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Chapter 13: Extorting confessions by torture

The voices shouting 'Kill' outside were truly not soft. It could also be heard that there were a large number of invaders, which was totally incomparable to the day when Xu Xing Zhi first came into the Wilderness.

… Fortunately, unlike that day, Meng Zhong Guang was defending outside.

Xu Xing Zhi could not be considered to be well informed about others' fighting strength, but Meng Zhong Guang could be regarded as his own son he raised in his book. With him defending, even if half of the Wilderness's monsters surrounded the tower, Meng Zhong Guang would still be able to retreat with his body unharmed.

Xu Xing Zhi couldn't explain as to where this sense of rea.s.surance originated from, so he simply did not think much about it anymore.

He listened to the sound of swords clashing for a while before he fetched his clothes and wrapped them hastily on his body. He then laid lazily back on his bed. “The one being confined in the chamber is the Lord of Feng Mountain?”

Zhou w.a.n.g nodded.

Xu Xing Zhi was even more clear now.

Although he had long known that few could be well matched against Meng Zhong Guang in the Wilderness, as the Lord of the Feng Mountain, the animal hide man was torn into that kind of appearance by Meng Zhong Guang's hand even though he just met him. This showed that Meng Zhong Guang was certainly an unyielding person that could not easily speak of.

The shackles on Xu Xing Zhi's feet were gone, and his eyes narrowed as he moved his ankles a few times. He asked thoughtfully, “What did you say just now? Are those people putting their lives on the line to come to save their Lord?"

Zhou w.a.n.g said, “As far as I know, before Brother Meng and my uncle entered the Wilderness, the Lord of Feng mountain was the Lord of the Wilderness. He enjoyed worships in all directions. When Brother Meng entered the Wilderness, this t.i.tle had been shifted, therefore, he has always harbor implacable hatred toward us. Often taking advantage of the absence of Brother Meng and leading his people to kill us. But this time, they could not wait for Big Brother Meng to leave. Setting out in full force, blindly rushing to kill, and swearing to take their Lord back. It's a matter of great affection and righteousness."

Xu Xing Zhi looked up at the top of the bed and laughed. "… Great affection and righteousness.”

Zhou w.a.n.g: “What's wrong with it?”

Xu Xing Zhi said, “Everything is wrong.”

Zhou w.a.n.g was doubtful and she no longer leaned against the wall but went to the bedside and leaned her arm against the frame of the carved bed. She looked at Xu Xing Zhi and said, “What do you mean?”

Xu Xing Zhi put his hands behind his head: “Let me ask you, if any of you were captured by Feng Mountain and to rescue your comrade, you would need to go through mountains of knives and sea of fires… Would you still go through this rescue?”

It was not necessary for Zhou w.a.n.g to think, “So what about the mountain of knives and sea of fire? Naturally, we're going.”

Xu Xing Zhi: “Why?”

Zhou w.a.n.g asked in reply, “Does that still need a reason?”

Xu Xing Zhi: “Why not?”

Zhou w.a.n.g frowned: “What do you mean?”

Xu Xing Zhi laughed: “Places with fewer people; there will be fewer disputes, places with more people; there will be more disputes. Feng Mountain has been rooted in the Wilderness for many years. With its many twisted roots and intertwined joints, its numerous underlings and its many ivories crisscrossed, who knows how many people are eyeing the position of the Lord of the Feng Mountain? If I were part of Feng Mountain, I would care less about the Lord but instead conserve my strength and size an opportunity to capture the authority of Feng Mountain; this is then the correct way."

Zhou w.a.n.g thought about it. Although this remark was rogue, it had some truth in it. She then chased, “… And?

“Didn't you just say that the people of Feng Mountain went out and fought like h.e.l.l?” Xu Xing Zhi said, “I believe that there are people who value love and justice in the world, but I also don't believe that this Feng mountain is full of people who are sincere. For them to be so desperate, they must have a plan.”

He turned over, sat up and a conclusion: “… There must be something worthwhile with the Lord of the Feng Mountain.”

With that, he looked at Zhou w.a.n.g and blinked his eyes. "What do you think? Come with me and see that Lord of Feng Mountain and see what chips are he holding in his hand?"

Xu Xing Zhi's smiling face was very beautiful, similar to the clearness of the moon that harbored abundance in one's mind, even Zhou w.a.n.g who was not interested in the opposite gender was shaken by his smile.

In the next second, Xu Xing Zhi, who was ready to get out of bed, knelt down in front of Zhou w.a.n.g as his knees went soft.

… For half of last night, Xu Xing Zhi was a fish meat on a scarifical stand. The influence from last night was still presented, thus, his waist was very sore and tight.

Zhou w.a.n.g coughed and covered her mouth with her bandaged palms to hide her laughter.

Xu Xing Zhi was thick-skinned and he was not embarra.s.sed. He reached out his hand and waved it at Zhou w.a.n.g, motioning her to pull himself up.

Zhou w.a.n.g gave him a hand, grabbed his pearwood right hand, and pulled him up.

