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Chapter 11: Recalling the Memories (2)

The rest of the words were no longer heard by Xu Xing Zhi.

The fragrance of the plant penetrated his meridians and weakened his limbs. The words whispered by Meng Zhong Guang’s turned into a gulf of spring water and he unknowingly fell into a slumber.

He had another strange dream.

In his dream, he became a fish. He was tangled sentimentally with a bait. The bait was soft and warm as if it had come alive. It planted gentle kisses on his tail. Xu Xing Zhi was also not hungry and he spiraled around playfully, letting the bait gently rubbed itself on his scales.

By the time he came back to his sense, the bait had already stretched out his countless tiny feelers, sucking at his body before dragging him into the endless pool.

Xu Xing Zhi wanted to struggle, but the feelers were soft and tenacious. It was not long before the soreness spread into his bone and he was dragged into the soft coral by the feelers.

Xu Xing Zhi was woken up by shock. His waist and knees were aching and limped while his lower abdomen was bursting with swelling pain.

Xu Xing Zhi placed his hand on his abdomen as if he could feel strips of soft feeler b.u.mping and jumping inside.

… He did not know when he had returned to his room and was lying on the bed. Both his feet were shackled and he could not move at all.

Meng Zhong Guang wrapped himself tightly around his waist from behind and he was sleeping very soundly. A gust of hot wind blew down on Xu Xing Zhi’s neck and it tickled him very much.

It seemed that his initiation of speaking to Meng Zhong Guang after he woke up from his fainting and his partly true explanation of his intentions of entering the Wilderness had made Meng Zhong Guang believed that he was showing his good intentions. Such that the old debts between them had been written off, which was why he dared to act so wantonly.

As per the condition of the Wilderness, the sky was no longer visible outside the window.

Xu Xing Zhi wiped the cold sweat on his forehead and breathed a long breath.

Meng Zhong Guang heard a little movement and unconsciously tightened his hold: “… Wu, Senior Brother…”

Xu Xing Zhi was fl.u.s.tered by his rein and attempted to remove his hand. However, Meng Zhong Guang’s arm might seem slender, but it was extremely alike to steel. Xu Xing Zhi had been hauling for a long while and it still remained unmovable.

Xu Xing Zhi had just experienced the inability to move in his dream, and now he had to experience it again. This feeling was really not very good.

He flipped over with difficulties while being chained, trying to push Meng Zhong Guang away by facing him from the front.

At the moment between his turning, Meng Zhong Guang just happened to hugged Xu Xing Zhi tighter and pushed forward.

… The edge of his lips rubbed across a soft warmth.

Meng Zhong Guang opened his eyes violently when their lips touched: “… Senior Brother?”

Xu Xing Zhi was somewhat embarra.s.sed. He put his arm on Meng Zhong Guang’s chest and pushed him back. “I can’t breathe.”

However, Meng Zhong Guang nestle up his forehead on his own initiative and said, “Doesn’t Senior Brother like this?”

Xu Xing Zhi: “…”

Junior Brother, please conduct yourself properly.

Meng Zhong Guang, however, had a face full of innocent: “In this way, Senior Brother will not be cold.”

Xu Xing Zhi was indeed extremely afraid of the cold. For Meng Zhong Guang to hold him so tightly, other than being unable to move, he indeed felt warm.

Meng Zhong Guang’s body temperature was neither scorching hot nor chilly cold. His temperature was just right and it was comfortable. He was like a smaller size winter coat and wrapped Xu Xing Zhi until there was no place for him to hide.

However, since Xu Xing Zhi did not like being constrained, Meng Zhong Guang relaxed the muscles of his arms and said, “Senior Brother, you should sleep a little longer.”

Xu Xing Zhi finally felt more comfortable as he lay down. He slightly moved his sore waist and squinted his eyes as he stared at the top of the bed.

Xu Xing Zhi did not close his eyes. Meng Zhong Guang looked straight at him: “Why aren’t Senior Brother sleeping?”

Xu Xing Zhi: “… There’s light outside.”

There was no sun in the wilderness, only a round of light hanging on the west side of the sky all year round. It was like a moon, but the light like a fruit candy that would melt away at any time. As such, night and day did not exist in the Wilderness. From morning to night, it was quite miserable; there was light, but it was not strong enough. Time seemed to be stationed forever like in the evening of a cloudy day.

Xu Xing Zhi was widely sobered up from the lips touching incident from just now. In addition, there was no atmosphere that ignited any sleepiness within him. Although Xu Xing Zhi was tired, he had no desire to fall asleep at all.

A moment later, the light in the room disappeared little by little until it was completely engulfed.

Xu Xing Zhi was surprised. He turned his head back and saw vines creeping with noise, creating a dense network of plants at the window. The light outside the window inch by inch scattered and was isolated outside.

The room sank into deep darkness.

Meng Zhong Guang lowered his voice and asked carefully, “Senior Brother, is this good?”

Xu Xing Zhi could not see Meng Zhong Guang’s face clearly, but his pleasing tone like a puppy softened his heart by a few degrees; “It’s good.”

