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The door swung open with a bang. Chen Fang appeared in front of Jiang Ruan with a fl.u.s.tered and exasperated Lian Qiao hot on her heels. Both of their clothes were equally dishevelled. It seemed likely that they had engaged in a scuffle earlier.

Jiang Ruan did not even spare Chen Fang a glance. Her eyes continued to stay fixed on the pages in front of her. By her side, Bai Zhi blew carefully at her hot tea to cool it down while Lian Qiao had not uttered even a single word since she had entered the room, lowering her head submissively after she walked in front of Jiang Ruan.

Hence, Chen Fang was given a cold shoulder as no one paid attention to her. Anxiety coursed through her. Originally, Chen Fang planned to keep her cool so that Jiang Ruan would be the one who would first direct a question at her. However, she did not expect that Jiang Ruan would barely raise her head to consider her opinions. Her heart thumped. This kind of att.i.tude left her with no confidence. The atmosphere was exceptionally solemn.

In the end, she was merely a young lady who was a few years more than ten. Not only that, she did not usually conceal her feelings and patiently endure things. After trying to contain herself again and again, she finally seethed, “Miss, I have to consult with you about a matter .”

Jiang Ruan did not bat an eye. She drawled lazily, “Ask away.”

Chen Fang did not expect that reaction. Jiang Ruan’s demeanor irritated her. Being reminded of the reason why she came there, her anger escalated, “Miss, a few days ago, did you not go to admire the Queen of the Night?”


Jiang Ruan thought about it when she heard Chen Fang, “I suddenly felt unwell that night so I could not make the trip to the pear blossom garden to admire the flower.”

“Miss, how could you do this?” Chen Fang grew angrier, “Clearly, you had accepted my invitation. If you were unable to attend, you should have at least sent someone to inform me.”

“Ah?” Jiang Ruan looked at her in slight surprise, “No one told you? Lian Qiao, didn’t I tell you to notify Fang’er that night that I was unable to go? Don’t tell me that you were too focused on having fun that you put the matters that I had ordered to the back of your mind?”

Lian Qiao curtseyed, “No matter what, I would not dare to forget your orders. That night, I went to the pear blossom garden. Actually, I wanted to tell her once she arrived but who knew that even though I waited and waited, she did not come at all. I thought that Fang’er already knew about it and that was why she did not show up so after midnight I returned here.”

Jiang Ruan smiled apologetically, “In reality, it was all merely a misunderstanding. Fang’er, you have heard it clearly today that this matter was completely unrelated to me.”

After hearing this, Chen Fang was so furious that her face could not help but shed its makeup foundation. She had speculated about various possible scenarios in her mind but she had never predicted that Jiang Ruan would treat her with such a lukewarm att.i.tude, as if she used all her might to punch fluffy cotton. Even if she had grievances, she did not have a place to vent them out. Her stomach simmered with

with anger in vain.

“But Fang’er,” Jiang Ruan furrowed her brows slightly, “It’s just that it has already been quite some time since the appointment between you and I, so how can you come only now to ask about that night’s happenings? Don’t tell me that you yourself did not go to the pear blossom garden, but you were confident that I did?”

Chen Fang was at a loss for words. A hint of nervousness flashed across her face, “No, no, it’s just that… It’s just that I only became aware today that you had never gone there. That night, I had something to attend to, so I did not keep the appointment…” Chen Fang’s words were all jumbled up. She realized that no matter how she tried to express herself, her words were full of loopholes.

However, Jiang Ruan spoke with compa.s.sion, “If this is the case, then let us treat it like a simple misunderstanding.”

Chen Fang bit her lips. Although her heart was extremely unwilling to let the matter go, she could not find a point that she could logically argue with. She could only blame herself for rushing here today when she had not planned her countermeasure for dealing with Jiang Ruan thoroughly. As she was fretting, she heard Jiang Ruan’s faint voice, “After seeing you arrive here in such a hurry, I thought that something had happened. It’s good that everything is fine.”

Chen Fang’s heart suddenly tightened in alarm and she eyed Jiang Ruan uneasily. She met Jiang Ruan’s smiling gaze, which was extremely gentle, akin to the flowing summer streams that surrounded one completely in a charming manner. However, looking at it carefully, she felt that those pair of clear eyes contained waves of murderous intention. The

intention. The rising corner of her eyes had the icy harshness of the devil.

Chen Fang could not help but take two steps back. However, when she looked at Jiang Ruan again, her expression was impa.s.sive. All of a sudden, uncertainty surfaced in her heart. A far-fetched thought appeared in her mind. Could it be that this mistress, who appeared to be weak, actually knew everything and did it on purpose, and she was the one who reaped the benefits from this?

Chen Fang balled her fists tightly, and shook her head furiously. That seemed impossible. Jiang Ruan had stayed in the residence for five years; she was extremely clear on what kind of person Jiang Ruan was. Not only that, even if she spoke out about it, no one would believe that a ten year old girl would be capable of this sort of scheming. It was merely an accident that her plan was foiled.

Chen Fang forced herself to smile, “It is my fault. Please rebuke me for disturbing you.”

“You were well-intentioned,” Jiang Ruan drank a mouthful of tea, “How can I bear to punish you? Now that you have mentioned it, I regret that I did not have the good fortune. The Queen of the Night must have bloomed gorgeously that night.”

Upon hearing that, Chen Fang only wanted to vomit blood. She spoke with much difficulty, “Of course, if you do not have any other orders, I shall go ahead and continue my work. I still have some matters in the residence to attend to.”

“You have a tough job,” Jiang Ruan spoke without any emotion, “You should go ahead and perform your tasks. You are a very important member of this household.”

It felt as if those words had hidden meaning. had hidden meaning. Chen Fang’s heart jumped, as if there was something horrifying that was following her from behind. Not long after, she left hastily.

After Chen Fang was gone, Lian Qiao closed the door and spat, “Look at her lack of discipline. She is out of control and does not act like a servant at all. Earlier, she was so full of herself and even dared to use that interrogative tone against our lady! I really need to teach her a proper lesson someday!”

“Why do we need to wait for another day?” Jiang Ruan closed her book, “She will be taught a lesson soon enough.”

“Miss…” Bai Zhi’s eyes brightened, “Don’t tell me that that night…”

Jiang Ruan nodded, “Since I didn’t go, naturally, there would be someone who would replace me. It seems like the younger sibling of Chen family [Chen Xiao-mei][1]had not only invited a wolf, but also a wolf that loved money. Chun Ying’s ability surpa.s.sed my expectation. This saves me a lot of trouble.”

[1] Xiao Mei “小妹” – little sister; literal meaning ‘little girl’. Mei Mei is the word for little sister. Chinese people often use shortened nicknames so, Xiao Mei Mei refers to a little sister, and shortened, it would be “Xiao Mei.”

Lian Qiao beamed, “That girl is extremely paranoid by nature. I only needed to act a bit in front of her, and she took our bait in such a hurry! But I think that she is also someone who is immoral. Together with Chen Zhao, they must have mutually consented to it.”

“You have accomplished this task beautifully,” Jiang Ruan praised, “Who knows how long will Chen Zhao be able to enjoy this? Chun Ying, please don’t disappoint me.”

Translated by : togekiss

Edited by : Anks & Ely

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