Xu Xing Zhi's right hand was broken at the wrist. When she pulled him up, Zhou w.a.n.g still had to take a few more glances at the broken part. It seemed that she was very interested in the cause of his broken hand.

In fact, Xu Xing Zhi's mind was clear that there was only one thing that could make these group of Feng Mountain people advanced wave upon wave regardless of their lives.

… One of the key fragments of the Wilderness door was within Feng Mountain.

Of course, anyone could be the Lord of the Feng Mountain, but if they lost their precious keys, their only hope of seeing the sun again would be cut off. What was waiting for them would be endless suffering.

What was the fun of being the Lord of the Feng mountain? It was just eating and waiting to die.

Xu Xing Zhi knew the location of the four hidden key fragments. According to his intention, he wanted to hide the key for a long time, so that Meng Zhong Guang would not have the chance to get out of the Wilderness.

But the rescue of the people from Feng mountain was so fierce. Meng Zhong Guang was not a fool. Just thinking about it a little more, you could guess what treasure was worth everyone's life on the captured Lord of the Feng Mountain.

Instead of waiting for Meng Zhong Guang to discover this, Xu Xing Zhi himself should ask a question ahead of time.

It was best to ask where the key fragments were. If he could not, he could at least know some valuable information; this could not be counted as a loss no matter what.

When his waist and legs were not so weak after a while, Xu Xing Zhi and Zhou w.a.n.g went to the small chamber where the animal hide man was kept.

Perhaps the animal hide man sensed something; he had woken up.

When he heard the door sounded, he looked at it with his head tilted and his face twisted for a moment. Then he grinned bitterly and said, “I was still thinking was, who was it? It turned out to be the traitor and murderer, Xu Xing Zhi!”

Zhou w.a.n.g looked at Xu Xing Zhi and said nothing.

This was a scolding to the original owner, Xu Xing Zhi suffered without any pain or itch.

He went to the animal hide man's side and squatted down with a big grin: "You can talk? Pretty good. Can you hear?"

The animal hide man stared at him, his eyes full of blood vessels.

Xu Xing Zhi pointed out the window: “Listen, your subordinates have come to rescue you. Tell me about it. First, you're not handsome. Secondly, you're a calamity that is fated to mourn your wife's death. Why did they put their lives on the line to save you?"

The animal hide man did not say any word but salivated.

Xu Xing Zhi was already on guard. When his throat knot wriggled, he had the intention to avoid it. The phlegm of the animal hide man eventually fell to the ground.

Xu Xing Zhi held his fan in his left hand and knocked it at the back of his right hand. “It's better to save some saliva, moisten your throat, and speak quickly.”

The animal hide man's gaze became even more fierce. Unfortunately, his spine had suffered damage and he was completely paralyzed. His spiritual power was still there, but he was unable to use it at all. When he saw Xu Xing Zhi's face, his eyes were boiling a raging red: “What are you?  With the ambition of wild wolves, turning back on your virtue to insolence. You first kill your teacher, and now you become a rabbit grandpa and copulate with your fellow disciples. All these filthy things, do you think that no one knows about what you do in the real word in the Wilderness?"

Xu Xing Zhi looked at the animal hide man. He frowned slightly and stopped talking.

Zhou w.a.n.g was only responsible for watching at the side. She never cared about such interrogation.

This chamber was built for interrogation. Every few days, Meng Zhong Guang would bring in some people from the wilderness and interrogate them alone without letting others know.

No matter how arrogant and aggressive these people were before they entered, as long as they stay in the same room with Meng Zhong Guang for a moment or three. When they were carried out, each of them was as obedient as a small chick.

Seeing Xu Xing Zhi's silence, the animal hide man's flames flared up again.

“Do you think that because I'm in the Wilderness, I will not know of your dirty business?” He laughed in a cruelly and uncanny way two times. "I have a beautiful woman kept beside me. I'm afraid you'll be scared to hear her name. She was even your acquaintance too. She knows all of your rotten deeds like it was her han…"

Before he could finish, he was suddenly picked up by Xu Xing Zhi, and his face was firmly pressed against the wall on one side.

In the first place, he was badly injured, but now he was caught off guard, grabbed by his hair and pressed against the wall. What could he do to fight back? His dark face was crushed and distorted by the squeezing to the point of almost cracking open.

Xu Xing Zhi pressed his head tightly, and the corner of his lips provoked a little mocking laughter: “… You have to figure out what's going on now. Is this your Feng Mountain? Who are you shaking your baggage here?"

Zhou w.a.n.g was surprised and whistled.

… She seemed to have understood from whom Meng Zhong Guang had learned his methods.

The animal hide man was so pressed in that his head was about to burst open, he spoke with fury: “Xu Xing Zhi, I must break you up…”

Xu Xing Zhi asked, “What break?”

He grabbed the animal hide man's head and hit the wall like it was an egg.

The animal hide man was also considered to have some cultivation, of course, a mortal's arm strength alone was unlikely to break his head, but to be played like this, he was angry: “Xu Xing Zhi, d.a.m.n you…”

Xu Xingzhi was too lazy to listen to his nagging nonsense. He turned and asked around, “Do you have a dagger?”

