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A+ A- Chapter 5 part2

I am totally with Lian Qiao in this chapter….can’t stress enough how much i despise a lecher like Chen Zhao. Good thing Jiang Ruan knows how to handle sc.u.m like him. Leave a comment and let us know what you think of this chapter.

Chapter 5 : A Woman Who Would Die Fighting for Her Honor And

An Annoying Lad Who Wouldn't Leave Her Alone (Part II)

Initially, Chen Zhao was slightly suspicious. However, his misgivings soon transformed into secret delight. Eyeing the two maids gleefully, he thought inwardly that this lady was still someone who knew how to have fun. Looking at the present situation, so what if she was a n.o.ble family's daughter? After residing in the village for a long time, she still lost her sense of propriety, justice, integrity and honor by indulging in these matters at a young age.

"Recently, you accidentally pushed me into the lake. I suffered a cold and was bedridden. Auntie Lan sent a medical pract.i.tioner to see me, and personally apologized, with the request that I forgive you. I have already forgiven you. Then, of course I will not chase you away." Jiang Ruan's voice was soft and gentle, with a soothing coolness that comforted people. Yet, Chen Zhao's heart sank when he heard it.

After Jiang Ruan fell into the lake, in order to prevent people from discovering the truth, he lied that he accidentally caused Jiang Ruan to slip. These words that were spoken by Jiang Ruan made Chen Zhao remember that because he wanted to avoid arousing suspicion, he rarely met her. Now that Jiang Ruan mentioned it, was the incident unintentional or on purpose? Thinking about this, Chen Zhao seriously scrutinized Jiang Ruan . Under his observation, the girl simply stood on her spot. The old-fashioned, drab clothing on her did not make her look haggard. Instead, it accentuated her pale, snowy skin, dark eyes and black eyebrows. Furthermore, the expression that moved between her eyebrows unexpectedly had an austere charm.

Staring at her, Chen Zhao's alarmed gaze turned into infatuation. Since he discovered how interesting this lady from the Jiang family was, naturally, he would not let her go. The days were still long; there was no need to be anxious at the moment. Thinking of this, he smiled and clasped his hands again at Jiang Ruan, "I am the one to blame for your thinness. Today, it is inconvenient for me to bother you as you want to go out. I will visit you and apologize another day."

"Who wants you to visit us and apologize?" Lian Qiao glared at him, but Chen Zhao left with a smile.

After Chen Zhao walked away, Lian Qiao and Bai Zhi breathed a sigh of relief. Bai Zhi knitted her eyebrows together, "Miss, why did you phrase it that way? He is trouble, how can-"

"That's right, that's right," Lian Qiao a.s.sented, "I am really itching to gouge both of his eyeb.a.l.l.s out! Disgusting!"

"They will be gouged out," Jiang Ruan spoke calmly, "He wants to silently watch me from afar, then let him look to his heart's content."

Bai Zhi and Lian Qiao exchanged stares as they felt the slight chill in her tone. Pausing for a while, Bai Zhi said, "Who cares about him? Let us go out for a walk. For these past few days, the residence has been uneventful. The East Street should be quite lively."

East Street? Jiang Ruan thought about it and shook her head, "No, let's go to West Street."

"West Street?" Bai Zhi hesitated slightly, "Why does Miss want to go to West Street? There are mostly beggars and poor commoners on West Street. Coinciding with the New Year, it is even more chaotic. Miss, I think it would be best to not head there. East Street has many cosmetic stores and restaurants, and there will be some new and odd trinkets. Why don't we walk around East Street?"

Jiang Ruan shook her head, "To West Street." Although the voice was soft, it could definitely not tolerate any objections. It was clear that she had made her decision.

Bai Zhi stared blankly, momentarily put into a tight spot.

"Aiya, let's listen to our lady and go to West Street." Lian Qiao clapped Bai Zhi's shoulders, "With us around, what are you afraid of? Especially now that it is a clear, sunny day, why are you putting so much thought into it? If there is really a problem, there are still us maids protecting her so our lady can be rest a.s.sured."

Bai Zhi could only nod her head, though she had become more wary. There was a disparity between the wealthy and the poor between the East and West Streets. Poor commoners had been living on West Street for ages so naturally, it couldn't be compared with the flourishing and lively East Street. Their lady did not usually have any desire to come to West Street so why did she have this impulse today? Bai Zhi felt that she could not understand her lady's thoughts more and more, as if their lady had grown nine levels of astuteness overnight. Being looked at by those dark eyes, she felt a slight chill.

Yet, Lian Qiao was extremely happy. It was obvious that Jiang Ruan had been enlightened. Compared to being submissive, having a master like this was so much better- at least those people would not dare to bully her openly.

Jiang Ruan did not notice that the two maids by her side were lost in their alternating thoughts. She just quietly walked forward. However, if someone observed her attentively, they would see slight trembling of her fingertips.

There were certain matters that should have been changed from the beginning.

Translated by: togekiss

Edited by: Anks & Ely

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