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Chapter 58 : Nurturing Momo (1)

At this moment, Yuxi was reciting in the yard.

But, Mama Shen came over to her and said, “Miss, the nurturing momo (wet nurse) is coming today. Please stop your reciting in haste. Go wash and dress up early!” Nurturing momo was known to be very demanding. Thus, Yuxi couldn't act the same as she used to be.

Yuxi camly and in an unhurried manner said, “Wait till I finish reciting this paragraph.”

Despite that, Moju still brought over all Yuxi's jewelleries, while Motao took a few sets of clothes for Yuxi to choose. Everyone was so busy that Yuxi couldn't help but laugh, “I'm only going to meet nurturing momo, so why are all of you become so nervous?”

Moju told Yuxi all the things she heard about nurturing momo's severe requirements. For example, if a young lady's hair was messed up, jewellery crooked a bit or something, all would be criticised by them. 

Yuxi was speechless for a moment, “Well, if I want to be good in everything, where else should I learn except from them? I'm almost done with reciting. Please don't make it like I'm going for a battle.”

When Yuxi finally went to the main room, she realised that her thought was actually wrong. From Yuru to Yuchen, each of them had all dressed up, with each faces were painted in fine makeup.

All three of the momo arrived at the state residence on time.

Yuxi looked at the three momo who came in and she muttered in her heart that her Grandmother should have invited four nursing momo. So, why there were only three? How would they be divided for the four of them girls?

Apparently, Yuxi's worries were unnecessary. The Old Madam had already made arrangements for the three momo. Among the three momo, Momo Chang would teach Yuru and Yujing. Furthermore, Momo Quan and Momo Gui would teach Yuchen and Yuxi.

Old Madam Han said, “Fourth Girl, I've been told that there is no vacant room in your Rose Courtyard. So, I will let your momo stays in Tingyun Pavilion. Then, every afternoon, you have to go there to learn the rules and customs.”

When Yuxi heard the Old Madam's arrangement, her face turned ugly. In the Great Zhou Dynasty, there were set of rules for nurturing momo used by young n.o.ble ladies. For example, the gongzhu (daughter of the Emperor) and junzhu (daughter of the Emperor's brother) used four nurturing momo. Xianjun (daughter of second-rank prince) and junjun (daughter of first-rank prince) used two nurturing momo. While, influential officials family and the young lady of the state residence could only use one nurturing momo. If Yuchen used two nurturing momo, it would be against the rules. Although this matter would not be pursued, if being known and spoken by an observant person, it would not be something pleasant to be heard in the public. Now that the Old Madam was using her as a coc.o.o.n, the Old Madam had no such worry.

By taking advantage of her would also made people believed that Yuxi took advantage of Yuchen's benefits. Because of this, Yuxi felt really terrible. At this moment, she felt incomparable aggrieved. It was just that she was not strong enough to fight back. Even if she was being aggrieved, she had to endure.

Qiu Shi also felt that such settlement was inappropriate. Except that, there were only three nurturing momo that were presence, so, she could not openly refute the Old Madam's suggestion.

While, Yuru felt very resentful. Why should she share a nurturing momo with Yujing, while both Yuchen and Yuxi had a separate nurturing momo? However, Yuru's concealing capability was not good either. The unwilling expression in her eyes fell into the eyes of three momo.

Although Yujing was also felt dissatisfied, she was very quiet at that time. If it had been in the past, she would have been the first to jump out and opposed it. However, after being confined for more than half a year, she felt scared every time she saw the Old Madam. As a result, it was natural that she did not dare to make any fuss at that moment.

When Old Madam Han had already arranged the matter, she asked Qiu Shi to handle the accommodation for the three momo and then said to Yuxi, "You stay."

Yuxi stood erect with a straight face.

Old Madam Han asked very calmly, “Are you unhappy that I let you and Yuchen learn the rules from the nurturing momo together?”

Rather than looking directly at Old Madam Han, Yuxi looked at the ground, “I am very happy to learn from momo, but why she has to stay in Tingyun Pavilion?”

Old Madam Han looked at Yuxi and asked, “Why are you asking that?”

