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t.i.tle: No Afterlife (没有来生)
Author: Yuè xià sāng (月下桑)
Summary: "The world, made for you -"

Disclaimer:This work is by the Amazing Author (月下桑) Yue Xia Sang, I am translating it to spread her(I think) awesome talent and for pure pleasure, I am not getting paid for this.
Please don't sue me.;D

Chapter IV Unfamiliar Robots

Faction is a scout robot. It's main mission is to search, detect, identify, and sneak enemy targets. The Faction's size is smaller. He uses a variety of stealth techniques and has a high degree of stealth.
At this point, he is walking in front of the team. Although it seems there is no difference to during peacetime, but the body's built-in probe centered in his body already sent a corrugated layer out, a radius of 1000 meters of terrain had been distributed to the brain rendered as a three-dimensional model.
Faction is synchronizing the image data he has collected to his peers via LAN.
All evidence proves a fact: This is an extremely desolate planet. The soil is barren and strewn with no trace of other human activities.
In this case, the emergence of that young human was even more abrupt.
Without an adult body beside him, how did he survive in the harsh environment of this planet? In the archived data, Alpha noticed the existence of a beast, a giant beast that existed outside of his database. It lived on the planet in groups and they were definitely carnivores.
The screen of Alpha's gleams quietly with wavy blue light.
The body's increasingly screams warnings remind him all the time. The official launch of the self-destruct system was 8 minutes and 4 seconds.
At this time, Faction sent out a sudden voice, "Suspicious target found, 800 meters ahead, at 10 o'clock! Risk factor 1! Query, necessary to clear suspicious target?"
"Look at the past." Putting doubts about young humans in the queue of pending tasks for the time being, Alpha's attention was attracted by the suspicious target found, it was a robot!
A robot suddenly appeared on the extremely backward planet that Alpha had already determined had no advanced productivity. How could he not care?
Five robots immediately reached the target using the fastest speed.
The moment the robot entered explorable range, the dispatcher immediately conducted a thorough scan from top to bottom, outside to inside.
"... Target robot forged from stainless steel. Material is generation of mainstream robotic material. Abandoned as early as the birth of second generation body, 780 years ago..."
"There no weapons or equipment inside and outside, eliminating possibility other party is a fighting model... Internal parts experiencing serious wear and tear..."
While advancing at full speed, Faction reports results of secondary scan to other robots. As early as he became aware of the other, Alpha and his team already had a detailed and comprehensive understanding of the situation of the strange robot.
However, when they actually saw the other, they actually died in silence for 0.1 milliseconds.
Although it was long known this robot was an antique, it was too antique.
Compared to Alpha's body unity of colour is completely different. This robot had no metal the same color above and below it's body, looking like it was patched together.
Even the robotic arm had one less, he did not know who had repaired him, The missing arm was actually replaced with wooden material.
Beyond the scope of logic calculations - robots headed by Alpha do not necessarily agree,
this comical, garbage-packed object was barely capable of being called robot by robots, had a slightly newer vegetable basket with a large ball stuffed inside.
His leg was also lost. Although he was very old and very broken, the reason for this leg's almost falling off was not due to walking, but intervened by external forces forcibly tearing it off.
Not far away, the stump of the robot was torn off. Alpha carefully looked at the above tooth marks and determined the murderer was the large beast that had appeared in the images sent before.
The robot was attacked by wild beasts, but the other party soon discovered the prey was not tasty at all and threw him here.
"Let's get out of here." Throwing the mechanical stump in his hand, Alpha's emotionless voice will ring again.
Even though they are all robots, Alpha can not produce the slightest sympathy for him. This kind of primary robot should have no intelligence at all, machines, they can't communicate at all.
However, something that goes beyond Alpha's Logic category has taken place -
"Good day, h.e.l.lo."
As Alpha turned to leave, there was an unwelcome greeting from their feet.
The robot's unique voice is the same as garbage.
Alpha suddenly stopped.
The model of this robot is too primitive, there is no network in this body, it is impossible to communicate with other robots using brain waves. He can only speak with his own voice, this human means.
"h.e.l.lo, you are a robot, right?"
The break of the limb does not make the robot feel pain, so his voice sounds calm.
"Yes." Alpha turned and looked down at the robot on the ground, was almost detached. The vocal part of the robot was positioned in the skull. Compared to other parts of the body, the robot's head was the most complete.
Alpha feels a little strange.
He thought that the robot without intelligence was actually able to actively communicate with himself. This is a strange thing!
"h.e.l.lo, my kind, I haven't seen you here before. Have you just come?" More than being able to communicate, his logic is still clear.
"Yes," Alpha answered truthfully.
"I have lived on this planet for 500 years. All the information here is stored in my head. Since my hard disk is not big enough, I only stored part of it, the rest was stored on another hard disk, in other places.
It's all for you."
He said such a paragraph, because of the unique bluntness of the robot's voice, he did not sound like a trace of feelings, nor could he hear any inclination.
However, Alpha still heard the potential in his language.
"Giving me such precious information. What do you want to exchange?"
They may not be able to hear it, but Alpha, who deals most with humans, immediately heard from each other's rhetoric, what the other person was asking him.
"I hope you can take care of a human for me after I break." The words are clever, the other person is a robot, he honestly stated his own exchange conditions.
"A child named Mugen, he is four years old, seven months and three days this year. His video material can be extracted from my hard drive later. I hope you can take care of him after I'm broken."
Still a cold mechanical sound, but sounds different from the usual mechanical sound.
"He is a good human being and will not waste your energy.
Did you come here with other humans? If yes, please give Mugen to other humans.
If not, you must be looking for a human master?
Mugen will be a good master. He is the best human I have ever met."
The robot continued to speak, the noise in his voice was getting louder and louder. If he was logical at the beginning, then what he said next would have no logic.
Just human beings will say this—Alpha thinks.
"Please, please..." one sentence at the end, the tattered robot looked motionlessly at Alpha.
The red light disappeared from his eyes, he didn't make any more noises.
In human terms, he died.
In robotic terms, he broke.
"Just no oil." Picking up the broken robot and checking it, Alpha told Ipsilon, "Pick everything on the ground, we go back to where we were."
"Yes." Ipsilon sulkily responded, then dutifully took all the parts belonging to the strange robot off the ground. He even picked up the basket.
Four robots quickly returned.
It was only three minutes before the self-destructive system started.

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