Meng Zhong Guang’s voice was soft: “Am I obedient?”

Xu Xing Zhi almost laughed out: “Still okay.”

Meng Zhong Guang implored, “Then… Can Senior Brother hug me?

Xu Xing Zhi: “…”

“Just a while.” Meng Zhong Guang pestered endlessly, “Take it as rewarding me…”

Before his words finished, he was embraced by Xu Xing Zhi with one hand. As if he was afraid that Meng Zhong Guang might think it was false. Xu Xing Zhi’s left hand even patted him on the back.

Xu Xing Zhi’s body was cold. When his left hand touched his back, Meng Zhong Guang shivered at the cold temperature. The place he touched was numbed for a moment before it burned up like a flame.

He was frozen on his spot; surprised and delighted.

Xu Xing Zhi did not know why he ended up hugging him, but he vaguely felt that if he did not hug him, Meng Zhong Guang would think wildly again. Then he would make a fuss and bring up about Jiu Zhi Deng, and that would really be an endless topic.

He ordered softly, “Don’t make a fuss. Sleep.”

Meng Zhong Guang no longer spoke. He grasped the front part of Xu Xing Zhi’s robe and buried his head in his chest without saying a word. He was really like a small domestic animal raised at home.

Xu Xing Zhi did not felt annoyed despite being kept in close contact. Instead, he felt himself getting sleepy and fell asleep in less than a quarter of an hour.

When Xu Xing Zhi sank in Slumberland, Meng Zhong Guang came out of his embrace. He gently grasped his hand, directed his palm to the top of his head and moved it actively. His eyes squinted in comfort.

… Head, back, shoulders, cheeks. No matter which part of his body, he liked it as long as it was Senior Brother touching it.

Xu Xing Zhi once again dreamed of little Meng Zhong Guang.

Or in other words, the memory of the original owner broke into his mind again while he was sleeping. The memory continued to unfold through the stop point from previously.

… He noticed the unusual shine on the jade beads between his neck. When Xu Xing Zhi arrived at Mountain Tai Hua, his legs were still weak.

Thinking of that kind of arthropod crawling in the palm of Wen Xue Chen, Xu Xing Zhi’s back sprouted gooseb.u.mps.

But when he saw several disciples running toward him while towing their weapons, he was no longer concerned about that. He fastened his pace and grabbed a disciple of Fengling Mountain who was dressed in white like him. “What happened?”

When the disciples dressed in a different robe of different sects saw Xu Xing Zhi, they seemed to be like a small beast that saw its beast mother. They rushed in panic and surrounded Xu Xing Zhi at the front.

The pale face disciple was so fl.u.s.tered that he couldn’t stop shaking: “Senior Brother Xu… Xu… Xu…”

Xu Xing Zhi grabbed his front robe and hit his head with his fan. “Speak!”

The disciple, with a crying voice and weak knees, was almost hanging over Xu Xing Zhi: “We just want to get the scales of Fei Yi… But we didn’t expect our actions to wake it up…”

Xu Xing Zhi’s eyebrows twisted.

Mountain Taihua had a high reaching to a thousand ren(1). Between which were the beast, Fei Yi, with six legs and four wings. It fed on blood and had been sleeping for many years, however they were extremely sensitive. Once woken up, their madness would erupt and swore to gnaw the aggressors no matter what.

There was a terrifying roar from a beast in the forest and its voice was like thunder. A row of trees rumbled down, causing dust and smoke to flutter. A surging spiritual energy rushed toward these young outer disciples until their thighs trembled, not daring to voice out anything.

Xu Xing Zhi did a head count of the group and asked, “Is there anybody else in the forest? How many of you come to take the scales?”

The disciple looked around and said, “There seems to be a missing person. He said he wanted to bring up the rear…”(2)

Xu Xing Zhi’s expression instantly changed. “Didn’t I tell you, if you agitate a beast, you should run immediately? Could these ancient beast be easily be beaten by the outer disciples?”

A bright light enveloped and wind blew at his feet. He rushed straight into the forest.

Close to the center of the spiritual explosion, Xu Xing Zhi saw a young disciple dressed in the uniform of Qingliang Valley being grabbed by the claws of the six-legged, four-winged serpent-shaped beast.

The Fei Yi’s body was covered with shiny, sharp scales. Its big and fleshy snakehead was held high and it was spewing out tiny flames between its breathing.

Its huge mouth was pointed at the struggling teenager.

Looking at how the teenager was going to be treated like a candle and be ignited by the Fei Yi, Xu Xing Zhi leaped two steps and single-handedly threw the folding fan out from his grip.

The folding fan transformed into a three-pointed double-edged Sword(3)in the air and fiercely stabbed at the Fei Yi’s back.

At the moment the tip of the knife made contact with Fei Yi, it broke into pieces and fell down with a ‘clang’.

The Fei Yi had a sh.e.l.l that were incisive all over the body. This blow did not damage much to it, but as long as it could attract the beast’s attention, it did its job.

