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Leng shi didn’t intend for her daughters to find potential husbands in Qing Zhou, but that didn’t mean that she didn’t want them to stand out from the rest of the crowd.

After all, they couldn’t lose face for Duke Ding’s fu. 

By chance, Xie Zhen and Xie Xun recently had new clothes tailored for them, and the fabric had been brought over from the capital–exquisite satin that even the richest men in Qing Zhou couldn’t buy. One bolt of fabric could be used to tailor two blouses, and when the girls tried them on, they fit just right. Apart from that, she gave Xie Zhen a matching cherry-patterned coral red skirt, and for Xie Xun she picked a pastel green skirt. After they had finished dressing, they went with the two maidservants, and it seemed as though the whole house had lit up.

Leng shi also had a new azure jin pao made for Xie Rong. As all of them were precious to her, she treated them equally.

Even so, if she hadn’t made a set for Xie Rong, he nonetheless wouldn’t have been petty towards his precious little sisters.

At this time, Xie Zhen and Xie Xun were both standing in front of the copper basin washing their faces. However, as both of them were not tall enough to reach the water in the basin, they had to leave the washing to their maidservants. Xie Xun finished washing up very quickly but Xie Zhen playfully sprinkled some water on her. While sprinkling, she laughed and said, “Younger sister is a flower, let me give water the flower.”

Left with no choice, Xie Xun could only wash up once more, angrily saying “Bad elder sister”.

Although she thought of resisting, she repeatedly got bullied by Xie Zhen. Eventually, the two little girls ended up laughing and screaming together.

Washing one’s face already took one quarter of an hour. If this went on, when would they even end? Helpless, Leng shi signed and told Xie Rong, “Your father already went to call for the carriage and will be back soon. Go take a look at little lamb and Ah Xun wash up.”

Xie Rong nodded his head.

Upon the arrival of their elder brother, both of them immediately settled down. Xie Zhen went forward and pulled his sleeve, currying his favour and saying: “I won’t be playful if elder brother helps me wash up”.

In their eyes, although elder brother was strict, he was after all their biological brother. As long as they were not too outrageous, he would definitely agree to any request they had.

Sure enough, Xie Rong took hold of the half-drenched towel from Shuang Yu, squatted down and carefully wiped her eyes and nose.

“You cannot bully Xie Zhen in the future.”

This time round, Xie Zhen was very well-behaved, making no movement whatsoever. With her pair of large black watery eyes, “I didn’t bully her, I was just playing with her.” After which, she twisted her tender dumpling face to the side, looking at Xie Xun, “Aren’t I right Ah Xun?”

Xie Xun hummed and nodded her head in agreement.

At the crucial moment, they will still work together to trick him.

Xie Rong stayed silent, patted her head and continued washing Xie Xun’s face. After washing up, he then taught them both of them how to use salt and peppermint to wash their teeth. Xie Zhen was very attentive in learning. In this aspect, she was different from other small children. She cared a lot about her body,  and was vain since young, paying much attention to the aesthetic form.

They were finally done. Shuang Yu and Shuang Yan helped each of them tidy up and change into their new clothes, matching the clothes with a pendant.  As they were still young, there was no need for a elaborate hairstyle. A flower bun would be most appropriate, highlighting their cuteness. Shuang Yu and Shuang Yan weaved a flower gold chain on the flower buns, and at an unexpected whim, drew a cinnabar mole on Xie Zhen’s forehead. As Xie Xue had bangs, there was no use for one.

Xie Zhen went before the mirror to look at the mole. Seeing that it looked light and wasn’t too strong, she could still bring herself to accept it.

The cinnabar mole brought out her features and coupled with the flower bun, making her appear lovelier and cuter.

They were alas ready. After changing out, Liang shi sat in front of the mirror, and went with a small simple bun along with a headdress, looking beautiful.

Xie Liqing had been waiting at the entrance for quite some time. However, the wait for his wife and children was finally over.

Upon setting his eyes on Leng shi, his eyes brightened and looking down, his two daughters were even more eye-catching, especially Xie Zhen’s tender-looking group. Although they were still young, they already had the beauty of the capital. Ordinarily, they were already cute and pretty, but after dressing up, his fondness for them grew even more.

At this moment, Xie Zhen was holding Leng shi‘s hand, fiddling with her pendant while walking. When she looked up and saw Xie Liqing, she opened her arms and flew towards him: “Daddy!”

Xie Liqing quickly squatted down to receive her, tenderly touching her head, saying, “Why do you seem so listless?”

She laid in his arms, acting pitiful and pouting, said: “Ah niang woke Xie Xun and me so early this morning, Daddy I am sleepy…”

Seeing her daughter tell on her in her husband’s arms, Leng shi smiled indulgently. So young yet she already knew how to accuse others, really a little prankster.

Xie Liqing guffawed and carried her up the carriage.

“Take a nap in the carriage then. There is no rush since it is quite a journey to the Gao fu”.

After carrying Xie Zhen, he went to carry Xie Xun and once the two charming girls were in the carriage, turned to look at Leng shi: “it must have been tiring for you today.”

Leng shi glared at him, “what are you saying, both little lamb and Ah Xun are my precious daughters, why would I think that they tire me out?”

Xie Liqing took no heed to her glare and still continued to say: “Aren’t I just concerned for you.”

After this exchange, Xie Rong who had been at the side walked past them, and without any change in expression, sat at the back of the carriage, as though he hadn’t heard their conversation.

Xie Liqing, finding it hard to maintain his expression, said: “this child…”

Leng shi gave him a push, saying, “We should leave now, any later and we would be late.”

Left with no choice, Xie Liqing could only sit at the back of the carriage.

Two carriages leave for their destination – Gao fu in the south.

As soon as the Xie household left, a figure emerged from the entrance of the Li household.

Looking at the carraige that was heading further and further away, Liyu couldn’t help but feel relieved internally. Luckily he hadn’t been spotted. The Li household had also received an invitation from the Gao fu. Li Xiqing and Gao Qing were once old friends. Subsequently, one had went into business and the other into the arts, however, they continued to stay in contact for the next few decades. The Li household had often gone to the Gao fu as guests, however, there was never a time where Liyu had been so unwilling.
He didn’t want to see Xie Zhen.

Whenever he recounted how he urinated in front of her last time, he didn’t want to ever see her again.

However, they just had to live so close to each other. At times, when she raised her voice, he could hear her clearly at home.

As to how he could differentiate her voice? That was because she had sang him a song for him the last time, and due to her singing being too good, he had remembered it at one go.

Song shi came out from inside and saw him standing at the entrance.

“Yu er, what are you looking at?”

Liyu walked to her side saying, “Nothing much.”

Song shi didnt believe him at all. This child was usually dull, if there wasn’t anything, why would he stand at the entrance for so long? She glanced at the entrance but there was nothing there. As such, she didn’t continue probing but said, “We can leave now if you have finished packing.”


锦袍 jin pao : male brocade gown. It’s the male version of the traditional chinese garb in ancient China.

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