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Corliss engine--G. H. Corliss, United States, 1849.

First practical steam-turbine--C. A. Parsons, England, 1884.

Textile Industries

Flying shuttle, first important invention in weaving, leading to modern weaving machinery--John Kay, England, 1733.

Spinning-jenny--James Hargreaves, England, 1763.

Power loom--James Cartwright, England, 1785.

Cotton-gin, for separating the seeds from the fibre, gave a new impetus to the cotton industry. The production of cotton increased in five years from 35,000 to 155,000 bales--Eli Whitney, United States, 1792.

Pattern loom, for the weaving of patterns--M. J. Jacquard, France, 1801.

Application of steam to the loom--William Horrocks, England, 1803.

Knitting-machine--Brunel, England, 1816.

Sewing-machine--Elias Howe, United States, 1846.

Mercerized cotton--John Mercer, England, 1850.

Process of making artificial silk--H. de Chardonnet, France, 1888.


Circular wood-saw--Miller, England, 1777.

Wood-planing machine--Samuel Benthem, England, 1791.

Wood-mortising machine--M. J. Brunel, England, 1801.

Band wood-saw--Newberry, England, 1808.

Lathe for turning irregular wood forms--Thomas Blanchard, United States, 1819.

Improved planing-machine--William Woodworth, United States, 1828.


First fireproof safe--Richard Scott, England, 1801.

Steel pen, quill pen used up to this time--Wise, England, 1803.

First life-preserver--John Edwards, England, 1805.

Calculating machine--Charles Babbage, England, 1822.

First friction matches--John Walker, United States, 1827. Flint and steel were used for starting fires before matches were invented.

First portable steam fire-engine--Brithwaite and Ericsson, England, 1830.

Vulcanizing of rubber--Charles Goodyear, United States, 1839.

Pneumatic tire--R. W. Thompson, England, 1845.

Time-lock for safes--Savage, United States, 1847.

Match-making machinery--A. L. Denison, United States, 1850.

American machine-made watches--United States, 1850.

Safety matches--Lundstrom, Sweden, 1855.

Sleeping-car--Woodruff, United States, 1856.

Printing-machine for the blind, origin of the typewriter--Alfred E. Beach, United States, 1856.

Cable-car--E. A. Gardner, United States, 1858.

Driven well, an iron tube with the end pointed and perforated driven into the ground--Col. N. W. Green, United States, 1861.

Pa.s.senger elevator--E. G. Otis, United States, 1861.

First practical typewriter--C. L. Sholes, United States, 1861.

Railway air-brake, use of air-pressure in applying brakes to the wheels of a car. A strong spring presses the brake against the wheels. Air acts against the spring and holds the brake away from the wheels. To apply the brake, air is allowed to escape, reducing the pressure and allowing the spring to act--George Westinghouse, United States, 1869.

Store-cash carrier--Dr. Brown, United States, 1875.

Roller flour-mills--F. Wegman, United States, 1875.

Kinetoscope, moving-picture machine--Edison, 1893.


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