Xu Xing Zhi’s right hand overturned and the several broken sword pieces returned to him, forming back into a folding fan.

In that few moments, Xu Xing Zhi was audacious and arrogant enough that he stepped on Fei Yi’s huge head. After he stabilized himself, he ran a few steps down its sticky and disgusting spine. After estimating the seven-inch position(4), he turned the folding fan into a Yu Chang Sword.

Xu Xing Zhi stimulated all his spiritual energy and cut a large piece of flesh from the Fei Yi!

The Fei Yi felt pain and started roaring wildly. It naturally loosened its claws and pounded onto Xu Xing Zhi.

The teenager fell from Fei Yi’s claws. Xu Xing Zhi saw that he was about to fell onto a rock and the Yu Chang Sword instantly turned into white silk. It flew like an arrow after being thrown out and wrapped the teenager tightly. With a backhand pull, the teenager that was wrapped like a dumpling flew up and landed directly into Xu Xing Zhi’s arms.

Once the person had been rescued, there was no need to entangle with the beast.

He flew forward with the teenager in his arms.

That Fei Yi was seeing red; it felt pain, how would it let the matter rest and with an angry roar, it chased after them.

It seemed clumsy and plump, but it ran as fast as thunderbolt. Every step it took, Xu Xing Zhi felt his body shook.

…It’s too d.a.m.n difficult to shake it off.

Xu Xing Zhi was racking his brains to think about ways to get away, and he felt an abnormal wave of power coming from his embrace.

The Fei Yi that was behind roared sharply.

When Xu Xing Zhi looked closely at behind, he saw a decomposing tiger with only half of its body left emerged from the ground that was bitting at Fei Yi’s tail tightly. It allowed Fei Yi to gnaw at its flesh and blood but it still did not make any other movement.

The appearance of this strange decomposing tiger earned them time to escape.

Xu Xing Zhi’s heart was startled and he could not help but bowed his head and look into his arms.

The teenager in his arms was wrapped in white silk and there was only one pair of eyes peeking out. However, those eyes were green like foxes.

Several parts of the silk had been dyed with blood from the wounds on his body, but he still gritted his teeth and controlled the decomposing tiger who had died for an unknown time. The tiger refused to let go of its bite and entangled with the Fei Yi.

… His whole body was emitting a more than distinct ghostly aura.

It was not until when he flew away from the radius of Fei Yi’s pursuit area that Xu Xing Zhi had time to stop and took a breather.

He removed the silk from the teenager and turned it into a bamboo tube before he went to a clear stream to draw some water.

The teenager was heavily injured and was excessively wasted. If he was to part from Xu Xing Zhi, he would not be able to move a single step.

Having his sense returned back from the death struggle just now, the teenager knew that he had been rash and used his ghost cultivation power. His ident.i.ty was exposed and was momentarily in torment. He hung his head into his ripped clothes, wishing to nest his head in his chest.

Xu Xing Zhi handed him the water drum and asked straightforwardly, “Are you a ghost cultivator? A descendant of the Ming Ya Nation?”

The teenager dared not answer or make any noises.

Xu Xing Zhi calmly said, “As far as I know, the nation of Ming Ya was destroyed as early as six years ago.”

The teenager was so nervous that he cried out: “Senior Brother Xu…”

Xu Xing Zhi did not give him any buffer: “As a descendant of Ming Ya, why do you want to enter the Qingliang Valley? What on earth do you intend to do?”

The injured teenager slipped on his knees in panic and raised his face. “Senior Brother Xu, I didn’t intentionally mix into the Immortal Sects… I just lost both my parents and had no place to go. Coincidentally, I came across Qingliang Valley recruiting outer disciples with good spiritual roots, I then…”

The teenager had a lovely baby face. When he lifted his lips, there was a deep dimple on one side of his cheek. By this time, his eyes had changed from a light green to black. It was round and full of pure panic.

From his actions just now, Xu Xing Zhi judged that he was just a little brat who had just cultivated some skills from the Ghost Clan, and it was very likely that he was an interbred of both human and ghost. For someone with a double const.i.tution, he could cultivate the two different cultivations; ghost cultivation and the righteous human cultivation.

Probably because of his special const.i.tution, the disciple of Qingliang Valley did not find any abnormalities.

Just now, he enraged the Fei Yi in order to enclose the rear, although it was quite foolish, because of his righteousness, Xu Xing Zhi did not have much disgust for him.

He bent down and asked gently: “No hurry, speak slowly. Tell me first, what’s your name?”

The teenager bit his lips and his voice was barely audible: “Lu…Lu Yu Jiu…”

Word Count: 2841

The author has something to say:

Give Senior Brother Xu a tag

#The caring father who cares for all juniors’ wellbeing of the four Immortal Sects

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#818 my Senior Brother that left his love everywhere


Ren – an ancient measure of length equal to seven or eight chi Bring up the rear – The last one in the troop Three-pointed double-edged Sword, look at the tip. 7 inch position – the weakest part of a snake

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