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Demon Sword

I change my face’s position and the b.r.e.a.s.t.s-sama that’s coming for my head slips. Since I can’t see the front nor breath. At that instant, Princess Alexia


lets out an erotic voice that I was startled by. ……Did I touch somewhere?

“Why will you not be my opponent! Won’t I be unable to win if I do not have a match against you!”

Thank G.o.d. The guys didn’t hear it. But why does Princess Alexia dislike having a match so much? Is there something wrong?

“I mean, above being weak, you guys aren’t cute”

Princess Alexia who says that and hugs me. Aa, something soft is on my head. However, to think that the reason she won’t have a match was such a reason. Though it’s true that the guys are all muscular and aren’t cute.

“For such a reason……please do not mess around! Alexia-sama!”

“I’m not messing around. Furthermore, there’s also no need to have a match”

Wai! If you say that……

“What do you mean by that?”

“My husband is already decided. Rightー! Lei!”

Princess Alexia says that and the guys look at me. I’m not happy even in the slightest when I’m looked at by guys……

“Your joke is going too far, Alexia-sama. Losing to this kind of kid. Even if you do not want to have a match with us, such a joke is”

“It’s not a joke. Because I really lost”

This is bad, the guys are getting quite irritated.

“Then, please let me have a match against that kid! Alexia-sama is mine if I win!”

……Why did it become that. It’s normally,’ Alexia-sama please have a match against me if I win!’, or something like that, isn’t it?

“Alright! But don’t ever challenge me again after you lose! Lei. I’m sorry but, can you be their opponent for me?”

Princess Alexia who says that and begs me. Indeed, having a match is the only way to shut these annoying fellows up huh……

“……Understood. I shall accept”

“Thank you, Lei! I love you!”

Wai! Don’t embrace my head! My face is being bu, buried!

“Tsk! Alexia-sama! Let’s quickly move! This kid! You better be prepared”

And then we move to the practice ground. Aren’t you laying bare your true character before Princess Alexia. Is that alright?

“Unlucky huh, Lei-kun. Somehow, isn’t that the kind of star you’re born under?1”

, Helen-san giggles. I could only laugh bitterly. After all, it’s because there’s that t.i.tle. ‘By any chance!’, I think.

“Come now let’s go, Lei! I’ll help with your changing! Ehehe~!”

“N, no, it is fine! I can do it myself!”

“Don’t say that! Come now!”

She says that and I was carried. I was brought away as it is without even able to struggle. I seek help from Helen-san but, she only shakes her head at me. I have to experience that again huh……I’m happy though

……Coming out from the dressing room several minutes later was, as I thought, Princess Alexia who became glossy and me who’s worn out……

I go towards the practice ground and the Princess Alexia pair head towards the audience seat. I go inside. The guys were already waiting. The leader-looking guy is standing inside by himself.

“You are late, Alexia-sama. Have you bid farewell or something?”

The guy says that and shows a vulgar smile on his face. Why is he so full of confidence? Am I made light of because I’m a child?

“We were late because I helped Lei with his changing. There’s no way Lei will lose to someone like you”

This side is also, br.i.m.m.i.n.g with confidence. Though I wish that you don’t agitate him too much.

“That’s just fine! Let’s go, kid! Activate!”

……What’s with that sword? His magic power swelled up the moment he recited some incantation.

“Wh, why does that guy have a Demon Sword!”

Helen-san says that. What’s a Demon Sword? As I am thinking about that


and he charged at me. Wha! What speed! I immediately avoid it with Body Enhancement.

Thereupon, the guy swings his Demon Sword down at the spot where I avoided and


The sound of an explosion roars. What power. If it’s just power then it’s above Princess Alexia. The guy looks at me with bloodshot eyes. ……He’s no longer sane. When I look closely, his arm is being eroded by the Demon Sword. Uwaa! There’s an eye on the Demon Sword!

When I’m confronting the guy, there’s suddenly presences behind me.

“Wha! s.h.i.t!”

I guard with my spear but I was blown away. When I somehow fix my stance and look at the place I was at, over there stood the guys who were supposed to be in the audience seats until just now. ……All of them are holding similar Demon Swords.

“Lei! I’m going as well!”

Perhaps she thought that this situation is unfavourable for me, Princess Alexia shouts.

“You can’t! Please stay there!”

But it’s too dangerous so I stop her. Besides, I’m still hiding a trump card.

“Hikarin. I’ll be using that!”


Saying that, I transfer magic power to Hikarin. This takes a little bit time so I will have to evade those guys in the meantime.

The weapons that come in successions. Avoiding the stabs. Repelling the mows. I was repeating that.

“Die! Kid!”

“Like I will! Haaaa!”

And I send him flying. Thereupon, Hikarin

“It’s acc.u.mulated! Master it’s good to go!”

Alright! I use the magic I learned with Hikarin.

“Let’s go, Hikarin! Chaos Vortex Weapon Endowment! Body Endowment!”

Black lightning rushes around my weapon and body.

At that moment


A thunder roars!

Fuu~ because it’s a magic that’s 1 rank above, as well as having to borrow Hikarin’s strength, the magic power consumption is intense.

It seems I’m taking it in, I set my eyes on the Demon Sword and begin to run. The guys also charge me without hesitation.

“Haaa! Black Lightning Spear!”

The moment my spear collided with the Demon Sword, the guy is blown away.

And then the Demon Sword that couldn’t withstand the power of the Black Lightning Spear breaks.

I look at the guy who has the broken Demon Sword and……alright! It seems he only fainted.

I break the guys’ Demon Swords in succession.

I also break the guys’ arms while I’m at it.

It’s not something like retaliation for dragging me into this, it’s only by chance.

And when I break all their demon swords and confirm that they all fainted, I cancel my magic. Bad! The magic power consumption is intense and I can’t continue standing. This is bad, I’m collapsing.


For some reason, something soft is in my face……I raise my face timidly and over there is

“You were so cool! Lei!”

Princess Alexia with an ecstatic expression was there. She even used Body Enhancement to come over here huh. Aa, b.r.e.a.s.t.s-sama feels good……

There’s also the matter of the Demon Swords and so forth but, I can’t think of anything. Let’s sleep in this soft b.r.e.a.s.t.s-sama.

I lost my consciousness from magic power exhaustion…….soft……

Basically, it means ‘Isn’t that your destiny?’

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