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From Now On

When I opened my eyes I could see the faces of Luluna, Patricia, and Tsurugi staring at me.

"Ah, he woke up!"

"…….Oh, did I pa.s.s out?"

I sit up while holding my hand to my head.

"Is there anywhere that hurts?"

Three people are thoroughly examining my body.

"Wai-!? I-It's fine. I'm alright!"

"Ah, Lute……Are you embarra.s.sed?"

Of course, I'm shy! I'm a healthy young man after all! This stimulation is too much for me!

"Lute is a perverted old man kero~"

"Perverted old man~"

"Aren't you being too cruel!? I'm going to cry!"

As they were teasing me, Elgil approached with his cloak fluttering behind him.

I wonder if he was waiting for me to wake up.

"You look well, Lute-kun."

"Elgil, are you okay?"

"Ah, I wasn't hurt too badly."

"Really? I can't tell which one of us actually won the fight…."

I compare my own condition to Elgil's and say this, but Elgil just shook his head.

"This time, I was completely defeated. To think that the winner was more damaged than the loser, but……You were cool, Lute-kun."

"Thanks, Elgil."

"I'm going to need to train harder……but, still, I regret it so much! Next time I definitely won't lose to yoooouuuuu……!"

Elgil ran off somewhere screaming this.

"At least he's keeping his narcissism fresh."

Indeed he is.

"Anyway, at least you were able to win."

"I think I had a good deal of luck with me, but……I could hear everyone cheering for me."

It may be a bit embarra.s.sing to say so, but it's the truth. Without everyone here, I would've lost.

"That's good to hear. It means my cheering actually helped and Luluna has been praying constantly for you for a while now."

"I was just praying that you wouldn't get hurt too badly."

"You don't need to explain yourself."

Luluna scratches her cheek while showing a shy expression. She's so cute.

Then, Patricia jumped up and raised her hand.

She looks rather cool while holding her hood down and jumping in the air.

"Me too~ me too~"

I wonder if Patricia was also praying for me.

If so, I'm thankful to all of them.

"Right, thank you, Patricia."

When I thanked her, Patricia laughed coyly.

"Kerokero, I also prayed to the tree frogs kero~"

She even went beyond my expectations.

By the way, is that actually effective?

"Ah, thanks."

Even though I'm a little puzzled, I still thank her.

Patricia pulls her hood down and says,

"Gerogero, kerokero, Geroppa kerokero!"

"I'm sorry but I don't understand at all."

I think that I need an interpreter to understand her properly.

"Yo. You did your best out there, Lute."

From somewhere nearby, I could hear Bagiran's voice.

"Oh, Sensei."

"It was a good match; that last move, in particular, was amazing. So, how about training with me from now on."

"I don't know what you mean, Sensei."

I definitely don't want to do that. I'm not a cyborg so there's no way I can keep up with him.

"Sensei! I volunteer! I propose that you fight against me!"

Because I refused his request, Tsurugi is jumping on the opportunity to fight Bagiran.

Tsurugi has a great respect for Bagiran and I can understand the desire to fight with someone you respect.

"Oh, that sounds good."

Bagiran didn't even hesitate before answering.

Tsurugi's face brightened after hearing his answer.

"If so, I'd like to do it right now!"

"Ah, right now……is impossible."

Bagiran answers while looking at the state of the training grounds.

Seemingly inspired by our fight, there were now several pairs of students fighting on the training grounds.

"It's likely that the grounds will be already reserved tomorrow…….So we may have to wait a day or so."

"That's too long –!"

Tsurugi collapsed to the ground.

"Tsurugi I respect your pa.s.sion…*Suuuuuuu*….Uuuuuooooooooo!"

Shut uuupppp!! What is this!? Some strange form of communication!?

"I'm deeply moved! Okay, I can wait a few days before our battle!"

What? Did she manage to understand something from his yell?

Bagiran, Patricia, and Tsurugi all left a little while ago.

It's now just me and Luluna here.

Perhaps they thought I didn't have the strength to deal with so many people.

They really are great friends.

I stand up to head home myself.

That's when something fell from my wrist.


"What's wrong, Lute?"

"The misanga has been cut."

I picked up the misanga off the ground.

It was the black misanga that Luluna had bought.

Luluna saw it and seemed to realize something.

"That's it. The misanga must have protected you. The black misanga is a symbol of strong will. It must have received my thoughts of wanting you to win."

Really, the effect can change depending on the colour? I didn't know that.

"Well, that means it's thanks to you that I won. After all, this was a gift from you."

"No, it's because you worked so hard that you won."

Luluna showed a sweet smile while saying this.

"Thank you. Luluna is my G.o.ddess of victory."

"Eeh!? The t.i.tle G.o.ddess of victory doesn't suit me. It's embarra.s.sing…"

"Why? I think it fits you."

"Yo-You're just trying to tease me."

Luluna shows another gentle smile while saying this. What are you? An angel?

"By the way, what does your pink misanga mean?"

I had a black misanga and Luluna has the pink misanga.

As soon as I asked this, Luluna seemed to start panicking.

"This? This is……well….love…."

"Eh? What was that?"

"Nothing! It's a secret!"

What? Why won't she tell me?

"Hey, we need to go soon, Lute. Everyone is already getting ready to celebrate your victory!"

"Eh, a party?"

"Yeah, everyone is celebrating the fact that you won. Tsurugi, Patricia, and I are all happy that we'll be able to stay in the same cla.s.s."

Luluna grabs my hand and pulls me forward.

This will be the first time someone has thrown a party to celebrate my victory.

I'm sure I'll continue to learn many things while studying at this academy.

"Alright, let's go. We don't want to keep them waiting."

I laughed as I said this.

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