parent. El, the princess unknowing kid who started everything. And Alois, the pitiful victim.

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