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POLICE OFFICER. Bind him! The marriage is evidently off!

Men come up with their belts.

NIKiTA. Wait, there's plenty of time! [Bows to the ground before his father] Father, dear father, forgive me too,--fiend that I am! You told me from the first, when I took to bad ways, you said then, "If a claw is caught, the bird is lost!" I would not listen to your words, dog that I was, and it has turned out as you said! Forgive me, for Christ's sake!

AKiM [rapturously] G.o.d will forgive you, my own son! [Embraces him] You have had no mercy on yourself, He will show mercy on you! G.o.d--G.o.d! It is He!

Enter Elder.

ELDER. There are witnesses enough here.

POLICE OFFICER. We will have the examination at once.

Nikita is bound.

AKOULiNA [goes and stands by his side] I shall tell the truth! Ask me!

NIKiTA [bound] No need to ask! I did it all myself. The design was mine, and the deed was mine. Take me where you like. I will say no more!



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