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Chapter 359: Chapter 359 How To Become A Bachelor

Translator: Doggotranslation

On this day, in addition to broadcasting the emperor’s daily activities, the host also randomly selected some questions from the viewers to seek answers from Zhou Yu. Among them, the most frequently asked question was whether there would be a sequel to the animation variety show. After all, animation variety shows were still a hot topic, but the Emperor suddenly announced that he would not continue to produce Little Muli’s incredible Maze, which raised many questions at that time.

Now that they could finally meet with the emperor, of course, they needed some clarification.

Speaking of animation variety shows, after Zhou Yu’s incredible maze series, there have been some copycat works. Although the quality of these copycat works was not as good as that of the Maze series, creativity was by no means unique to Zhou Yu. Some of those works were actually very brilliant. While the emperor was not making any new work, those works had actually attracted many fans and created some unique ways to make animation variety shows.

In the face of this thriving new animation genre, as the founder of animation variety shows, he needed to come out to express his opinions eventually. To be honest, everyone still missed that amazing animation quality. Regarding his, no other companies would ever be able to achieve this.

However, Zhou Yu’s reply was very simple, “Ah, there are some problems inside the animation studio, which has caused a shortage of staff. Therefore, animation variety shows have been suspended temporarily. Once they have enough people, they will start up again immediately, so please be patient.”

Without people, Zhou Yu also couldn’t do anything. Although he could gather actors from wandering idols, they still didn’t have enough people in the filming crew. This was not something that he could make do with. After all, these were professional jobs.

There was a makeup artist, and the set could be designed and produced by Zhou Yu, and also three craftsmen brothers. There was no shortage of people handling the miscellaneous works, but a complete program crew needed at least three more cameramen, one program scriptwriter and one director, and those vacancies have not been filled up yet.

In Luhua city, there was only one cameraman, Qi Yulin, and he specialized in taking idol photos. Even with Beidou’s legendary director Ling Daoran, they still couldn’t form a TV program crew. Producer Oba could be the scriptwriter for the show, but whether he would take the job or not, it would completely depend on his mood. Apart from the maze series, he has been idle for quite a while, but no one could do anything to him. It was said that he had the ability to train idols, but he has never shown this ability before.

It seemed like he was not interested in the idols of Luhua village at all. Even little Muli could not receive his training. So probably it had nothing to do with talents. There might be some other methods to trigger this ability.

Therefore, Zhou Yu couldn’t promise the viewers when he would restart the animation variety show. After all, the recruitment of talent depends on his luck, now that the sanctions from Starlight city and the Fallen city were still effective, Zhou Yu needed to gather all kinds of resources himself, so it was quite troublesome.

However, the emperor’s words frightened many people.

What happened to the emperor’s mysterious studio? Why is there a shortage of people? Did anyone leave the studio and join other companies? It couldn’t be. If someone left the mysterious studio and joined the other company, it would definitely be on the news. Because this was a great opportunity for someone to increase their fame.

If it didn’t appear on the news, then it only left with two possibilities. One was that there was a conflict inside the mysterious studio. So some people chose to leave the studio. Another guess was slightly darker. People thought probably the mysterious studio was exploiting their employees, and that was why some people left the studio.

This was actually not entirely impossible. The speed that the mysterious Qin Zhuan and Beidou produced animations was very terrifying. Lightning speed and great quality were the main factors that Zhou Yu could become a famous Emperor. These, however, were just guesses. Whatever the reason that those people left the mysterious studios, no one had appeared in front of the press to say anything, so in the end, this could only be used as a topic of conversation from time to time.

Besides this question, the viewers were also curious about Zhou Yu’s ‘harem’. According to how stories progressed in the modern genre of web novels, normally, after a person became rich, he would definitely have a harem. What was the point of becoming rich if he could not get dozens of beautiful girls?

Seeing this question constantly appeared on the streaming channel, the host was hesitant to ask. This matter was also a mystery in the amus.e.m.e.nt park. Although her boss was not a handsome guy, he had both money and a good body. Moreover, he also knew martial art, and it was said that he was also a good painter.

However, he still hasn’t gotten any girlfriend.

The host didn’t dare to ask, but more and more people in the channel started to constantly spam this question. There was even a group of girls, who started to question if Zhou Yu and Lou Xiaobao had a secret relationship. Or maybe it was with his uncle, Zhou Fu. Seeing those questions, it made the host even more afraid to ask. Therefore, after finishing streaming Zhou Yu’s daily life, a variety of interviews were conducted among the staff of Qin Zhuan to solve the question of why Zhou Yu was still single.

The s.e.xual orientation of the boss was normal. This was one thing that everyone was sure of. Strangely enough, he has never approached any girls and always kept a safe distance.

And it was not that no one was interested in the boss. Whether it was the staff of Qin Zhuan or the employees of the park, they could find people who were inserted in the boss. Even Zhou Fu also arranged some parties at the amus.e.m.e.nt park in the past in the name of celebrating Zhou Yu’s birthday and some other kinds of things. But actually, he was creating an opportunity for him to meet with many girls.

The girls that attended those parties were all very beautiful, and their family background was also very good. However, Zhou Yu wasn’t interested in any one of them. Or maybe he was interested in someone but no one knew who it was. Even if there were girls chasing him, it would not last long.

As difficult to conquer as a steep mountain. This was the evaluation of the staff of Qin Zhuan studio to their boss.

According to Jing Ning, the director who worked closely with the boss, there was only one kind of woman that suited the boss best, and it was a girl who could stay in the amus.e.m.e.nt park without going out.

Jing Ning has seen more than once that some girls had tried to ask the boss out. However, Zhou Yu’s answers were always ‘Tired and don’t want to move’, ‘I don’t like going out’ and ‘Staying in the house is pretty good.’

He was truly a hardcore otaku. Even girls took the initiative to ask him out, he still refused.

After being rejected several times, all the girls basically gave up, but Zhou Yu didn’t seem to mind it, he still lived a leisurely life in the amus.e.m.e.nt park.

From this, all the girls that were introduced by Zhou Fu were not suitable for Zhou Yu. Which girl from a good family or who had a good education would want to live in an amus.e.m.e.nt park all her life? Maybe for a short time, but it was impossible for them to live there forever.

Not actively looking for a girlfriend, always staying at home, and even refusing girls’ invitations all the time. With all those factors together, the mystery of why the boss was still single was solved.

Alas, even if an otaku got rich, it was still hard for them to find a girlfriend.

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