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When I came back to the village, there were two girls, an elf and a dryad, before my eyes. Both the elf and dryad were races with exceptional appearance.

This elf girl also lived up to that, long hair that was glittering in beautiful gold under the sun, slender body with an appropriate chest that shows the characteristic of a woman, even when she screamed 'Hiyaah! Heyaaaah!', her s.e.x-appeal didn't disappear………nevermind.

The dryad had medium length green hair. Her gentle, sloping eyes created a pleasant atmosphere around her. Not to mention that body. 'It's amazing!'…Her dynamite body could easily break a man's senses.

Stooooop! Don't escape from reality!

"Hey Mea, I wonder if I'd used all my power, this gentle me is almost at her limit."

"That's why I told you to stop!"

Yep……..I really really don't want to come out. Gentle? That one?

An elf girl who kept striking the barrier along with a dryad that desperately held her back. I wished I could turn back, and yet……


Looking at her appearance, that seemingly dangerous elf was about 16 or 17 years old.

Well, an elf would stop aging once they reached a certain age, so their exact age was unknown, but……

Her behaviour gave out an impression of a dangerous girl, I could say that much.

"Aah! Albert-san! Rize-san, he already come back!"

The elf girl shifted her line of sight to me.


Daidalian, why the h.e.l.l did you call me out now…….

I wasn't prepared yet. I had no choice but to come out after being called by him.

"I'm back…….eh? What's happened here?"


According to Daidalian, both of them were Sari's friend that came here to see how the village's restoration was going. But they were obstructed by the barrier and couldn't enter the village. And then, the elf girl started throwing a tantrum at the absurd barrier until I came…….

While I listened to Daidalian's explanation, the elf girl was rapidly approaching me, so much that I could even hear the sound of her feet stamping.

"This is the goblin's village! Why is there a gargoyle?! Good afternoon!"


By the course of event, I was sure she would pick a quarrel with me, never had I thought that she would greet me instead.

"Aah, good afternoon"

Let's returned the greeting first.

"What the h.e.l.l were you thinking, to make a barrier this strong, are you an idiot?! Thanks to that I couldn't get inside!"

As expected, she seemed to be angry.

"You're being unreasonable, Rize-chan. I'm really sorry!"

The dryad, which was called Mea, continued to apologise non-stop.

"Aah, I don't mind"

"But this barrier is amazing. This is my first time seeing a barrier this strong"

<><="" 24.="">

Now she did a complete change and praised me. Umm, weren't you angry at me?

Is she friendly or aggressive? Was she praising me or ridiculing me? This elf woman, she was checking all the boxes. I couldn’t even get angry at her if I wanted. I really wish she’d stop with this hot and cold att.i.tude of hers.

"Rize-chan is a bit frank but she is a good child"

Sari casually gave a follow up.

You called that 'a bit'?

She didn't seem like a bad girl though…..

“Don’t ignore me! I’m not lonely!”

"Rize-chan! I'm sorry! I'm sorry!"

Aa, perhaps, whenever it was, she was only speaking off whatever was in her mind at that time.

"Wait a second, I'll plant my magical power imprint on you."

"I'm sorry, I'm sorry"

"Give it to me immediately"

Since Sari said that they were not a bad people, I planted my magical power imprint on them and granted them the privilege to enter the village.

"I can……..go inside"


As they had safely gotten into the village, Sari was leading both of them to the cabin, that was once Mido house, and held a meeting there. The cabin remained intact during the raid, now it has become the gathering place for the goblins.

"So, why did you come?"

Sari inquired the two girls.

"Nn, first of all, I heard from Mea that you're restoring your village"

Then, from her bag, Rize took out five maple syrups, varieties of seasonings, i.e salt, that was fully packed on pouches and lesser orc and grizzly bear, these kinds of monster's meat.

These things that were taken out from the bag clearly shouldn't have fit in that bag, did this girl grant it with s.p.a.ce expansion magic and turned it into a magic bag?

The s.p.a.ce's size inside the bag would be in proportion with the owner's magic consumption.

How wonderful…… I also wanted to grant magic to my wyvern's leather bag and turn it into a magic bag….

"It's not much but I think this will be useful"

"No…….I mean, these is too much…….is it really okay?"

Rize nodded her head in a.s.sent at Sari's words.

"It's fine! We have to help each other in dire need, the maple syrup was from Mea anyway!"

"Rize, Mea…….excuse me then, I'll gladly accept it"

Sari and Daidalian bowed to the both girls. I see, the caption that said she was gentle maybe not entirely wrong……

Her first impression was really misleading though.

