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Xia Jinyuan smiled at the little la.s.s who was walking towards him. His deep, dark eyes were gentle as he smiled and said, "Next, we'll head to the library. We should be on our way back to town before 10."

Seeing that she could still smile and say goodbye to the two officers, he knew that this bold little la.s.s was really not afraid at all. She was unlike ordinary civilians who would freak out when asked into the interrogation room, and she did not have any cold sweat when leaving.

Ye Jian had never been to the city's library. In her previous life, she had only visited the city's bus station, and so she smiled and asked, "It shouldn't be far, right? I still want to buy some study materials." She wanted to bring back textbooks for her 9th grade as well as some test papers.

"It's 10 minutes away." Carrying the portfolio with his arm, Xia Jinyuan walked forward gracefully with a steady pace before continuing, "I shall be your exclusive chauffeur. Student Ye Jian may give her instructions anytime."

An exclusive chauffeur… Ye Jian secretly pondered to herself, To have a major as an exclusive chauffeur, wouldn't that cause public outrage?

When they arrived at the library, they went straight to the third floor where all the study materials for middle school were located. Ye Jian picked five sets of high level eighth-grade papers before moving on to pick different varieties of papers as well as key revision papers that were meant for ninth-graders.

Xia Jinyuan, who stood by the side, had wanted to give her some suggestions, but upon seeing how her slender fingers slowly ran through a few papers before picking them up to do comparisons, he knew that his suggestions would be completely unnecessary.

Similarly, when Ye Jian took a few ninth-grade revision papers, Xia Jinyuan was not the slightest bit bewildered. Instead, his brows were raised a little, and the fascination in his eyes turned a little stronger.

"Are you planning to review all these by this year?" As they left the library, Xia Jinyuan, who was carrying all the papers and study materials, asked with a smile, "Are you also planning to review all these materials during your summer vacation?"

In the jeep, Ye Jian turned her head to look at the big pile of resources on the back seat, and the edge of her lips slightly hooked upwards as she spoke leisurely, "En, I'll give it a try if possible. Then I can fully focus on training the entire one year as a ninth-grader."

As Xia Jinyuan started the jeep, he suddenly paused for a moment and gave her another look with eyes filled with astonishment. "The entire ninth-grade year… You mean you'll be studying your eighth-grade modules in the first half of the year by yourself and then the ninth-grade?"

Although he, too, also started studying diligently at the age of fourteen before scoring well to enter the military school at the age of sixteen, it was not entirely by self-studying!

"Well, I did plan to do that. At present, it's not difficult at all. I want to enter the provincial high school far away from town and only return during the vacations, so I really need to seize all the time that I have." Being able to redo her life happened only once, so how could she disappoint herself!

Ye Jian was harsh on her own arrangement, but working hard was nothing to her.

Because she had undergone Grandpa Gen's and Princ.i.p.al Chen's intensive training, she must not let them down! Hard work was nothing.

Xia Jinyuan glanced deeply at her. The unpolished gem was slowly becoming more refined.

Her persistence and her patience were her foundations to ultimately walk the path of success. Steadily and step by step, they would lead her to the pinnacle of life.

"Work hard and don't let those two elders down. Each step you take towards your goal will be the biggest reward for them," Xia Jinyuan said in a gentle tone towards Ye Jian who was working hard not just for herself but also for those support her as he slowly drove the jeep towards the downtown area.

Ye Jian nodded gently. In her hands now was one of the set of papers, and she reviewed them slowly.

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