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Chapter 14: Casting the Bait (Part II)

Xiao Yuan immediately smiled as soon as she heard Bai Zhi's words, "No problem. Thank you, Senior Bai Zhi. You are such a good person." If I had known earlier that Senior Bai Zhi is so amiable, I would have come by here more on my usual days. I have a pile of torn clothes with me that I have mended carelessly."

"Silly girl [Ya Tou][1]," Lian Qiao pretended to be angry, "You are taking advantage of us. Everyone knows that maids like you that serve outside this yard in the main residence are extremely lucky and privileged. How is it even possible that you own any torn clothes?"

[1] Ya Tou (丫头) : girl ; servant girl (used deprecatingly, but sometimes also as a term of endearment)

"Who said that we were full of luck?" Xiao Yuan pouted, "Although it is quieter than usual here, I would rather serve our lady, who has such a good personality. Let me not keep both Seniors in the dark. It is very hard to perform duties for those few people who are outside this residence. It is not only Auntie Lan, but even her son is someone who is not easy to deal with. One could close one's eyes when he fooled around in the past but lately, his behaviour has been excessively bad. I heard that he went behind Auntie Lan's back and sold off one of their lands. After Auntie Lan found out about it last night she flew into a terrible rage. Over these past few days, lower-ranked maids like me try to be as inconspicuous as possible so that we do not suffer her temper."

"Oh? There was really such an incident?" Bai Zhi gave Lian Qiao a look, "Although Chen Zhao usually loves to cause trouble everywhere, he is not that generous when it comes to spending money on it. How could he just sell land like this?"

"That's right, that's right," Lian Qiao chimed in, "Don't tell me that you are just trying to make a fool of us?"

"There is no such thing," Xiao Yuan waved their doubts away, "Even maids like us, who are in charge of shopping and are stationed outside of this residence, have heard about this matter. Yesterday it caused Auntie Lan to be very furious. I heard that she asked him where the money went, but she could not get an answer out of him, so she rummaged through his entire room quite thoroughly. You should be able to guess what the result was- he didn't even have a single cent left!"

"Ah," Lian Qiao cried out in surprise, "That is really odd. A piece of land can be sold for a large sum of money, so he definitely would not be able to spend it all in a short span of few days. Don't tell me that the money grew wings and flew away?"

"Auntie Lan is also acting very strangely. But her son feigned complete ignorance. In the end, he had a big fight with Auntie Lan and walked off without another word or any consideration for her feelings."

The trio further discussed the topic, each forming a theory of her own. Seeing that the sky was getting darker, Xiao Yuan stood up and took her leave. Lian Qiao accompanied her to the entrance to send her off. Bai Zhi put the clothes down and walked to Jiang Ruan's side. Jiang Ruan, who was reading, raised her head with a shadow of a smile, "He's got quite the nerve to sell the land without consulting his mother."

"Miss," Bai Zhi spoke, "Although I do not know what has actually happened,I have a feeling that this incident, of him selling off the land, has to be influenced by you. I feel extremely puzzled but since I am not very intelligent, I can't wrap my head around it."

"You do not understand it?" Jiang Ruan spoke. "It is very simple." Before Bai Zhi could process her words, they heard Lian Qiao's loud voice roaring from outside, "How dare you misbehave and rush inside?

Yet, another voice was burning with scorching anger, "Don't block my way. Let me in!"

Bai Zhi could not help feeling stunned as that voice sounded very familiar to her. It was definitely Chen Fang. But what was Chen Fang here for?

Jiang Ruan spread her hands, "Look, you will understand it all very soon."

Translated by : togekiss

Edited by : Anks ~ Ely ~ Minodayz

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