Yuxi's face showed a self-deprecating expression as she answered, “I know that is is naturally for the convenience of the two momo to better teach Third Sister, and I am just acting as her foil.” Her admiration for the Old Madam had worn off because of her previous life. Otherwise, she would have been too sad that she would shed tears at time like this.

Old Madam was not that surprised with Yuxi's answer. If Yuxi couldn't even see such a small thing, she would not have let Teacher Song made an exception for her, “Are you feeling very dissatisfied?”

Yuxi shook her head and replied, “I am not dissatisfied. I was just feeling a little uncomfortable that the people in the residence would say that I take advantage of Third Sister's benefits.” She decided to just tell her Grandmother the truth, but not all the truth could been told to her. 

Old Madam Han suddenly said, “If you don't want to go to Tingyun Pavilion, I will find a momo for you next year.”

Yuxi was silent for a moment and then said, “No need, Grandmother. Momo Quan is fine.” She could not see the depth of the two momo since she did not have any judgment on them yet, but the nurturing momo who was invited for Yuchen would surely be an absolutely best. If the momo was invited for her alone, it would certainly not be on the same level as Momo Quan. She would just let people gossiped about her benefitting from her a.s.sociation with Yuchen, as long as she could still learn something.

The Old Madam looked at Yuxi with her eyes full of judgment.

Yuxi felt resentful and uncomfortable again, but if she missed a good chance to learn from the two momo just for this reason, it would not have been worthwhile. So, she bowed her head and said, “Grandmother, rest a.s.sured that I will learn the rules well with momo.”

The Old Madam began to move the Buddhist beads in her hand again, and said, “In the future, you should hold your head high and keep your chin up. Don't always look like a small-minded girl.” (T/N : Your prejudice on her mother and how you obviously shows your dislike to her made her like that. Imagine if you treats her like she is Yuchen. Would she still be like a small-minded girl?) 

Yuxi replied, “Yes.” However, she still didn't look up.

When Mama Luo entered the room after Yuxi left, she saw the Old Madam was squinting at the beads. The Buddha beads were turning very fast, which showed that the Old Madam's heart was not calm. Mama Luo did not dare to disturb, but stood quietly, waiting.

After a while, the Old Madam opened her eyes wide. By then did Mama Luo dare to ask, “Old Madam, what's the matter? Did Fourth Miss unwilling to learn the rules from the two momo?“

Old Madam Han shook her head and said, “Quite the opposite.”

Mama Luo smiled and said, “Isn't it a good thing that she agreed?”

Old Madam Han could only say in a low voice, “This girl's mind is so deep that I can't see through it.” Yuxi's spoken words were a mixture of truth and falsehood, making her unable to tell whether one sentence was true or the other was false. Things and people beyond her control was something she never been fond of.

The first thing Yuxi did when she returned to Rose Courtyard was saying, “Add one more gift.” She had only prepared for one, but now that she had two nurturing momo, it was natural for her to add one more. Since she had decided to follow momo's rules, she should at least be well-mannered towards them.

When the gifts were already chosen, Yuxi took Hongshan to Tingyun Pavilion to see the two nurturing momo.

There, Momo Gui accepted the gift, smiled kindly and said, “Fourth Miss is courteous.” Just now, she could see Yuxi's expression of resistance in her eyes, but she didn't expect it to be just for a blink of an eye. Now, Fourth Miss had came to see them, bearing gifts. 

Meanwhile, Momo Quan said with an indifferent look, “Fourth Miss is being considerate.” For Fourth Miss to adjust herself in such a short period of time, showed that she was not a simple person.

In the mean time, Yuru went back to her yard full of anger. When there was only Qingxuan in the room, she complained to her, “All were the young ladies of the state residence. So, why is the Old Madam kept on favouring one and discriminate against the others?”

Qingxuan said, “Miss, if I have to say, Miss is in much better situation than the Fourth Miss. She is the one who has the most grievance.”

Yuru always had some respect for this personal maid of her that she did not even take any offense against this remark, “Why did you say that?”

