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6.--The most n.o.ble and famous Travels of Marco Polo one of the n.o.bility of the State of Venice, into the east Parts of the World, as Armenia, Persia, Arabia, Tartary, with many other Kingdoms and Provinces. The translation of Marsden revised by Thomas Wright, F.S.A.--London: George Newnes; New York: Charles Scribner's Sons, 1904, 16mo, pp. x.x.xix-461, Portrait and maps.

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9.--[Russian: Shemyakin', A.N.--Puteshestviya Venetsiantsa Marko Polo v'

XIII stod'tii, natsegatann'iya v' perv'iy raz' vpodi' na n'metskom' po duchshim' ietsaniyam' i s' ob'yasneniyami Avg. Byurkom' S' dopodneniyami i popravkami K.F. Nenmanna. Perevots' C' n'mstskago. Moskva, 1863.]

Had been published in [Russian: 'Iteniyakh' v' Nmn. Obsch. Istorii i Drevnostey Rossiiskikh' nri Mosk. Universitet']

Mentioned by Barthold in Minaev's _Marco Polo_.

10.--*Marco Polo's Resa i Asien ([Folkskrifter] allm. hist. No. 32) Stockholm, 1859, P.G. Berg.

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Pages 345-480 are devoted to notes.

12.--There is a j.a.panese piratical edition of the second edition of Yule's Marco Polo brought out by the firm Kyoyekishosha in 1900 and costing 8 _yen_. Cf. _Bulletin Ecole franc. Ext. Orient_, IV, p. 769, note.

[1] See II., pp. 554 seq.


1.--_Histoire des etabliss.e.m.e.nts europeens aux Indes orientales par_ A. CHARDIN, suivie d'un extrait de l'article sur _Marco Polo_, de M. WALKENAER, Membre de l'Inst.i.tut; d'un extrait de la vie de Jonh [sic] Mandeville, par Washington Irving; et d'une notice sur le Camoens, par Mme de Stael.--Paris, Rue et Place Saint-Andre des Arts, no. 30--1832, 12mo, pp. 104.

Marco Polo, p. 87.--John Mandeville, p. 94.

Marco Polo, after la _Biographie universelle_; Mandeville, after _l'Histoire de Christophe Colomb._, de W. Irving.

Fait partie de la _Bibliotheque populaire ou l'Instruction mise a la portee de toutes les cla.s.ses et de toutes les intelligences par_ MM. ARAGO ... et AJa.s.sON de GRANDSAGNE, charge de la Direction.

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3.--PALLADIUS' _Elucidations_. See II., p. 579, No. 63.

Notice in _Magazin fur die Litteratur des Auslandes_, 1876, p.


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6.--[Russian: Kommentarii Arkhimandrita Paddadiya Katharova na putemestvie Marko Polo no s'vernomu Kitayu s' tsrsdisloviem' N.I. Besedobskago.

Sankpeterburg', Tip. Imp. Akad. Nauk'] 1902, 8vo, pp. 47, portrait.

7.--MOULE, Rev. G.E.--_Notes on Col._ YULE'S _Edition of Marco Polo's_ "Quinsay." (_Jour. North-China Br. R. As. Soc._, N.

S., IX., 1875, pp. 1-24.)

8.--_The_ Tarikh-i-Rashidi _of_ MIRZA MUHAMMAD HAIDAR, DUGHLaT _A History of the Moghuls of Central Asia_, An English Version Edited, with Commentary, Notes, and Map by N. ELIAS. The Translation by E. Denison Ross ... London, Sampson Low, 1895, 8vo.

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Petersb., 1901.]

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---- _Explorations in Central Asia_ (1906-1908). (_Geographical Journal_, July and Sept., 1909.)

---- _Expedition in Central Asia. (Geog. Journ._, May, 1915.)

---- _Expedition in Central Asia. (Geog. Journ._, Oct., 1915.)

---- _Expedition in Central Asia. (Geog. Journ._, May, 1916.)

---- _A Third Journey of Exploration in Central Asia_, 1913-16.

(_Geog. Journ._, Aug. and Sept., 1916.)

---- _Marco Polo's Account of a Mongol Inroad into Kashmir. (Geog.

Journ._, Aug., 1919, pp. 92-103.)

11.--H.A. GILES' _Dictionary_, Part III., pp. 1378-9.

List of Places mentioned by Marco Polo and identified by Yule.

12.--E.H. PARKER.--_Some New Facts about Marco Polo's Book.

(Imperial and Asiatic Quarterly Review_, Jan., 1904, pp. 125-149.)

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