Looking at the lively situation for half a day, Zhou w.a.n.g was happy to add fire in it. She drew a dagger from her legs and came forward, holding the dagger blade in her hand, ready to pa.s.s it to Xu Xing Zhi.

Xu Xing Zhi said, “You don't have to pa.s.s to me, just show it will do."

Zhou w.a.n.g did as he said. She spun the dagger in her hand and pointed it at the face of the animal hide man.

Xu Xing Zhi took the animal hide man and pulled him off the wall. He pointed his eyes directly at the dagger blade.

The animal hide man immediately lost his voice. Sweat was seeping out from his forehead, his sunken belly whimpered and no words were uttered.

Xu Xing Zhi said, “Whatever I ask, you will answer it. Don't tell me any unnecessary nonsense. Do you understand?”

The eyes were only half an inch away from the dagger. The animal hide man's pupils were shaking. He dared not even struggle for an extra inch. There were several loud rolls in his throat.

Although he was already a disabled person, a pair of eyes were after all valuable. With a dagger in front of him, he dared not be rash.

Seeing that he had learned to shut up, Xu Xing Zhi asked directly, “What's the purpose of capturing me?”

The animal hide man responded well this time, with no redundant word: “To present to Jiu Zhi Deng… you can also be used to coerce Meng Zhong Guang.”

Xu Xing Zhi: “That's a good idea. Do you think you can go out of the wilderness if you dedicate me to Jiu Zhi Deng?"

Animal hide man: “… Yes.”

Xu Xing Zhi: “Can't you go out by yourself?”

The animal hide man paused and a seam of anxiety flashed in his bloodshot eyes: “What are you talking about? I don't understand.”

Xu Xing Zhi: “Do you really not understand or do you not want to understand? What is the treasure that your subordinates would scrabble madly for even if they were to send themselves to death?”

The animal hide man roared with all his might: “I don't understand your words!”

Xu Xing Zhi did not want to be entangled with him anymore. He lightly unrevealed his trump card: “Let me guess, it the Wilderness's key, am I right?”

The animal hide man's throat shrank and he could not spit out any single word.

Zhou Wan's body suddenly stiffened and the fingers holding onto the dagger tightened.

She had thought that it was some spirit stone treasures that were held on the hands of this animal hide man, but it was unexpectedly, the wilderness's key that they had been searching hard for years.

But on second thought, it was reasonable.

If those people come to grab the Wilderness's key, then their madness and desperation made sense.

Zhou w.a.n.g looked up at Xu Xing Zhi with eyes full of surprise and admiration: “How did you guess that?”

… Sorry, I have a script in my hand.

Without answering, Xu Xing Zhi held the animal hide man's collar and pulled his slightly wet hair away. He put his lips to his ear, and gently a.n.a.lyzed the situation for him: “… Now that you are disabled, do you expect your men to support you even if they can bring you back and wait for their keys to be taken away? You'd better end up being abandoned by them in the Wilderness, eaten by monsters, and die without a corpse. If you give us your key, you'll at least dead faster. What do you think of the deal?”

The animal hide man gasped in despair and scolded, “Xu Xing Zhi, you b.a.s.t.a.r.d!”

Xu Xing Zhi was not ashamed to say, “I am a big b.a.s.t.a.r.d. Didn't you know that long ago? What's the surprise?”

The animal hide man gnawed his teeth and gurgled. He closed his eyes for a long time. It was so long that Zhou w.a.n.g thought he was over-angered and had fainted, until he opened his eyes.

“Only… Fragments…” The animal hide man pitifully said, “I only have fragments of the key here…”

The author has something to say:

Upper Couple: To the younger generation, be as warm as spring willow brushing the face.

Lower couplet: To be brutal to the enemy, like the autumn wind sweeping the leaves.

The idiom : If the upper beam is not straight, the lower ones will go aslant.

Footnotes: ( i didn't do this chapter justice at all…sigh-pie and its not edited)

Rabbit grandpa: Alright… i just direct translated this phrase, it means gay ….. Here's a story: In the early Qing Dynasty, a young inspector was sent to Fujian. A local man named Hu Tianbao liked the beauty of the imperial inspector. Every time he visited the Imperial History Hall, he would peep at him. Hu Tianbao followed him as he patrolled the Imperial History to other places. Later, he even peeped at the Imperial History's b.u.t.tocks in the toilet. The inspector asked him, but he refused to say it at first, and then after being tortured, he said, “I can't forget this beauty after seeing him. Knowing that the laurel in the sky is gathered by all birds, but the soul drifts, feeling it is impertinent to do so.” The inspector was furious and killed him. After a month, Hu Tianbao appeared in the dream of his fellow countryman and said, “I have committed crimes against n.o.ble people with a disrespectful heart. Of course, I am sure to be dead. After all, it is love, a moment of fantasy, unlike ordinary harmful people, the officials in the underworld all laugh at me, tease me, but I am not angry. Now the h.e.l.l official has appointed me as Rabbit G.o.d, specializing in man's pleasure to man, and inviting incense for my temple. Ambition of wild wolves : Rapacious designsShaking your baggage: To keep people on tenterhooks

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