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-- _The Significance of the Frontier in American History._ Pages 199-227 of _Rep't. of Am. Hist. a.s.s'n., 1893_.

Contains a valuable characterization of the French as colonizers.

VARNEY, GEORGE JONES. _A brief History of Maine. Portland, Me.: McLellan, Mosher & Co., 1888._ 336 pp.

Tells of the intense cold of 1816-17 and of the great Western exodus. A "Young People's History." Popular. Without references.

WALKER, EDWIN SAWYER. _History of the Springfield (Illinois) Baptist a.s.sociation. Springfield, Ill.: H. W. Rokker, 1881._ 140 pp.

Tells of the organization of the United Baptist Church, of Springfield, on July 17, 1830, with eight members.

WALLACE, JOSEPH. _The History of Illinois and Louisiana under the French Rule, embracing a general View of the French Dominion in North America, with some Account of the English Occupation of Illinois. Cincinnati: Robert Clarke & Co., 1893._ vi. + 433 pp.

Contains a great deal of material. Usually, though not always, correct.

WARDEN, DAVID BAILLIE. _A statistical, political and historical Account of the U. S. of N. A.; from the period of their first Colonization to the present Day. Edinburgh: Archibald Constable & Co., 1819._ 3 vols. 16mo.

I., lxiv. + 552; II., 571; III., 588 pp.

Pages 43-65 of Volume III. deal with Illinois exclusively. At the close of the chapter the author gives a bibliography for Illinois-five t.i.tles and two maps. A useful book.

WENTWORTH, Hon. JOHN. _Early Chicago. Two Lectures delivered April 11, 1875, and May 7, 1876, respectively._ 48 and 56 pp. Nos. 8 and 7 of _Fergus historical Series. Chicago: Fergus Printing Co., 1876._

The critical supplemental notes are of especial interest.

WEST, MARY ALLEN. _A MS. Letter in the Illinois State Historical Library._

Tells the story of the coming of James Moore and his party from Virginia in 1781.

_Western monthly Magazine. Conducted by James Hall. Cincinnati_, I., 73-83. _See_ Peck, Rev. John Mason.

WHITE, EMMA SIGGINS. _Genealogy of the Descendants of John Walker of Wigton, Scotland, with Records and some fragmentary Notes pertaining to the History of Virginia, 1600-1902. Tiernan-Dart Printing Co., 1902._ x.x.x.

+ 722 pp.

Valuable. Has original letters from Western emigrants. Suggests the great influx of people into Illinois in the third decade of the 19th century.

Gives a good idea of the westward drift of population in the United States.

WHITON, JOHN MILTON. _Sketches of the History of New-Hampshire, from its Settlement in 1623 to 1833. Concord: Marsh, Capen & Lyon, 1834._ 222 pp.

Describes the great cold of 1816 and the great emigration to the West. An unimportant work, confessedly popular, and without references.

WILBUR, LA FAYETTE. _Early History of Vermont. Jericho, Vt.: Roscoe Printing House, 1899-1903._ 4 vols. I., 362; II., 419; III., 397; IV., 463 pp.

Pages 162-3 of Volume III. tell of the unusual cold of 1816-17 and quote Governor Galusha's reference to the impending famine. No references are given.

WILLIAMS, GEORGE WASHINGTON. _History of the Negro Race in America from 1619-1880. New York: G. P. Putnam's Sons, 1882._ 2 vols. I., X. + 481; II., 611 pp. The two volumes are also issued as one.

Gives some statistics concerning slaves in Illinois and notes on Illinois slavery legislation. The author was a negro.

WILLIAMSON, WILLIAM DURKEE. _The History of the State of Maine: from its first Discovery, A. D. 1602, to the Separation, A. D. 1820. inclusive.

Hallowell: Glazier, Masters & Co._, 1832. 2 vols. I., iv. + 696; II., 729 pp.

Tells of the unusual cold of 1816-17 and of the great movement toward the West. Strong in citation of authorities. Much above the average of State histories of its time.

WILSON, HENRY. _History of the Rise and Fall of the slave Power in America. Boston: James R. Osgood & Co._, 1872-7. 3 vols. I., vii. + 670; II., 720: III., 774 pp. _Houghton._ 3 vols.

Valuable material on slavery in Illinois. A strong work.

WINSOR, JUSTIN. _The westward Movement: the Colonies and the Republic west of the Alleghanies, 1673-98; with full cartographical Ill.u.s.trations from contemporary Sources. Boston: Houghton, Mifflin & Co._, 1897. 595 pp.

Criticism: _Am. Hist. Rev._, III., 556.

WITHERS, ALEXANDER SCOTT. _Chronicles of border Warfare, or A History of the Settlement by the Whites, of North-western Virginia: and of the Indian Wars and Ma.s.sacres, in that Section of the State. Clarksburg, Va.: Joseph Israel_, 1831. 319+iv. pp. Very rare. _Same. New ed., edited and annotated by Reuben Gold Thwaites. Cincinnati: Clarke_, 1895.

A few references are to events in Illinois. Criticism: _Am. Hist. Rev._, I., 170.

YOUNG, WILLIAM T. _Life and public Services of General Lewis Ca.s.s. 2d ed.

Detroit: Markham & Elwood_, 1852. 420 pp.

Tells of Gen. Ca.s.s' expedition to Illinois during the trouble with the Sauk Indians in 1827.

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