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The night that the mock battle at the practice ground ended

“Tsk! That Hendricks! He failed!”

“It cannot be helped. Who would have thought that he possessed abilities to that extent”

“Even so, didn’t that fellow say that he will complete it!”

“What is done is done. More importantly, we have to decide on what to do hereafter. Your Highness Royal Prince Grutas”

“How many times do I have to say to stop with that way of speaking for you to understand! I am the future king of this country!”

Humph. A figurehead is getting self-important.

“Understood. Your Highness Grutas. Putting that aside, it’s about hereafter but, it’s probably better to behave for a little here. You are going to be suspected by His Highness Raymond as well”

“Tch! It can’t be helped. However, did the Empire really say that they will make me the king if I hand over that territory?”

“Of course. The Demon Swords’ experiments have also completed and everything is progressing well. It will take a couple of years but the strongest army will become your p.a.w.ns once they are ma.s.s produced”

“Is that so, is that so! It’s a problem that I can’t be the king immediately but, if I just bear with it for another couple of years……haahaahaa! Oi! Is n.o.body there! Bring women over immediately! Oi. Enough with you. Quickly work to deliver those Demon Swords”

Tsk! Don’t laugh with the disgusting face. You pig.

“Understood. Excuse me”

I say that and left the room. But that kid really is troublesome. After the large march, I got my hands on the news that he’s heading to the Imperial Capital so I send the Royal Prince pig who I have sounded out from before to get rid of him but, I didn’t think that he would actually do it so grandly. Is that pig out of his mind……

Well, whatever. With this, it’s confirmed that he is a danger. The Demon Sword’s ability as well, I was lucky to be able to measure it on him. If this Demon Sword is improved on then soldiers who are able to rival him can also probably be created. I have to quickly get my hands on that territory and present it to that person.

As I think about that, I teleported using Teleportation Magic.
〜〜〜〜〜〜〜〜〜Lei side〜〜〜〜〜〜〜〜〜〜
Three days already past since I went to the practice ground for the mock battle. If one were to ask what I was doing during that period of time, I explained to the family regarding hereafter and talked about what I am going to do. I explained to Eris, Filia, Chloe and Chrona, and then Madam Eliza as well what I had already explained to Sieg as it is. Since I will also be much obliged to the Madam during the time I’m in the Imperial Capital.

As I thought, when I did, Filia and Chrona cried. Since as long as Filia and the others don’t come to the Imperial Capital from now on, we won’t be able to meet until Filia and the others enrol in school. So I promised to accompany them as much as possible during the time they are in the Imperial Capital. Even so, they were reluctant and only barely gave in somehow.

Regarding hereafter, it’s decided that I will rent the academy’s student dormitory. Travelling from the Imperial Capital’s mansion is also fine but, it’s hard to stay in the mansion after something like that had happened. Madam Eliza says to me that it’s their fault so I don’t have worry about it but, I’m bothered after all so I decided to enter the dormitory. If it’s the student dormitory then I can also meet Alexia who’s in the academy.

Regarding the studies, it’s decided that Helen-san will be teaching me. I said that I somehow feel bad to have her teach me after school but Helen-san went

“I, I want to teach! I, I can’t?”

and asks me so, I consented immediately. ……that way of talking is foul play.

And then regarding the training, it’s decided that I will train under the Headmaster with Alexia in the morning, I will have mock battles with Headmaster or Magician Squad Captain Marin-san will teach me magic when the lessons begin.

It seems Marin-san also possesses the t.i.tle『Genius Magician』and she is able to use Fire, Water, Earth, Wind, Light and s.p.a.ce magic. Since this is the first time I’ve heard s.p.a.ce Magic, I would by all means like to learn it! And then it’s decided that I will receive requests from the guild in my free time. I shall talk about the guild little by little.

Three days pa.s.sed in the blink of an eye after the matters of hereafter were decided with this and that. Today is the birthday party of the Second Princess, Princess Marina, that was scheduled from the start.

I have also been preparing since the morning and then

“Onii-sama! How is it! Does it suit me?”

Filia came. Behind her

“Aa, Filisama. You shouldn’t run~”

Chrona follows along. Chrona also has it hard huh. Chrona was arranged to be exclusive to me but because it’s decided that I will be staying in the Imperial Capital, it seems she has become exclusive to Filia. And then after Filia enrols in school, she returns to being exclusive to me again. Well, I will also probably at the very least stay until Filia graduates.

……I was told, ‘It’s fine even if she’s the mistress so please!’, by Chloe. Chrona will probably be a beauty in the future so I think it’s fine to not decide in a hurry now though. Since she will probably find someone good after she comes to the Imperial Capital.

……Nn? I feel irritated when I imagine Chrona walking with some unknown guy? What is this?

“Onii-sama, what is wrong?”

“What is wrong?”

Oops, I was thinking too much and have forgotten to praise her. Both of them are tilting their heads. It’s a future matter so it’s fine even if I don’t decide now huh.

“No, it’s nothing. Putting that aside, Filia! That suits you very well! A jade colour dress that resembles Filia’s eyes, you’re like a fairy!”

I compliment her that way and

“Yay! I got praised by Onii-sama! Chrona!”

“Yes! That is great! Filisama!”

and the both of them gleefully frolic about. As I thought, their smiling faces are the best. When I thought of such things

“Lei. Are you prepar, ah Filia and Chrona are also here huh”

Sieg came as well.

“Otou-sama! I just got praised by Onii-sama saying that the dress suits me!”

“Oo! Is that so! That’s because Filia is cute like an angel! You look good in whatever you wear!”

Sieg praises. An idiotically loving parent’s outburst.

“Chichiue. Is something the matter?”

“Aa, a messenger from the Royal Palace just arrived. His Highness wants to meet before the birthday party. It’s probably Princess Alexia’s matter. It’s natural if you guys do something like that before such large crowd”

Sieg who snickers. Indeed, there’s no way I can avoid explaining after being kissed in front of that large crowd.

“Understood. Right away?”

“Aa, if you can go then let’s go. Filia. My bad but you guys come with Eris and the others”

“Ee~~! I’m going to be separated from Onii-sama again!”

Filia who says that and pouts. Chrona makes the same face as well.

“Hey, your cute face is becoming piglet-san”

I poke Filia’s cheek like before.

“If I can have Onii-sama pay attention to me then even piglet-san is fine!”

“Don’t say that. I’ll pay lots of attention to you when we return”

“Really! You must!”

“You must!”

O, ou. How vigorous.

“Aa, of course”

And then Sieg and I left the house and headed towards the Royal Palace.

Shaking in the carriage for 10 odd minutes. Finally, we go through the gate to the Royal Palace. Over there

“Margrave. Please present your identification papers”

we were stopped by the soldiers. Because there are many n.o.bles and their sons coming to today’s birthday party, the soldiers are tense as well. I hear that it seems a messenger from the Worvest Beastfolk Country also came.

“Aa, this is it”

“……Verification completed. Please go through”

The verification completes and we head inside. We stop the carriage and alight and over there

“Wait, Ferris. Lei is a good child, you know?”

“I don’t know such thing! I had known that Alexioneesama likes those younger than her but, to think that he’s even younger than me!”

Alexia and a beastfolk girl are quarrelling about something. Did something happen?

“Ferris will also take a liking to Lei if you meet him. Let’s return to the room for onc……aa! Lei! Just the right time!”

, Alexia waves at me. And then the beastfolk girl who notices me walks over here. Wh, what in the world?

“You’re the man who deceived Alexioneesama huh! I will absolutely not acknowledge it!”

She says that and brings her hand up, and then


I was slapped.

……Why in the world?

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