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Translator: JiuJiuBa

Proofreader: G.o.dlyCash

After we installed the teleport magic circle by the lakeside, we had nothing to do.

Yata communicated with other teams once a day, while Sicia and I did nothing.

The message contents that Yata sent were fixed including some normal regards, which took 5 to 10 minutes.

In the remaining time, Sicia taught me magic and I taught Sicia my techniques.

I gradually familiarized myself with Sicia's magic, however Sicia couldn't comprehend my teachings.

It appeared that Sicia wanted to learn how to walk on the water and how to remain dry even after diving into water.

In the end, she wanted to learn how to control and manipulate mana like I do.

But the key point was on that, the use of the mana and giving rise to the influence on the body or its surroundings was a kind of physical art.

She had to hold the sensation more than the mana controlling and to seize the instinctual feeling by the sensation.

Maintaining a centre of gravity was as important as being familiar with her body.

In fact, the trick to learn mana control is the result of practicing physical arts.

That was exactly why no matter how I taught her my methods, she couldn't grasp it in our short time together.

Even so, Sicia's physical capabilities were pretty good and her ability to handle mana was better than me, so I had thought she could be able to understand the method quickly.

But two days pa.s.sed, then three days, Sicia failed to even do an imitation.

At last, from the fourth day, I had begun to teach Sicia the most fundamental thing I know.

I taught her to hold a sword and swing it in the correct posture.

“Is this really helpful?” Asked Sicia.

Swinging her arms, she wielded the sword up and down.

Actually, I wasn't sure of it myself.

Using her body to wield the sword was just a medium awaken her senses.

The only thing I required of her was to wield the sword in the correct posture.

Sicia was doing her best to swing the sword, but her shoulder, her knees, and her head were shaking randomly.

And the position where the sword fell and stopped was different every time, how could she succeed?

Speaking while wielding the sword proved that she didn't understand the significance of this training.

But Yata, who was also wielding sword next to her, was much better.

I didn't know since when, Yata, who was used to stay with Sicia all day, started to hang around and watch Sicia's training.

When I coached Sicia, I found that Yata learned from her, so I gave Yata a sword and let her join the training session.

Yata was very interested in this and followed to do the training.

After we spent a few days together, Yata became a little more familiar with me.

We didn't have any conversation though, but we were close enough to pa.s.s the salt bar to each other during meals or to poke each other's shoulder during the night watch.

“Mister, perhaps I am not talented enough?”

Sicia went straight to the point

[Yes, absolutely.]

Agreed Seregia.

Seregia, who never opened her mouth about normal things, harshly spoke.

[Meh, she is not bad. It is too harsh to say she is talentless.]

Unexpectedly, Ahb.o.o.boo gave a favorable evaluation.

However, I thought she was born to be a talentless.

Of course, I didn't voice out my thoughts.

“No, you are not.”

Although I said no, Sicia, who has been disappointed for the past few days, loses her momentum.

It was also possible that Sicia already realized my thoughts through my att.i.tude.

Because several times I muttered why she couldn't grasp the trick, which perhaps revealed my impression.

Thinking about that, I felt repentant.

At the night of that day, while I was in the night watch, I considered what training methods could help Sicia improve.

But nothing came up.

I never learned from anyone, hence I could only teach her according to the training I've done.

Yet, I don't think she achieve it if I asked her to my training method.

I also consulted with Ahb.o.o.boo and Seregia, but they also didn't present any plausible solution.

In the distress, due to having no solution, I looked up at the night sky and stared at the full moon.

The moon looked especially large.

We had been camping at the lakeside for four days.

I always looked up to the night sky and the moon.

But I never realized the moon was that huge.

Looking at the moon that was shining, I had an ominous presentiment.


From somewhere, the scream of people came.

That scream was echoing afar, as a result my tension increased.

It's not an auditory hallucination.

However, within my mana's range, I didn't sense anything.

I was worried that I would miss other voices, so I concentrated on listening, but only to hear the sound of the wind blowing from the woods and the ripples of the lake.

Sicia and Yata rushed out from the tent.

It seemed that they had also heard the scream.

Sicia, who hurriedly rushed out, looked up at the sky and said.

“Mister… Look at this. There are three moons”

Listening to the words of Sicia, I looked up to the sky again. There were three large and bright moons in the sky, which was bizarre.

Then, the contents of the half-forgotten message came to my mind.

[One day, there are some rumors about abnormalities in Lake Irai. Two suns and three moons appeared in the sky, bug-eating birds began to eat people, toxins were detected in the herbs, and children in the lakeside villages disappeared.]

I just thought of it as an exaggerated rumor.

In the message, the survivors were portrayed as being trapped in horror and lost their mind.

KiriKiri said the task on this floor wasn't difficult and other summoned contractors also behaved calm, so I thought it would only be somewhat difficult to find the target, but it couldn't be dangerous.

What's more, I thought the message was absurd and untrustworthy, therefore I just ignored it without any deep thinking.

As soon as I learned that the content in the message was true, the restlessness loomed over me.

And in the message, there were also words as following.

[The survivors of the research team said there were monsters that could rival the dragon in the forest.]

[They repeatedly said that the lava at the bottom of the lake would explode and would swallow the entire continent.]


Another strange roar came from the woods afar, and the faint ominous atmosphere had spread, making everyone difficult to breathe.

I couldn't help but feel gooseb.u.mps rising from my back.

I'm going to be attacked.

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