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Upon seeing Lin Weenie, Chen Waxiness could not help but tease, "It looks like Chaos Yuan is a two-timer."

Lin Weenie remembered what he had said to Chen Waxiness before. He thought, "Chen Waxiness clearly takes my words seriously and believes that Chaos Yuan and I are just friends. However, what happened during the new year holiday made me realize that I cannot let go of my obsession with Chaos yuan."

Lin Weenie pretended not to understand what she meant and looked at her.

"I never know that you and Chaos Yuan are from the same county. You were suddenly on bad terms last year, and now you guys get along well with each other again. Didn't you say that you don't have a special feeling for him? Do you still want to keep your words?" asked Chen Waxiness.

"That depends on how you define a special feeling. For me, friendship between roommates and cla.s.smates is not special," Lin Weenie said in a deep voice.

"Is love a special thing for you?" Chen Waxiness kept a straight face and asked bluntly.

"No, it's a common thing," Lin Weenie replied flatly.

"So tell me what is a special feeling?" Chen Waxiness asked angrily.

"If you have a feeling, which's similar to that between you and your parents, for one of your peers, it's very special. And racial discrimination is special..." Lin Weenie began to ramble.

"You!" Chen Waxiness got furious. As she had believed Lin Wenxi's words, she gave up plotting against this boy. She had never expected him to deny what he had said so quickly.

"You know what. I'm not Shu Xiaoman who believes in the so-called pure love. Such an idea just disgusts me! Boys should love girls. That's how human beings survive and multiply. It's wrong for you to love Chaos Yuan. You'll be despised. Stop it now," Chen Waxiness pointed at Lin Weenie and said while standing on the steps.

Lin Weenie went up the steps slowly and then whispered beside Chen Wanxin's ear, "I love him and I can't stop it. What can you do? Does this have anything to do with you? If you're able to make him fall for you, I'll wish you all the best!"

Upon hearing that, Chen Waxiness smiled coldly and asked, "Are you saying that you're determined to compete with me?"

"I never plan to compete with anyone else. I just follow my own heart to love or hate someone. I don't care whether it's right or wrong," replied Lin Wenxin. "As for you, Chen Waxiness, do you really love Chaos Yuan? Or, do you just want to get him for some other reasons?"

Chen Waxiness was surprised and then replied with a smile, "Every girl will like a guy like Chaos Yuan, as long as she's not blind!"

"I'm not blind either," said Lin Weenie.

"But a person like you can't love him in a decent way like I do," Chen Waxiness giggled and said.

"Oh? What kind of person am I? I really want to know how a well-educated girl from a powerful family like you will verbally abuse me," Lin Weenie said with a smile.

"Hehe, you're not blind, but there are still some things that you can't see. Unlike you, I know everything about Chaos Yuan," said Chen Waxiness.

"You're not me. How do you know that I don't know these things?" Lin Weenie retorted with a smile.

"Hymph!" Chen Waxiness suddenly lifted up a hand to throw Lin Wenxi's breakfast to the ground and walked away.

Lin Weenie squatted down to look at his breakfast food. It was stained with dust now. He felt dejected. He pursed up his lips and gritted his teeth.

"Are you alright, Weenie? Why did Chen Waxiness bully you?" Gu Xi ran up to Lin Wenxin and felt indignant. "You can eat my breakfast food. Here you are. If it's not enough, I'll go to buy more food for you."

"Thank, but I don't need the food," Lin Weenie said and then carefully washed his noodles with mineral water. After that, he ate up the noodles under the astonished gaze of Gu Xi.

Later that day, the lecturer who taught object-oriented technology grumpily rushed into the university counselor's office. Shortly afterwards, Gu Xi and Chen Waxiness entered the office at the request of their university counselor.

"You're university students now! How could you fight during a lecture?" The university counselor held her gla.s.ses, trying to see them more clearly. She could hardly believe that a girl was able to beat up a boy. Upon seeing the slender boy, she understood why this thing happened.

This morning, when the lecture on the object-oriented technology had just began, Gu Xi rushed into the lecture room all of a sudden. He bashed a book on Chen Wanxin's head and stuffed her mouth with a dirty steamed bun while saying, "You bullied Weenie and ruined his breakfast food. Now, it's time for you to eat some dirt!"