"By the way, why was Mea not using telepathy and came here directly instead?"

"Ummm, one of the reason was definitely for helping you, but I also came for another reason….."

Mea suddenly begin to talk with serious expression. She was coming here in concern with the monster's movement, the one we'd talked about before.

As demon lord Beria and demon lord Larne had broken out into war, the monsters that dwelled around Larne's castle were escaping to far away places in fear of high-ranking demons. Now that Larne was already dead, and Beria's army had left their post, the escaping monsters have gradually returned to their previous dwelling around the Larne's castle. But, Fang Bear and Blood Grizzly Bear, these strong monster that lived away from Larne's castle, also came along with their food, Lesser Orc and Grizzly Bear. And it's said that they had been seen loitering about in this area.

They had spotted a Blood Grizzly 10 km away from dryad's dwelling yesterday. Blood Grizzly was the evolution from Grizzly Bear, this huge bear that was 4 meter in lengths was a ferocious beast. Its high agility, combined with attack power that was comparable to the wyvern, made the Blood Grizzly a dangerous monster to encounter deep in the forest. Blood Grizzly's posed a higher threat for the dryads and Goblins even more than a wyvern would.

Dryads had a better chance as they have high stealth ability and high level earth magic, but Blood Grizzly wasn't a monster the goblins and hobgoblins could deal with. However……..



Sari and Daidalian made a face full of anxiety. For them to made such a face.

>> >>

"There is no problem at all"

It was great to have peace of mind.

"As expected from you."


Daidalian and Sari harmoniously gave out their respective comprehension even without asking the subject of the matter.

"Yes, I'd never thought there would be a barrier that strong. There will be no problem with Blood Grizzly for sure, even we couldn't get inside the barrier……."

"Sorry for that"

Even though just for appearance sake, I owed them an apology.

"No, rather, you helped me"


"Yes, to be honest, I came here not only to relay the information regarding the monster, simply using telepathy will be enough for that purpose."


"That it to say, can I stay in this village? I would like to form a formal alliance with the Goblin tribe.”

"What? What do you mean?"

Mea answered Sari's question.

Sing long ago, Goblins already had social intercouse with dryad's tribe, but they didn't develop their relationship any further. The dryads have high defensive capabilities, but their attack power is close to none. So far that has proven enough for them, but now with high threat monster loitering around the forest. The sense of crisis has enveloped them as their village's defense couldn't be of any use.

They were still able to hold it for now, but if the situation keep on getting worse and worse, their village will soon be ruined. Therefore, it seems like they intended to invite the goblins to their village and cooperate together with them when push comes to shove.

"I'm sorry, but we won't able to do anything if the opponent is Blood Grizzly"

"Regarding that, you know that dryad's are strong in magic bestowal right?"


"Fortunately, Blood Grizzly are weak to fire. As long as there is a flame stone, we could bestow fire attribute to the weapon. In regards with the armor, we would like to prepare the hard material suitable for it. Moreover, we will also prepare anything else that you need, so……."

"Couldn't you use that weapon to retaliate when you're under attack?"

"That…….well. We, dryads, are able to make strong weapon, but our physical abilities are low. Even with strong weapons in our hands, we are still hopeless. So, if possible, we wish to cooperate with goblins………of course you can make use of our weapons and armor as you like, including your daily hunting. And that was why I'm here……."

Now that the male goblins had gone, they lacked the ability to scout the enemy.  The dryad, Mea, could play their role in monitoring the forest. She as a dryad, could hear all kinds of tree's voices, and is thus able to perceive the forest's anomaly faster than anyone else. Especially when it comes to the forest, their ability to obtain information  encompa.s.ses several kilometers around me by making use of all the trees. Moreover, dryads could use telepathy, making it easy to establish communication with the goblins. By the way, elf can't use telepathy. But, they have a keen sense of hearing through their long ears, even if they don't understand the language.

"What do you think?"

"I understand, we will discuss it with Menado-san once she comes back. I wish you can stay here for today."

"Please take care of me!"

>>>> >


Thus there were two guest staying in this village tonight.

Tonight will be lively.

"Aa, the gargoyle over there! I need to talk to you, come with me outside!"

While we were at it, I was summoned by Lady Rize. I wasn't even happy, I could smell trouble. But if I ignore it, she would blow a fuse.

It would be great if I could safely go through it………nevermind.

There was nothing I could do except think about it positively. I shall enjoy the conversation with a beautiful girl for the first time in 1500 years, shall I not?

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