Yuru was not a foolish person, but at that time her reason was masked by anger. The saying of the person on the spot was baffled, the onlooker saw clear (Chinese idiom : the spectator sees most clearly) was clearly represented by Qingxuan, who saw everything very clearly, “Momo Gui and Momo Quan said to be teaching Third Miss and Fourth Miss. I could tell that the Old Madam's intention to teach Third Miss is true, while Fourth Miss is no more than a convenient. The same happened with Teacher Song's studies sessions. She was only a convenient.” This meant that Yuxi was completely taking advantage of Yuchen's benefits.

Yuru thought about it for a while. She felt that Qingxuan's words were quite reasonable, and her face relaxed. “You're right. But Yuxi's temperaments are quite different now. I don't know what she will do after this.” If it was the former Yuxi, as long as she said two sentences, she would certainly not be able to go Tingyun Pavilion to learn the rules. But now she did not dare to. In case this matter reached the Old Madam's ears, it would be like if she could eat it all, she'll have to take it home (Chinese idiom : get more than one bargained for). Thinking of this, Yuru said hatefully, “The news has been thoroughly presented to Yujing, but I did not expect that she could be so calm at this time.” Yujing had came out for half a month now. However, she didn't even try to aim at Yuxi, like usual, which made her felt very disappointed.

Qingxuan tried her best to persuade Yuru, “Miss, the most urgent thing for Miss right now is to please Madam. Fourth Miss is busy studying now, and Miss can make good use of this opportunity.” She didn't want her Miss to compete with Yuxi. The reason was very simple. Fourth Miss was the legitimate daughter and the disciple of Teacher Song. She was also loved by Madam and Master Heir. Her future prospects would certainly be better than her own Miss. Her Miss would surely depend on her maiden family for her future marriage. So, it was better to have one more help than one more enemy.

Yuru listened to Qingxuan's advice and said after half a ring, “I am unwilling.” Clearly, she was the Eldest Miss in the residence and everything was pressured onto her. As a result, her pettiness had become a little transparent. Now she had to curry favour with Third Sister and Fourth Sister? How willing was she?

Qingxuan helplessly said, “Miss, you have to think about the future.” Third Miss and Fourth Miss had good future prospects. If her Miss kept on being stubborn, later on, her Miss might not be able to ask for their help.

Yuru still won't listen. (T/N : Idiot girl.)

Qinglan still tried her hardest to persuade, “Miss, Third Miss and Fourth Miss have nothing to do with us. Thus, we should just live our own lives.” Miss had already drilled the tip of the horns (means an insignificant or insoluble problem) and now couldn't pull it out. If she kept on going, she might make her Madam disgusted with her. Without a good future, how could these servants who serve Miss had a good end.

Qingxuan had spoken for a long time, but Yuru remained indifferent. She sighed secretly. She had said all she had to say. She also had persuaded her. The rest could only be resigned to fate. 

The nurturing momo that Yuxi followed in her last life was invited by Wu Shi. Fearing that Yuxi would suppress her own daughter, Yurong, she had asked the nurturing momo whom she invited to cruelly abuse Yuxi and not to teach her much about the real thing. So, Yuxi really cherished this opportunity that arrived in her current situation. Once she had learned the rules, no one would be able to attack her in the future.

After an afternoon nap, Yuxi took a maid to Tingyun Pavilion.

When both of them arrived there, they didn't catch sight of both of the momo and Yuchen. Yuxi tried to wait for a while till she couldn't help but ask the maid who served the tea, “Where is Third Sister?” Yuchen was very punctual. For her not to arrived here at this point made it rather an odd situation.

The maid just shook her head, showing that she herself didn't know.

Somehow, Yuxi's heart had some doubts. What had Yuchen and the two momo got up their sleeves?

Noob Translator's Musing
Suddenly, I was too excited last night. I didn't know what I was excited about, but somehow I couldn't sleep. So, I tried to finish translating this chapter. I nearly finished it up when it was nearing dawn, but i suddenly fell asleep. ?

Oh, if anyone could provide me with a better explanation for the t.i.tle junzhu, please let me know. I believe my explanation was wrong.

:: :: ::

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