Chen Waxiness, who had been listening to the lecturer attentively, failed to react in time. After getting hit by Gu Xi and tasting some dirty dust in her mouth, she burst with anger and shame. She poured a cup of water on Gu Xi and then slapped him several times in a row. Gu Xi was quickly beaten to the ground. When she grabbed an ink bottle, planning to bash it on Gu Xi's head, Chaos Yuan stood up and stopped her in time.

"He started the fight. Can't I fight back?" Chen Waxiness shouted at Chaos Yuan.

"That's enough," Chaos Yuan said and dragged Chen Wanxi to the side. When he was helping her smooth her hair, he happened to see the complicated look within Lin Wenxi's eyes.

Lin Weenie came up to help Gu Xi to stand up. The moment Gu Xi stood on his feet, he pushed Lin Weenie away and ran toward Zheng Kai, who was sitting in the back row and dozing. He threw himself into Zheng Kai's arms and cried. Upon seeing that, Zheng Kai was furious and looked around. When he found out that it seemed to be Chen Waxiness who had beaten up Gu Xi, he calmed down and said, "Don't mess with her. I can't help you if you fight against her."

"Aren't we brothers?" Gu Xi asked while sobbing.

"But I can't beat up a girl for you. I can't do such a thing." Zheng Kai explained.

"But at least, you should comfort me!" Gu Xi grumbled.

"What do you want me to do?" Zheng Kai asked worriedly. The last time he had Gu Xi such a question, Gu Xi had asked to hug and kiss him. Because of this incident, Zheng Kai had ignored Gu Xi for days.

"I just want to hug you and cry for a while. Is it okay?" asked Gu Xi.

"There are so many people around us..." Zheng Kai replied worriedly.

"I'll do that when we go back to the dorm," said Gu Xi

"..." Zheng Kai was rendered speechless and tacitly approved it.

When Zheng Kai went back to Dorm No. 216 after the lecture, Gu Xi rushed into the dorm and wrapped his arms around Zheng Kai's waist. To his surprise, he was unable to cry at this moment no matter how hard he tried. He kept rubbing his face against Zheng Kai's body and refused to leave. Zheng Kai felt displeased. He thought that Gu Xi looked alright now and thus threw him out of his dorm.

As for the lecturer, he felt angry at Chen Waxiness and Gu Xi, as they ruined his lecture today. In Jifu University, every lecturer was given only 3 or 4 hours to finish all his or her lectures during each semester. The lecturers spent lots of time preparing the lectures, trying to cover all the important knowledge points while keeping the students interested. He had only one hour to finish his lecture today but wasted more than 10 minutes because of these two students. After the lecture, he went to find the university counselor in a fit of anger.

The university counselor had dealt with a lot of conflicts between student before but had never met such a situation where a boy got beaten up by a girl. After careful investigation, she deducted a few of their credits and let the two students leave.

When Chen Waxiness went back to her dorm in a fit of anger, she received a call from Luo Yang.

"I heard that you were bullied. Do you want me to get back at that student for you?" Luo Yang asked with concern.

"No. It'll be ridiculous for you to get back at such a slender boy. As to Lin Weenie, as you sure that he's from an ordinary family?" asked Chen Waxiness.

"According to my investigation, he is," Luo Yang said cautiously. Just before this semester, Mo Qian had ordered Luo Yang not to tell Chen Waxiness the real ident.i.ty of Lin Weenie since Chen Wanxin's father did not want them to fight against each other. To Luo Yang's surprise, Chen Waxiness and Lin Weenie still became deadly foes like their fathers. He was confused since Chen Waxiness seemed to hate Lin Wenxi's gusts but never agreed to let him harm the boy. He asked Chen Waxiness, "What about the forum thing?"

"Postpone it. We'll have another chance in the future. Don't send anyone to beat him up. You'll only alert him by doing this. And some of his friends know kung fu. If you irritate them and get into trouble, I won't help you out!" Chen Yuxin said coldly.

"So what exactly do you want, Miss Chen?" Luo Yang asked confusedly.

"I'm waiting for a chance to crush him once and for all. I want him to be kicked out of this university!" Chen Waxiness said balefully. Suddenly, she saw someone through her window and asked, "Who is it?" She ran out of her dorm.

To her surprise, the corridor was empty.

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