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The Most Majestic You

Chapter 22 Part 2

The sharp-eyed Li Cang saw a pink mark on Qianxi’s neck along with her equally red complexion. Li Cang unconsciously touch his own neck and muttered, “......the young lady boss was comforting our boss with her body……”

Wei Lai, who was a head shorter than Li Cang, looked at Li’s neck in confusion, “What did you just say?”

Li Cang slapped Wei Lai’s head, “Don’t ask, little kid!”

But, the boss was quite forceful…...it had turned purple. It probably wouldn’t fade away in the next few days?

Li Cang decided not to check the boss and returned back to Cheng Yang’s room.

Indeed, Xu Jimo showed up soon after like nothing had happened to discuss their next step with the other members of KG. They didn’t have any other choice but to let Cheng Yang continue playing. They developed a new strategy in a hurry so Cheng Yang could control a champion which didn’t require heavy use of his left hand.

Apm wasn’t everything after all.

Everyone agreed upon the new strategy. Though this episode would be a heavy blow to their morale, everyone turned out to be calmer than Xu Jimo had antic.i.p.ated.

The most lively one, Li Cang, had already shifted his attention to the bandage on Xu Jimo’s hand: Did he sc.r.a.pe his hand? How did that happen…...did the young lady boss scratch it?

He was too afraid of the next image that his wild imagination could conjure and stopped thinking about it……

Xu Jimo put his hand into his pockets and gave Li Cang a stern look. Li Cang pulled back his head, but continued giggling.

Xu Jimo decided to let it pa.s.s. If gossip could relax the tension they felt now, so be it.

After he left the room, Li Cang couldn’t wait to share what he had discovered today with Cheng Yang. He pushed his teammate’s shoulder, “You have to pull yourself together. If you don’t keep playing the compet.i.tion, how can you keep track on new developments! Once we get back, it’ll be hard for us to track them~”

Qianxi, who had just returned to the hotel, sneezed hard.

Who was bad mouthing her behind her back……

She sat at the edge of her bed, holding her knees close to her body, as images of what had just transpired circled in her head. When Xu Jimo called, she declined it without thinking.

If it wasn’t for the fact that he was in a bad mood…...she wouldn’t have let him do that!

What just happened had totally surpa.s.sed her definition of their relationship……

She was so easily taken advantage of. She would have to go around him from now on……


A new WeChat from Xu Jimo: [Can’t answer the phone?]

-- --She didn’t want to hear his voice now!

Qianxi typed: [Let’s just talk this way. I seem to have lost the ability to talk…..]

[Then do you still have the ability to walk, little mermaid?]


[I’m at your door.]

[......] What should she do! She didn’t even know how to answer him on the phone, now to be face to face with him would be so embarra.s.sing.

Qianxi rubbed her numb legs, tried to get up but failed. She crawled over to the door like a fish, opened the door ajar just enough to peek her eyes through the slits.

Xu Jimo didn’t see her the moment the door opened. He lowered his eyes to find her pretending to be mermaid on the floor.

She didn’t seem to want to leave the room or let him into the room. She only exposed half her head through the opening, “What are you looking for me for?”

He squatted down to be on the same level with her and pointed to the seafood rice bowl in his hand, “I heard that you hadn’t eaten anything yet tonight, I come specifically to feed my fish.”

She hesitated. He added, “I didn’t forget this time.”

When he was under stress, he tended to forgot a lot of things. Fortunately, he didn’t forget this time.

Qianxi took the food into her hands and used only half of her face to size him up as she was afraid that he would see the mark on her neck.

Though he wasn’t smiling, as usual, his face had softened a lot. He shouldn’t be as worried as earlier……?

Then that’s good, Qianxi thought.

She shut the door without any warning before he opened his mouth again.

She sat on the floor behind the door, with the warm rice bowl soothing her numb knees, and sent out a message to him: [I just saw a delivery guy, quite handsome and considerate.]

[......] What game was she playing now.

[Aren’t you jealous?]

Xu Jimo leaned against the wall outside the door, [Why should I be jealous.] He was the delivery guy.

Qianxi kept typing: [The irritable Mr. Xu who likes to bite people, do you have anything to say about yourself?]

[......] So this was what she was playing at.

He really had his hands full with her. He typed, [Yes.]

[En?] She was ready to listen.

[I’ll carefully think about my behavior later.]

Xu Jimo ended the conversation: [Have to go to the strategy meeting. From this moment, I’ll set out from your door.]

Following that, she started to receive a series of messages-- --

[One step.]

[Two steps.]

[Three steps.]


[Seven steps.]

[I’m at the elevator. Good night.]

She held her phone blankly, it seemed that she could hear his footsteps walking slowly away from her door yet it didn’t feel like he was leaving her at all.

She had never felt so close to him as this very moment.

The tremor of every message matched the pumping of her slow and powerful heart.

She had let him into her dreams.


[Good night.]

Good night to the man to whom the mermaid was willing to sing for you.

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