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Chapter 378: Chapter 378 Invitation from The Lady City

After the ball game ended, Squirrel Bubu finally found out what trick Mouse Jack used to complete the ball battle training. It grabbed the back collar of the Mouse Jack’s cloth and then dragged it toward Zhou Yu angrily, “Lord, Jack is so shameless. He completed the training using the secret medicine of The Lady City!”

When Zhou Yu heard it, he was shocked. So doping is also very popular in the ACG world? If this was the case, then he would not treat it lightly. After all, doping might harm Diandian and other animals.

Then he looked at Mouse Jack again. When it was grabbed by Squirrel Bubu, it was still drinking the coffee that was made by the maid Tina, not caring about the squirrel’s ‘accusation’ at all.

“Jack, what’s the secret medicine, please tell me honestly!”

Zhou Yu was also a little worried. If it was medicine with sequelae, then sooner or later, Diandian and other animals’ health would have a problem. And even if there were no side effects, using drugs to improve the ability of Knight Mounts was not a long-term solution, after all, there was not so much money to buy drugs.

“Don’t worry, my Lord, the secret medicine of The Lady City does not have any side effects, and the ability improvement it brings is permanent. We don’t need to worry about the future.”

When Jack said this, Zhou Yu was relieved a little bit, but it was very strange how Jack got the secret medicine with such a powerful effect. At this time, Squirrel Bubu also interrupted: “Stupid mouse, you think you can get the precious secret medicine of the lady city that easily? Moreover, you even got 30 portions of them, which is the annual production of the Lady City!”

Mouse Jack still looked very relaxed: “What are you worried about? The queen of the Lady City used to owe me a favor, so when I asked her for medicine this time, she gave me the secret medicine without saying anything. It’s normal. So please don’t stigmatize The Lady City. The queen herself is also a pretty good person.”

Squirrel Bubu continued to ask with a little skepticism: “Are there really no other conditions? I have heard that the people in The Lady City have always been ruthless, domineering, cruel, and treacherous. It is not even an exaggeration to say that they are femme fatales.”

Hearing what Squirrel Bubu said, Zhou Yu also felt a little interested, so he asked for more information about it from Bubu.

In the south of Luhua City, there was a city that only accommodated female idols and female residents. The women there were all celibates, and men were strictly forbidden to enter. Once they entered by mistake, they would be subjected to unimaginable ‘cruel punishments’, and then they would be thrown out of the city naked.

Legend has it that the King of Thieves once wanted to sneak in and take a look, but although he was not thrown out naked, it was not better than that.

Hearing squirrel Bubu talking about this, Zhou Yu couldn’t help but look at the King of Thieves next to him curiously. The king of thieves coughed twice and said: “My lord, you do not need to guess. Apart from the infinite hourgla.s.s, there is no other place in the world that can trap me. So naturally, I have been to the lady city, but its guardian Phoenix was a bit difficult to handle, so after getting what I wanted, I quickly left the city.”

“What did you steal in the lady city?”

“Phoenix’s saliva is said to be the most mellow wine in the world. Only after it falls asleep can you get a drop of saliva every day, so it is very precious. However, one drop of its saliva is only about a small bottle. I thought that the lady city would not be so stingy, but I didn’t expect that they would not even give one drop away, in the end, they even made me use my special skill.”

The King of Thieves was still that domineering, he was not even scared of the mystical beast phoenix. Moreover, it seemed like he got what he wanted in the end. He is indeed very good at what he does. But Phoenix’s saliva…. It sounded a bit disgusting to him.

“Yes, Phoenix Wine is indeed the most wonderful wine in the world. Just a sip, the mellow taste of it will linger in your throat, and it will last for three days.”

When Mouse Jack spoke, it was immersed in its memory of drinking the wonderful wine, and it seemed that the wine did give it an experience beyond imagination. However, when the old drunkard heard this, he was not able to remain calm anymore. Shouting while jumping up and down, he wanted to head to the lady city right now to steal those wines.

At this moment, the King of thieves asked with a weird look: “Did you drink Phoenix Wine?”

“Yes, before leaving the lady city, the queen invited me to drink a small gla.s.s, which is truly unforgettable.”

Hearing this answer, the King of Thieves suddenly burst into laughter: “Hahaha, you will indeed never forget it! Do you know that the nickname of Phoenix wine is Transs.e.xual wine? Any man who drinks this wine will become a woman later on, and it won’t be long before you become a woman!”

As soon as these words were spoken, Jack Mouse’s calm face finally disappeared. After struggling for a while, the old drunkard also gave up his plan to drink Phoenix Wine. The only one who laughed loudly with the King of Thieves was Jack Mouse’s rival – Squirrel Bubu.

The tears of this guy almost flew out while laughing, “Ahahah! Stinky mouse, now you know why people are scared of the lady city, right? You idiot, you dug your own grave! Now we will have a new female master in Luhua City soon, hahahahaha!”

Zhou Yu also wanted to laugh a little, especially Phoenix wine could only change the s.e.xual characteristics of the upper body, and the important parts of the lower body remained the same. In other words, if a solution was not found, Mouse Jack would become the first beautiful girl with a little brother in Luhua City.

Probably some people would be excited about it when they heard this news.

Mouse Jack’s face was as pale as a ghost, and it hurriedly turned to look at Zhou Yu: “Lord, boss, you must save me!”

Of course, he would save it, but how to save it still needed to be discussed, and the person who knew Phoenix Wine best was probably the King of Thieves, so they needed to find out if he had some ideas.

“After I got the Phoenix wine back then, I took it to share it with an old friend of mine, but he told me that although the wine was good, it was not something men could enjoy. Once the transformation is completed, not one will be able to change it back. However, if we can find the divine dragon’s booger and let Jack eat it before the transformation is complete, then it may be able to neutralize the effect of Phoenix Wine. ”

d.a.m.nit, why do these sacred beasts have to produce those disgusting things?

However, according to the king of thieves, the booger of this dragon seemed to be a supreme delicacy, and it was extremely rare, belonging to the kind of top ingredients.

Looking at Jack, Zhou Yu couldn’t help but sighed: “I think you need to give up, where do you want me to find you a dragon?”

Indeed, such a rare thing, leaving the question of where they were going to find the clue aside first, even if they knew where the divine dragon was, it would too late to get it now, because it has been several days since Jack Mouse drank the Phoenix wine, and the transformation would probably be completed within these few days.

Poor Jack…

When Zhou Yu did not know how to comfort Jack, the stray cat Hank hurriedly ran into the inner city: “My lord, there is a letter from the lady city, the queen of the lady city has already set off and will arrive at Luhua City tomorrow to discuss matters about Mr. Jack.”

Here comes the trouble.

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